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About this blog

Within this blog I aim to give an insight into the development of the Pride of Nottingham website, along with various updates, behind the scenes items and some personal views/Notts blogs.

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10338399_10205233492619788_8990570967922341023_o.jpg2017 has been a very busy year for me. Unfortunately I have only managed to attend two away games and despite having Luton Town eyed up as my third, it just wasn’t possible for me to make the trip which I am actually very gutted about not attending.

It would have been nice to be there, as by all accounts it sounded like a very decent performance by the Magpies, and of course the travelling Black & White army that followed in support.

However, I have started plans to attend several games in the New Year and I will be ensuring I save up well in advance so I can afford these away days.

I’ve always enjoyed away games ever since my first one, which was away to Hartlepool.

The fan that drove us there did warn me that I might end up ‘being bitten by the bug’, but there has always been a bigger sense of togetherness, so I miss the long trips in the company of friends and fans.

I don’t know, it isn’t the same but I’m eagerly looking forward to getting back on the road.

Luton sounded impressive for all the right reasons, and the pictures taken by Dan Westwell remind me why I really enjoy away days.

Plus it would be nice to see Notts get a result away during 2017, the fact that in the two games I have seen Notts got beaten, well I would only hope to see the squad correct this.

I enjoyed both Coventry City and Mansfield Town (obviously aside from the school lines, and the issues at Mansfield).

And this year it’s not about having free time, it’s more a collection of expensive games being the ones I would prefer – so I guess I will have to check out for some cheaper occasions and commit to them?

At least home games this season have been quite enjoyable, even when the performances haven’t quite matched the results gain – it does seem like the Kop has found its singing voice again after the past few seasons of neglect.

I have also managed to be somewhat sociable before games, which for me has been a big thing.

Match days as I have written before are very busy for me, but I wouldn’t have them any other way – it’s just nice to find time to have a laugh and a drink before the match.

So hopefully folks will see me at certain away games in 2018, they’re more sociable due to the nature I don’t have so much that I do – whilst I do tend to sneak in the odd couple of drinks.

After the games listed above I could have perhaps gone for a couple more! Ha…


21081451_10214772405726654_36882147_o.jpgThis blog is personal, as a result it’s not your typical read on Notts County and I thought that I should warn potential readers before – if you prefer the regular variety of opinions be sure to have a read of our home page otherwise I would suggest clicking away from this blog.

Towards the end of last season I decided to make changes, I wasn’t all that happy with things and as most fans (who know me) will have seen I started using my real name.

It was more of a positive change than I had thought, but I was worried about trolls.

Despite this I was actually pleased, as I made the change for the right reasons – some fans didn’t know if they should call me Joe or Chris and the confusion really started to impact how I felt inside.

I’m not going to dwell on the mental side of my feelings, despite people claiming to understand depression – I find most don’t have the foggiest and take to judging rather than offering support which does help to heal.

So, I cast my mind back to the remaining league home games – a point where I started to realise that the regular fans that I grew to enjoy speaking with, well, the numbers had dwindled despite the new ownership.

I wanted things to be different, I wanted to feel happier and I realised at this point avoiding things only impacted how I felt.

Those people who warned me about others, the idiots who would send me stupid messages and the likes of a certain fan who has received a lot of media attention for being the tool that he is – really take no bearing on me.

I ended the 2016-2017 season promising myself that I would try harder to be more sociable, I mean I don’t avoid it but I tend to be busy.

I’m not the biggest user of social media, I write my thoughts and feelings – rather than reforming to the standard form, popularity really doesn’t concern me. Yet I did want to try and break some of the anxiety that I felt inside.

There’s people who only see the confident, fairly outgoing Chris – who don’t understand remotely why at times I find it hard to even speak.

And again this comes back to the ‘judgemental’ side of things, though it is something I have been trying to tackle head on.

In my private life, I try to occupy myself as the close season I have fewer things to do and this is the time I fall into traps about what I think about, and how I feel. My wife’s has been a great support, as we have made a lot of home improvements – and things feel homely.

The house had been left in a very bad state by the former owners, plus teens and thieves who had vandalised the property and stole all the lead or mental in the house.

It’s funny how little things, such as blinds or just having the kitchen in a more finished state changes how you see things – again this is something I felt I would take notice of with match days which is a good release for me.

Though I wished my son would attend more games, there’s many who ask about him and it’s not the same but I do respect his decision.

This season I feel I’ve been doing the right things, as I use Fridays to focus on my health and the weekend as a way to just to enjoy without the pressure of having to do things.

That said, match days are extremely busy for me but if I wanted – I could make it easier.

I’m hoping to get back on the road once things settle, I can’t justify spending money away from my family and I really do need to choose which away games I make carefully – fingers crossed I can get to Mansfield as I haven’t yet been to the One-Call Stadium.


The 2016-17 season has been a funny one for me, personal circumstances meant I missed a portion of the Notts County games which took place over late October to mid-January – despite all the on-goings at Meadow Lane and the dire performances I really missed this period.

Yet the break was exactly what I needed at the time, but the lengthy spell did leave me feeling drained and worried about my mother.

I had been saying throughout the majority of the 2015-16 season that I would get back on the road, whilst I seem to always remember Barnsley as being my last away day – in fact, it wasn’t. My last game prior to Newport was the opening game against Stevenage last term.

As the season quickly unwounded, I find myself thinking that I wouldn’t be able to make an away trip this season.

For that reason I really wanted to go to Newport despite being told by many opposition fans that it wasn’t ‘a very friendly place to visit’ I decided I would go. After asking JJ to pick me up the ticket, I was quite excited about the prospect of an away day.

Sadly, I read some upsetting news on my Facebook feed late Tuesday night which totally flipped my mood but I still decided to go.

It was only upon arriving at Monmouth where I actually felt a buzz, it’s a very peaceful location and I took to taking some pictures of the scenery – I will attach some below.

college picture.jpg

Arriving at Newport I quickly got the match day buzz which I missed! After emptying my bag but luckily managing to sneak through security with a thermal bottle with water in (at the time I had forgotten about it), I took to taking some fan pictures.

Arriving Newport Picture.jpg

The match started very poorly, I could tell then that the game wouldn’t be one I’d remember for the right reasons. Between snapping further pictures and watching the other stand filled with travelling Notts fans sing amusing songs – I thankfully didn’t fall asleep but I found the first half very boring.


Half time was more eventful than I thought it would be, after being asked to take a photo. A Notts fan slipped and his pint was flung straight onto me. After helping the fan up onto his feet, I was quickly asked by another group if I would take their picture but I found the whole event to be funny even if it was at my own expense.

I expected the second half to be more lively but I couldn’t be more wrong, it was very similar to the first half in terms of performance.

A Notts goal saw us play well for what 10-15 minutes? About the same time Jimmy had on screen in the last episode of ‘Better Call Saul’.

I do have to admit, I felt when the chances came that we might actually be able to go ahead.

Yet the banter between both sets of fans was funny, it added some much needed entertainment – as I really didn’t see much fight being shown on the pitch.

I should also add that I wanted Hartlepool to survive, I enjoyed my two visits to see us play them despite the final results.

Neither Newport nor us deserved to win; yet their final goal was class.

The away day was enjoyable, yet mostly for the fact we Notts fans know how to have a good time and will make any occasion into something exciting.

I’m already looking forward to the new season, I do believe it will be much better than the last three – yet stability will be the key.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their amazing friendship and support, since dropping my Notts-Joe username things have been much more positive and I enjoy discussing things with people on both Facebook and Twitter. You Pies!


nottsblogchris.jpgApproaching Easter Monday, I was quite excited about the game against Portsmouth.

In the back of my mind, I did question the attitude of Notts as we approached the match. The thought of added fire to fuel the game certain may help, yet for me I felt it wasn’t required.

Of course I’m referring to the comments made about spoiling/delaying their promotion party, it didn’t work did it?

I just didn't feel that the message was the right focus, yet I've mentioned this on social media and across the Pride of Nottingham site so I shouldn't really repeat myself.

That’s alright, I found the game to be quite flat for the most part.

Early on I hoped to encourage the quietness of the stands, so I put a message up on FB and twitter – I don’t know why, it just seemed like Notts was quite ready for the kick off.

I thought Portsmouth’s travelling support made a great amount of noise and the banter between the Kop and the Sirrel Stand (them) was amusing.

It seemed like we were nervous as a club, but I’m sure this could explain what we watched play out on the pitch. The early penalty was just silly, I actually seemed to see it in slow motion and even now I believe we could have gotten away with the decision had Duffy not lifted his bloody foot.

I don’t know, I kind of feel we see the same happen when we play a big team. I felt the exact same way when we last played Sheffield United and Coventry City back when we was a League One club.

And it wasn’t that Notts overly played badly, I do believe Portsmouth just played in a way that limited us – they always seemed to manage to get the ball back.

It was only after Jorge Grant scored that things in the stands seemed to wake up, ironically I laughed as I joined in ‘You only sing when you’re winning’ to the Pompey fans. The goal seemed to come out of nowhere, yet it sparked a brief spell where it seem like Notts could get another.

I can’t fault any of the performances mind, Jon Stead was always isolated and we missed Shola Ameobi.

The midfield was setup well enough to cope with Pompey’s style of play, and the defence just made the same minor errors we have seen all season and have repeatedly been punished by – yet really it was a deserved win for them.

After the game I had that sinking feeling, like what will I do from here? It wasn’t remotely about Portsmouth fans celebrating. Just a case of the realisation that our own season had pretty much just ended.

Bring on the 2017/2018 campaign! #COYP


As always before the game I took to recording 'Meet the Fans', which I have also attached just in case you haven't seen it yet.

Don't forget to subscribe!


Goodbye 'Notts-Joe'

image3.jpgThere was a time when I was encouraged to write personal blogs, yet new faces on the website never seemed to appreciate them – however with the minor change to my username I aim to mix things up.

It’s a common recurrence that I get the urge to drop my ‘Notts-Joe’ persona, yet for one reason or another I just never did until now.

I thought that it might confuse some members who don’t know me in person, yet it’s an never ending escape unless you apply the change and really, why would I want to continue calling myself by it?

The little things seemed to mostly discourage me - I wasn’t keen on saying good bye to my old Twitter account, since some dearly lost friends are on it. Yet I have grown very tired of the username, along with the questions I frequently get about why I call myself it. It’s no mystery, it’s a nickname and it’s one which had been given to me at school (mostly due to a wrestler I liked).

With the change having been made elsewhere for a number of months now, I felt it was time.

Funnily enough my parents, who are a great support to the site(s) I run and the things I aim to do – have never been bothered by the fact I never used my birth name.

So from here on, I am simply Chris.


blog-0780019001388973047.jpgFootball's tribal, it's a game of pride and passion. The skill came into the game as it developed, my father's written interesting articles regarding the growth from mob football to what we know today. In the early days it was about 'families' and true gentleman of the sport, it was respected and professional but contributed by people of lower classes. It was certainly the working's man game which made it what it is today, certainly not anything to do with Sky. The backbone behind the popular sport is the fact that anyone can enjoy it, that's if you give it a chance.

The sport brings together a mix of people, from all walks of life and although much as changed from the days when the ball was first struck – The principles still apply. We can all see the difference from various teams, sports and types of fans. For me this is football, this is what makes the game different and unique.

Our side might not be in the league which gains the most attention, the better players, the fans or board members with financial clout. However, it's what we can make of it and in our current situation we have to rally around the team we support.

It's funny, one season you can be on the verge of glory and bound for the league many of our fans dream of being able to watch Notts play in. The next falling into the basement league of professional football, set-up with capable players who could achieve so much more.

The thing about football is that we can make a difference, the club can strive for better things and if we can combine the two – perhaps the light will grow brighter at the end of the tunnel.

I don't know about you, I can take comfort in seeing positives and hold onto the belief that one day we can get back into the Championship but this said I am more than content to watch us in any league, regardless.

It really disappoints me to see our fan base splitting up. There's portions which will be around no matter what, but without sticking together the meaning behind the passion equals very little. This doesn't mean we can't survive but it limits our own dreams and there's very little point in hitting the self-destruct button when something isn't quite working.

The appointment of Shaun Derry's been acceptable, the response from many fans far better than I had expected and the fact his record is quite fragile already. It's the fact he installs the pride we require, as a fan he's more likely to want to fix things and we do seem to be playing better.

Yesterday I witnessed a fan becoming abusive towards fan who were being silly, I can't say I don't expect to hear a fan calling certain players, but I can ignore it.

Although it's concerning when a fans whole attitude says 'I know more than you', as it would be boring if we can't discuss and if you think someone shouting 'x player your a bunch of ****' leaves room for discussion then something else is going on.

So I don't understand the need to reply to each and every whimper, I thought at periods this certain fan was going to say it to someone who wouldn't back down. It's extremely dangerous and careless, especially for other fans.

Opinions vary – in real life you wouldn't expect a compete stranger to share your views and the same should be said in football. You will meet some fantastic people if you're open to it, I know I've done this and I am grateful but it's saddening to see fans having ago at each other. There's very little point in starting on each other, whatever happened to agree to disagree?

It happens away from the ground, you see it all over the place and it isn't just related to our fans.

You see this on general football forums, where opposition fans don't allow you to express yourself and try to prevent your opinion. Even the person who inspired me to ramble on about this has that right but he should choose to do it in the right way.

Just in front of him, my son sat trying to ignore his comments and for a 7 year old. It's not what you want him to witness, you don't expect a fan to respond to every little negative comment or even just general opinions – in the way that leads to arguments and an attempt to big your own knowledge up. Stewards should be more watchful of this type of behaviour, as I think it's best ignoring.

Hopefully some will agree with me, I am sure I am not the only one who becomes annoyed when hearing players being bashed or negative comments but it annoys me more when people rise to this negative behaviour.

Football is so much better being the sport which tries to strive for better things.


The New Manager....

Back when CK was sacked, I didn't really much thoughts on who would replace him. I only had a shortlist of who I would hate to see in the hot seat here at Meadow Lane. Openly, I would hate to see Paolo Di Canio and he was my only real fear. I know of friends who would hate 'Steve Evans' but at least he commits to doing his home work and as a manager he really hasn't done all that bad, it's just a shame about the type of person he is.

Now we've seen the likes of Shaun Derry, Brian Kerr and Dean Saunders. Are these really the types of managers we can hope to expect managing the team so many fans truly care about?

It's a shame really, it's a succession of bad managers and limited ambition (on whoevers part) for the reason of why we have such a lack of uninspiring candidates. I've actually grown tired of the blame game, I don't care and the type of person I am - I want to see us all move on and accept this, the only real way in doing so in my opinion is to make sure the right person comes in.

It could very well be one of the 3 names mentioned above.....

Notts County.....

Big club, small club or even family club. We have an image, it's not being desperate or the fact we tend to find ourselves far to often in these situations but it's the fact that WE ARE BATTLERS. Perhaps the existing squad don't realize this, along with the tradition and history which comes for playing for the magpies but they have to care. I don't suggest that they enjoy losing, certainly I have the belief that they're good enough.

If we go down, I will be there and along with many others. The people who suffer really for supporting Notts, as a club which reflections on the missing fans - The current fan base which I have come to know seem to greatly care and there's a good sense of family/good spirit among them.

This suggests as a fan base we are perhaps braver than the actual players, who by the way will most likely leave us after relegating us to the basement division. It will be interesting to see what loyalty these players have!


We matched them - I can't refer to Walsall because they looked sharp in the first half and I can't say Carlisle because we were considerably better than them. Coventry looked destined to play out a mediocre game, one which Notts should have taken it to the next level - especially if they had a little of self belief and pride.

Can we really be upset about losing to them? No, though it's the fashion we did. It wasn't acceptable and apologizing is not the right thing to do, pretty weak and naive.

My Personal Part....

Yesterday I actually enjoyed, I don't see results as being the only important thing. I can take winning, losing and drawing but for me it's about how we do it. The game was horrible, very depressing and I'd rather not try to remember any more about that. Jake was very excited, he likes the group we go with and there's several members (like me) that can make your day just by seeing. One of which did something very nice for Jake and he hasn't stopped talking about it, I really don't mind because I love to see him being confident.

It was weird visiting a team playing away from home, although I wasn't impressed by Coventry fans. They seemed very deluded and in their position I wouldn't be making a joke.

At half time they gave away free pizza! It was very funny, my honest thoughts was it was a poor joke. It seemed very Americanized, whip the crowd into a frenzy and finish off by throwing football away. Pretty pathetic but I've seen other odd things, so you shouldn't really be surprised.

My final thoughts, I'd hate to see people as numbers or making up for a lack. I have to say I feel a little disappointed, especially since I have to make some big decisions but I have to add that the whole day wasn't a disappointment, just watching Notts and going back home.


Anyone who knows me, will know how much my family mean to me. I am a very proud father! So when Notts announced that they would be doing an offer for the Crewe game, I set many hopes on making this our first game together as a complete family. Myself and Jake have season tickets – I thought it would be a good way to bond with him further and on occasions we manage to encourage Ellie into joining us. Yet Kate isn't really all that into football, she's not big on noises and it's a little demanding taking 3 little one's to a football game when you don't drive but it's fun.

Jake and Ellie, I feel was more excited then me. They love Notts, I can't say I was so passionate at their age but I think they see how much it means to me, so equally it means a lot to them.

I wanted to get down early today, I think we left not long after 12pm. We had arranged to meet up with Uncle William, this was his actual first game of the current season and I am keen to see more from him! We caught the bus into town and made our way to Meadow Lane.

Once at Notts, I was actually surprised by how slow it was. I'm not sure of the time but it was well after 1pm, I have seen it busier and I did feel a little nervous about the attendance.

This said, not long after arriving. Les Bradd past me, walking along side several suited men and talking about expecting a good crowd. I heard him say - “We will get over 6k today, I expect a very good attendance” I felt a little reassured by that.

We got the tickets we required, then went into the Meadow Lane Sports Bar. Jake noticed someone who means a lot to him, a very kind fan who we both respect. He was pretty nervous, I had to encourage him to say hello. He was a little disappointed that he didn't see anyone else he knew, though it's a change because this time last year I would not have stepped into the Meadow Lane Sports Bar, yet alone actively see if anyone was in there. I'd be surprised if I managed to get a drink with Kate to be honest, we are both too shy for our own good.

After a drink, a little bit of fan and of course myself taking pictures. We headed for a brief walk around the ground, then went to take our seats.


A little bemused by a Steward who let my Wife through the gates with the children (without seeing our tickets). I actually asked if he wanted to see them, as I was concerned by this but he insisted that I just went through the other gates. I have to be honest here, I think he should have looked!


Now onto Notts!

Young Speiss came out, he's looking more like a keeper. I don't doubt his ability but he looks very young and slim, which he starting to look more round and built up. It's good to see, as I hope he becomes number one for us some day.

I liked how Notts trained in front of the KOP, not at the side of the Pavis Stand. I felt this was a good way to get the fans in spirit, I have to say I wished the Pavis would sing more.

We looked very calm, collected and exactly how a team should appear.

When the game started, I felt Crewe broke off nicely and came at us. It looked a little nerving at the start, although when we found our passing you could tell the training ground's been a key area. Bright football, although early on I noticed the ball creep back to Bart a little more than I would like but after all they're the pro's..

After our first goal, I felt a great sense of pride and that hope which comes from wanting to see us do well re-lit. I have to be honest, despite the Tranmere and the accepted Carlisle performance. I have been a little down and I am unsure about CK now, although if we can put a few more performances like this in. I will openly admit I should have backed him, though I don't think anyone can be faulted really – Sitting bottom of the league, looking unimpressive as we did. It's enough for fans to become concerned and I don't think it means “negative” in the destructive sense. I believe in character building and any manager would ultimately want to change the opinion of the fans and so I feel CK wouldn't see it as personal, after all it's not about disliking him but wanting the best for the club we support.

After the second goal, I felt we was in a great position. At half time, I felt we needed to continue and just break up play.

Crewe came back out looking sharper, they tried to cause us problems and I did think they might perhaps get back into the game. This was until we scored the third, then it became a bit of an exhibition. They came at us, though without much ambition and they reminded me of us after drawing to Walsall and dare I say it, the result which followed after that game.

Grealish, although not quite a Tranmere performance. He did very well, I think we'll see him shine or McGregor, I think it's unlikely to see both have such an amazing game but I certainly hope I am wrong.

Fotheringham deserves credit, he broke play and directed it. Boucaud, he's not been away from the team? At least his performances give the confidence that he's been a first team starter for sometime.

Haber – Despite me thinking he's got the ability of a stranded defender. He tries, I like that and he's the hampering striker we require at times. I didn't see his header, although his goal at Tranmere is where I get the vision of a defender from.

Leacock seems a little different, I have to say I think Liddle is playing more like a leader. At least when it comes to winning play, some of Deano's passing could have seen us punished on another day but it didn't today, so it's not really a problem.

Yet I sincerely hope the players realizes how much support they have, it's not always in the bigger forms. I am someone who seems something in a little, rather than a lot. Obviously it's great seeing the fans as they was today but on the cold dark days, when the football isn't as inspiring. There's a portion of great fans, who care deeply about Notts County.

I think they should take faith from that a little more, especially those who travel to away games. It's honestly like a family


At the beginning I often felt a little down, this is just me in general but I understand the process but it's not just that. I have big hopes for the site, this isn't to take away credit from anything or even the official site.

I'm just a very proud and loyal fan. I feel I am helping in a small way and believe that my positive attitude however deluded it seems actually helps.

It's a strange one because in life I am not openly positive, rather for myself I think very negatively but when it comes to others I have strong faith. Notts County will have no doubt seen some harder times, much harder than this, and if we're to rise up the league, which I still think we will, the fans will have to give the club a little bit of a break as it's early days and we tend to go from low expectations to world beaters. Somewhere along the way we have to be realistic!

Notts will take on Liverpool tomorrow, I am very optimistic. Saturday I was disappointed like the majority of fans, I try to draw from the positives and admittedly even they were few and far between.

Thing's might change by tomorrow, football is one of those things with many up's and down's but we've shared more than a few of our own.

Unlike some of the minority of our fanbase, I am more than happy to state when I am wrong and not throw it into anyone's faces when I'm right. I don't get the need for this, as in itself it's very negative.

My hopes for the season in terms of prediction(s) might be a little off from us but the season must start somewhere. I don't believe any fan of ours wants us to underachieve or not do well, so with this said it would be nice to see a little more of a re-group after we've had our moan.

Tomorrow is a positive thing within it's own right, the clubs got a chance to return to centre stage and hopefully show the world we're not as bad as things seem.

A good account of ourselves tomorrow might bring the fight within the players, we need them to be hungry and wanting to achieve. I don't mean to sound patronizing, these are just my thoughts.

I'm lucky that no matter what the outcome tomorrow, I can take strength from seeing my lad enjoy his day and I hope many others also do. It's amazing how these types of things can bring us together, I very much hope the fanbase does regroup because this is no time to start panicking. I'd leave this until at least after Christmas :)

If you read this and are one of the travelling fans, no matter what.,show your PRIDE, we're a family club and there's no difference between us.

Sing loud and proud – Make your presence known. Come On You Pies!


The hub and heart of the site is no doubt our community, I've tried to keep things engaging but simple. It's my first port of call when I visit, obviously due to me already knowing the content on the home page.

It's the place also most commonly people visit, so I try to make sure it's not over cluttered.

1) If you click where it says "Welcome *your username*" you will see a menu display. This is where all sorts of useful likes are found and of course the place to edit your settings.

It's pretty straight forward once you notice it, although you can do

quite a bit from this location. My Profile, My Content, Manage Friends, Manage Blogs, My Gallery, My Settings, Content | Follow, Manage Ignore Prefs and Personal Messenger. You can also update your status here which shows in your profile and in the sidebar area of the community, a useful way to express yourself to the community.

A useful tip to both Newpies and of course existing members

is found in the breadcrumb bar. To the right you will see "Rules" please don't be put off by these but sure to familiarize yourself with our policies. "View New Content" the easy way to keep track on what's going off and has happened in the community, very good way of finding discusses to take part in also. To end you will see a little toggle box, if you scroll over it you will notice it says "Open Quick Navigation" this is a great way to quickly finding a location anywhere on our site.

Easily noticeable is Community Message and of course the Community Notice, you don't have to take to much notice of these but eventually they will change.

To the right, you will see the "sidebar" here we feature all the little pieces we feel you might be interested in. Next Match Block, Member of the Month, Mini League Table, Recent Status Updates, and Recent Topics.

The Recent Topics is another useful way of keeping up-to-date with on goings within the community.

If you follow this straight down, you will see a large block which lists Newest Users, Top Posters, Top Forums and Recent Posts.

It's always nice to welcome a new member and you will find that one of our friendly members usually start a thread to welcome them, the two others "Top Posters" and "Top Forums" are just interesting information but of course again, the Recent Posts is another quick way to keep tabs on what's going on.

Just a little lower than that, you will find some more useful information. A row of "Statistics" and then the "Who's Online", along with a little key legend to let you know what colour means what.


This pretty much wraps the community index page up, in my next 101 blog series. I will cover #Posting. I hope these will be useful to everyone and if you're a new member please express yourself, seriously we're a very friendly community and it's the interactions which make any site.

Right at the very bottom, we have our "Footer" with useful links inside. In the middle there's a button to send you back up to the top of the site, to the left - Change Theme (useful if you're on a mobile and the sites no detected your device) - Mark Community Read - Help - Rules and Privacy Polcy. To the right our copyright details and beneath you will see our chat system. The far right button (which I think looks like a pill) is the toggle on and off switch. Next to that the "blue and white" people icon, is our chat room and to the side very much like Facebook is the individual chat area (as you can I'm talking to Super Ram).

To the left you find our social pages.


Here's my previous Blog | Getting used to PoN 101 #Basics

Thanks for reading!


Over the next couple of weeks I plan to blog about our features and how to make the most of the website, I'm not trying to belittle anyone and most perhaps are fine but I thought that doing this might help people who are new to Pride of Nottingham and the system in which we use.


There isn't actually much that I need to explain to visitors, since the majority of features come when you register. A visitor can read all our content, view each section and have the basics in which we offer.

We're a free site, without ads and we will avoid the use them completely.

Of course you will be able to read our articles, either by clicking the title or 'read more'. We have 8 different categories, which will feature their related content.

Here you will see the userpanel

You will be able to search different locations by pressing the magnifying glass. You can join us by using Facebook or Twitter connect, very useful if you want quick and easy access but alternatively you can simply click 'Create Account' and the process is very straight forward but please make sure to fill the details in correctly.


If you're a member and you see the above image, you will need to click 'Sign In' and follow the simple logging system. Once you have you will be greeted with the members userpanel.

Firstly you will see your display picture, it may be the default image and you can change this simply by clicking it and if you're on your desktop/laptop you will see the display picture in the left hand corner with 'change' or you can click here. Simply click 'Choose My Photo and make sure your image fulfills the requirements. If you struggle, please contact me, I will happily sort it for you if you provide me with your username and the image you'd like to use. Email webmaster @ prideofnottingham .co.uk (please remove the spaces and rejoin it together)

If you click on the 'Welcome, your username', you will see various information. It is here you will be able to choose your status, view various information and check account details.

Now for the icons. The white envelope is our PM (personal message) system, you can contact any member by using this and if you allow yourself to be contacted members will be able to message you. The gold bell, this is for notifications that you subscribe too. You can customize what notifications you receive by clicking here and toggling which one's you would like. By doing this it can cut down the amount of time you spend searching, it can also allow you to get updates to various areas making it easier for you to notice if you someone has responded to you.

The smiley allows you to choose your mood, just click it and you will get some funny little icons to express yourself with. Let the community know how you're feeling! The magnifying glass is again the search tool, you can search all the areas of the site with this. The final icon is to logout, fairly straight forward.


This is very simple, we have quite a few categories and forum sections. This makes it easier to separate the type of content and although you may be used to something else, once you become familiar with it, you will find it very easy to understand. Click on a post or forum section, from there you will either see a list of the sections content or the view of the discussions responses. Once you have made your way onto a discussion, you can respond by quoting a members reply or even scroll to the very bottom where you will be greeted by a text field - Labelled 'Reply to this topic' just click anywhere in the white field and you will then be able to type out your response.

The text editor allows you to use various features to dress up your response or even include, images, videos (youtube) and smileys.

When you have typed your message, just click 'Post' and wait a few seconds. The page will reload and your post would then have been added! Our system automatically saves content, so if you require using a draft you will see an icon in the bottom left of the text field. Once clicked on, you will be able to choose the time of your most recent draft :)

You can even click 'More reply options' and this will give you extra features like being able to upload an image.

Well this is the basic entry, which I hope will be helpful. We do have help files which you can read but these might not help. I will cover more features and ways to get around the next entry.

Let me know below if you would like me to cover something! Thanks.


Some of those who are friends on my facebook account, will have noticed my new addiction to the Football Manager 2013 Handheld series. It would probably come to know surprise to say, I'm a big football gamer and I've played the original PC series for years. I actually manage Brighton on my laptop.

Yet it's the handheld version which I find most compelling.

The reason is, I'm not bogged down with some of the features they've bloated the actual game with and I am able to play much quicker. It's nice, when you're on limited time.

I started off as Notts County and it's who I still manage. Yay!! I haven't been sacked. It's fairly easy, yet this doesn't stop the joy because you can still get beaten by a team like Portsmouth (Yes I really did).

First thing I was greeted with was Alan Judge requesting to move on, none the less I offered him a contact and a few days later he rejected. I decided to play a couple of games and in came an offer, so I though what the hell, he's leaving and 2million is more than enough to win this league win. So I sold him :thumbsup:


Now, I don't often regret selling a player on a game. I do, take it seriously, as I feel I am playing with my time - why shouldn't I? After all if I just played and it meant nothing, I would be wasting time!

I played upto 9 games, I had won 6, drawn 2 and lost 1. Sitting on joint top of the league with 20 points, Preston being the side I shared this with but Coventry had a game in hand, who had 19 points. At this point I didn't feel like I had lost a goal scorer, or a player who would have changed games, so lucky me! :angel:

I received Manager of the Month, so things were defiantly becoming addictive. At 17 games in, I sat top still and shared the position this time with Doncaster Rovers, however Notts had a game in hand.


I also won yet again the Manager of the Month award. Things looking quite promising huh? Well with that said things started to unwind and I realized that my squad had an issue with midfielders and I needed a new striker (when doesn't Notts need a striker???). :huh:

26 games into the first season, Notts had won 15, drawn 7 and lost 4. Coventry City, whom were top had a 4 point advantage and we had hit a spell draws, with the odd loss.

Fulham then strangely approached me, as if it's not enough the game refuses to allow Alan Judge to remain with us. It knew that Jeff Hughes also wanted to part, so I sold him for a nice figure 650k.


By this point I had strengthened the squad, so it wasn't really all that much of a loss. I had signed Leon Clarke, Matt Thornhill and another two players which my memory fails to recall.

Our league performances was still leaving questions, I can honestly say it's this point I felt in real life that some fans would have been calling for my head! with this in mind, I came up with a cunning plan and that was to do the unthinkable. Yes, I planned to attempt to win the F.A Cup or at least throw these discontent fans off my tracks for a little bit. :poke:

In the dugout, against Wolves (which the game tells me is a big team). I sit and watch the Notts players have fun, we score and if it wasn't for Matt Thornhill, all the talk would have been for hat-trick hero Danny Webber. Bishop, Zoko, Showunmi and Clarke also got on the score sheet. Can you see what happened here? Yes, 6 of the 8 goals was scored by a striker! More importantly, we had won in the 4th round of the F.A Cup (I told you take these things seriously, didn't I?). :hug:


The Quarter Final - Notts were drawn against no other than Manchester United. I had hoped for a less appealing fixture, as I could tell my plan was unraveling, which by half time United was 2-0 up. Yet, a lovely strike from Alan Sheehan meant we had every chance to get back into the game. We controlled spells of play, yet the better chances fell to United obviously and in the 80th minuted Shrek scored against us. Pleasingly, in the 90th minute a certain Neal Bishop decided to popup and give us hope.

It finished 2-3. Not bad!


By this point, I was making a tactical push to get back up and for a short period I actually felt I could pinch back the first position. We remained 2nd for a fair amount of time, which I would have been happy with but we went on a losing streak and ended up finishing inside the play-off spots. 4th isn't that bad really, when you consider how I tried to do a Keith Curle (obviously that was joke). :ph34r:

We storm through the play offs, we drawn Yeovil and any one from Nottingham would probably say luck :clover: would be on their side. Yet it wasn't, we beat them easily by 2 goals and in the second leg. We beat them by 5 goals, a Webber and Clarke finale.

This meant we had to face a side we beat both times in the season, you can already guess how this going to turn out. A early goal, seen Notts decide to park the bus (despite me shouting from the touchline and dipping my head). They snatched two goals fairly late on and that sealed their promotion to the Championship.


With the season over, I decided to sort out the areas where I felt we was weak and could do with improving. I won't go into too much detail, I hope to install you all with another addition but let me tell you it was no easy task. Firstly no left sided midfielder wanted to talk contracts and I had the annoying issue of getting players to resign deals. Yet, I did manage to make myself happy and so...

Thank you for reading my blog about a mobile game, which I am rather addicted too. I hope this is of some interest, you never know! I also hope it made you laugh at times. :no: well okay, spoil sport.

Over and out,

Joe :ninja:


Tonight's one of those days that make me wish I hadn't held back launching Pride of Nottingham, although to be honest the earlier site was stuck together using pva glue and built around paper mache. The earlier domain was actually 'notts-county.co.uk' which I still have active and if you type it in, you will be redirected back to here as it's now used as a forwarding domain. Certainly I owe many thanks to the earlier days to many kind people as I used to be part of a tight knit community which always made me feel very much at home but things weren't to be as the integration between the community and site were very much lacking.

I had many good times working on the old site, so despite it's progress now I wouldn't say I fully regretted not taking it more seriously but I do wish I hadn't hidden away like I have over the years.

My earlier times doing things like this were mainly around my poetry or the odd drawing. There was a point in time where I actually wanted to learn to code but that's not an easy task and those who can do it really have the power of the world wide web at their finger tips.

It wasn't until my poetry and art site was fairly successful before I started contemplating trying my hands at doing a different type of site. The first idea being around helping people which didn't really work out to plan and almost knocked me back as the site was hacked by people who wanted money to return it to way it used to be.

Due to earlier work commitments I worked every game and I never really got chance to go to Meadow Lane. Working in the hospitality trade can be very busy especially when you would work every hour possible.

Feb-2008 Is when I purchased the old domain and I set about slowly trying to build a site around Notts as a way to get involved. It was pretty naive as I didn't have the time and for many years it became a side project which was one I tended to neglect but to be fair I was also pretty young at the time.

To the modern day there's not an hour that goes by I don't do something to promote the site which at times I question 'Is it good enough?' certainly with everything in life there is room for improvement but I know that being a perfectionist the site has a good start. Within time it will improve and things will slowly come together, so anyone reading this who has a suggestion please do let me know.

Tonight was very good in terms of the community coming together and I'm rather proud right now.


The image above shows our stats and you can see that we are pulling in an audience. I will be focusing some time to completing areas which I have been saying for awhile I am working on but it's fairly awkward to build the way I'd like.


This is the most we have had active at one time and 10 guests isn't that bad either :)


This is another achievement I am really proud of and it's many thanks to those who helped today. I had decided to try to encourage activity as this will help the site no end with the promotion push of our own but I didn't want to seem ungrateful. I doubt we will hit a target like this again for some time which will be why I'd like to focus on making sure there's a reason for members to want to spend some of their free time with us.

At least I would like to think this place can offer something to the Notts community, I will stride to improve on the things which lack and I am sure people understand as to why certain things aren't in-place now. We've come along way!

Special Thanks to EVERYONE!


Thoughts On Yesterday

I woke up today very excited but nervous none the less, the reason? I had decided to break my social rules which prevents me from encountering negativity. It doesn't really work but I can pretend I cope.

The day went very slow at first which is strange. I did much more than I normally would in the hours before I left for Meadow Lane and I wished I could spend time more like it normally. I had spent the majority of the time with my children who was off due to our alarm not going off. I bumped into a dear family friend, who i haven't seen for awhile and I wished my parents spent more time socializing with her family but I felt I allowed my nerves to get the better of me. (felt rude the way I ended the conversation)

Not being defeated with how I feel about things, I didn't want to lose the chance of meeting up with some of the friendly people I have come across during starting the site. I sat in the MLSB looking around and feeling out sorts, as I don't really like bars. Jake and Ellie was taking turns using my phone to play games, until this elderly lady asked if she could sit down. Very nice that someone would ask, it's rare these days and of course I didn't mind. To be honest by this point I was glad of the company.

I had a wonderful conversation with her and she helped entertain Jake, as by now Ellie had given up and had become bored (bless her) falling sleep in the chair she sat on. Jake really becomes brighter in these situation, I often fear about him becoming shy like I have been and it makes a huge difference to see him all bright eyed that he had someone interested in him who he wasn't related too.

We left the MLSB about 10 minutes before kick off, I decided since Jake had been so good he could choose where we would sit. He decided to sit at the far back of the Pavis Stand and annoyingly (as kids do) decided he wanted the toilet after a few minutes of sitting down and not long after I had asked him. The game was very lively, I was impressed pretty much on the off and felt that we was easily in control. If I may, I would say I felt disappointed only by how we finished our moves. It lacked any real direction and could of secured an easier win if we did. They played incredibly well! I was waving like a madman trying to attract Mr Westwell attention, wearing my new pride and joy. (being a PoN T-Shirt).

I decided to take him up on something he mentioned to me in a tweet, I approached him and openly spoke. This isn't something I normally would do but I am glad I did. He's someone I'm glad to have on my facebook friends list, despite not really knowing him. I admire his talent and the way he relates to us fans. Simply a truly great guy!


He kindly took a few pictures, which will make Ellie's day as she was disappointed a few years back that Jake had been snapped. (without her) on our championship winning celebration game. I really like the T-Shirts, I was a bit nervous about putting it on and this is another thing I am glad I did. I can honestly say I wouldn't normally unless I had some dutch courage or in a very good mood.

Second half we played a little different, I feel we allowed them to play the way they did but they did change their game plan which caused us concern but anyone who says that Oldham was a threat couldn't be more wrong. They was woeful on goal, in fact I don't really recall any clear cut chances apart from the one 'Every Liddle Helps' cleared of the line. I have to say, I wasn't sure it was him at the time. I was so far up and back, that I thought it could of been but was quite unsure.

We gave a few flyers out in the stand and took to doing the same towards the end of the match. We easily gave away more than normal as Jake and I focused on doing so. Ellie helps but she is very quiet, a lot like her mum. A few people made a fuss of them both, which of course gave Jake his bright eyes. After Jake had handed a flyer to this guy, I didn't quite hear the comment made by him and sort of turned away. Only to notice the same guy return to speak with me and Jake in which he gave Jake his ticket and official team sheet. I very proud of Jake (Ellie too) but this feeling will be hard to forget.


Reminds me a kind binman who gave me his Notts shirt, as I walking back from school at dinner time with Super Ram (my dad). I wonder if he remembers this? I couldn't forget it, it's a sign we have some very good fans.


It's 1:02am as I sit here in a pitch black room with only the television and laptop for company, I almost dreamed we had a game tomorrow! I can't believe we have to wait until the 12th, it seems surreal at a point where the games come fast and thick to wait so long for a game. (though I'm not complaining)

The site has been pretty active the past week, I can't say how pleased I am, I wished I could but it is very nice to see.

I've been focusing on alternative pages, which is stalling as I have trouble with making the appearance look decent. I hope to make the League table and the Team pages quite attractive but friendly at the same time.

Tomorrow I have to visit Meadow Lane, I have to pop into the club shop to pick up themag which I would hate to miss out on. I've collected these with Jake for sometime and I try not to miss special additions. This reminds me of Jake, who seems adamant that he will joining us here at PoN. Part of me is very proud, as his reading and writing as become very impressive for his age but as a concerned father I don't want him to rush things. (All three of my children are very clever)

I keep drafting poem ideas, as I haven't written much for awhile and I used to regularly. I'm quite proud of the 'Our Club, Our Passion', as most people who know will understand how fussy I am when it comes to my writing but it gives me much joy.

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