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History Is Our Greatest Weapon Part 2




Like I said yesterday this blog will be very controversial and may upset or offend some fellow fans.

Whilst history is our greatest weapon do us fans rely on our history to much ? yes we are the oldest club in the football league and yes we have ties with the biggest Italian clubs in seria A. but what else do we have to fall back on ?? investors keep us at arms length do to recent problems, we have managerial problems every year where we see at least 2 every season promising the world but bring nothing to the table. We have owners that openly refuses on the club and national web site to invest in the club anymore unless they see more fans coming through the gates !! we've had problems paying our taxes the blacklisting goes on !

We've won one game drew one game and lost 7 if the manager was a doctor and made this many mistakes he would of been struck off by now ! the fans have always said he is not good enough and most of those fans have refused to go back to meadow lane until he is replaced, which in turn is a bit of a catch 22 situation from and earlier statement made in this blog, yes you can have your cheep promotions and discount days but it really doesn't make a difference as a fan you are probably just spending less for the same result !! at this rate if things don't start getting better and stay the same for the rest of the season notts will end on 20 points (go figure). Some of the statements from fellow fans are that the manager doesn't play the game and its down to the players on the pitch but that's like having a business with no manager to drive his or her department to achieve better thing which brings the loop back to the manager not doing his job !! Mr Trew if you want bums on seat and you want to maintain those bums on seats find a manager that has strong connections in the footballing world that knows how to develop a squad to have a positive mental attitude within the dressing room on the training field but also on the football field.

next I come to the team most are paid 10 times the amount of a normal hardworking fan, they are classed as a team built to entertain the fans they are their to build the club in to something bigger better that it already is, which is something they have lacked in doing, these are all professional footballers that have trained all of their lives to do so why is it the team we have cannot string a movement together, cannot move around the pitch and make space for their fellow footballer ? think whilst on the ball think whilst of the ball our defence this season is a sham it's like they don't know how to block a cross or stop a shot or even get anywhere near the opposition these again are back to basic movements on the training field.

now here is the biggest part of the controversy Grand Colin is it not time he gave it up ?? the guy makes that's many mistakes on the radio its unreal ! is it not time to let dean yates take the bull by the horns and rule the airwaves ?? I haven't heard so much negativity in all my life yes I agree that he has committed to the club and given his dedication to the work he has done but for me its time for out with the old and in with the new. offer him a lifetime membership card in the comfy seats and maybe a memorial match with new and old players that he has commentated on in years but for me its time he hung up his microphone and passed the baton on to the next person.

I know this blog may sound like a rant but most if not all of what I have spoken about you are all thinking deep down. For me the club needs to concentrate on the future use our history and links to our advantage but not dwell on it. bring in someone capable of doing a proper job from the off and give him or her the financial backing they need to do that job. moving forward should be our aim not living in the past.

hope you enjoy my blog


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Just be careful what you wish for ,scott.Patience is the key and I understand how you and others feel when things don't seem to be getting any better.I've said somewhere else on this site that October is the time to start worrying.Let's see how things progress this month and then re-assess.

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I think it would be a sad day when Colin Slater retires, for the mistakes he makes - He doesn't half make up for them with his knowledge of Notts and the fact he's a walking County encyclopedia. I can certainly understand how some have tired to him, although just with everything i life some do not. I think it's down to him really.

There's hard working pros with enough skill - I wonder sometimes why it's so hard to mix a squad with different types of talent.

We could also do with our own training ground, something we can do up and have full control over but I'd prefer money right now to be spent on the squad and I can't really pretend to understand the ins and outs of a football club. Finance is something Mr Trew knows best, so I am sure he will be looking into numbers.

Cheers for the blog Scott :)

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Colin Slater used to irritate me years ago but I've grown to like him now.He does tell it like it is and may seem a bit negative at times but I much prefer his way of commentating to the awful ,biased spouting that comes from the other side of the river.

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I don't know why I have missed this blog but I've read it now and yes you are right it is controversial and it will upset some fans......me for one but we don't have to all agree all the time.


I think a lot of things that you have mentioned in this blog are starting to come right since you wrote it, the manager seems to have got the team playing his way and it is working, they are playing attractive football and winning, if this carries on the problem of bums on seats will be resolved as people will come and see a winning team. I have had doubts about the manager in the past and have voiced them on this forum but fair does to Mr. Trew he stuck with his man (for once) and (fingers crossed) it seems to be paying off.


I'm not sure what you mean with your comments about living in the past, I thought that was "them over the river's speciality", in what way are we living in the past, is it the reference to being the oldest football league club? I personally think we should make the most of this as we can, the same with our links with Juventus, we can't forget our past and if it gets us noticed across the world then surely this is a good thing, not something to shrink from.


Colin Slater comes in for some horrendous stick from some of our fans and a lot of people are much more outspoken than you are Scottpie, some of the bile that spouts forth (not on this forum but elsewhere) sickens me because the people saying these things aren't and never will be as intelligent and eloquent as Colin, I agree with Notts Joe it will be a sad day when he retires and for me listening to the away matches will never be the same again, it seems I have been listening to him half my life, if he comes on the radio Mrs. H daren't speak because I have to catch every word. He is an institution and I hope he goes on for ever.


As I say I respect your view but I'm afraid I just don't agree with it.

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you dont have to agree with everything, though i found the blog interest. people forget to accept personal opinions, so im glad its different here.


please keep blogging scot and visiting the community.

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