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The New Manager....

Back when CK was sacked, I didn't really much thoughts on who would replace him. I only had a shortlist of who I would hate to see in the hot seat here at Meadow Lane. Openly, I would hate to see Paolo Di Canio and he was my only real fear. I know of friends who would hate 'Steve Evans' but at least he commits to doing his home work and as a manager he really hasn't done all that bad, it's just a shame about the type of person he is.

Now we've seen the likes of Shaun Derry, Brian Kerr and Dean Saunders. Are these really the types of managers we can hope to expect managing the team so many fans truly care about?

It's a shame really, it's a succession of bad managers and limited ambition (on whoevers part) for the reason of why we have such a lack of uninspiring candidates. I've actually grown tired of the blame game, I don't care and the type of person I am - I want to see us all move on and accept this, the only real way in doing so in my opinion is to make sure the right person comes in.

It could very well be one of the 3 names mentioned above.....

Notts County.....

Big club, small club or even family club. We have an image, it's not being desperate or the fact we tend to find ourselves far to often in these situations but it's the fact that WE ARE BATTLERS. Perhaps the existing squad don't realize this, along with the tradition and history which comes for playing for the magpies but they have to care. I don't suggest that they enjoy losing, certainly I have the belief that they're good enough.

If we go down, I will be there and along with many others. The people who suffer really for supporting Notts, as a club which reflections on the missing fans - The current fan base which I have come to know seem to greatly care and there's a good sense of family/good spirit among them.

This suggests as a fan base we are perhaps braver than the actual players, who by the way will most likely leave us after relegating us to the basement division. It will be interesting to see what loyalty these players have!


We matched them - I can't refer to Walsall because they looked sharp in the first half and I can't say Carlisle because we were considerably better than them. Coventry looked destined to play out a mediocre game, one which Notts should have taken it to the next level - especially if they had a little of self belief and pride.

Can we really be upset about losing to them? No, though it's the fashion we did. It wasn't acceptable and apologizing is not the right thing to do, pretty weak and naive.

My Personal Part....

Yesterday I actually enjoyed, I don't see results as being the only important thing. I can take winning, losing and drawing but for me it's about how we do it. The game was horrible, very depressing and I'd rather not try to remember any more about that. Jake was very excited, he likes the group we go with and there's several members (like me) that can make your day just by seeing. One of which did something very nice for Jake and he hasn't stopped talking about it, I really don't mind because I love to see him being confident.

It was weird visiting a team playing away from home, although I wasn't impressed by Coventry fans. They seemed very deluded and in their position I wouldn't be making a joke.

At half time they gave away free pizza! It was very funny, my honest thoughts was it was a poor joke. It seemed very Americanized, whip the crowd into a frenzy and finish off by throwing football away. Pretty pathetic but I've seen other odd things, so you shouldn't really be surprised.

My final thoughts, I'd hate to see people as numbers or making up for a lack. I have to say I feel a little disappointed, especially since I have to make some big decisions but I have to add that the whole day wasn't a disappointment, just watching Notts and going back home.

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These are worrying times, the next week or so will see a major decision being made by the Notts board about who the next manager will be, it will decide the future of our great club, everyone should be worried, there are a lot of long standing fans who are now saying they are close to throwing in the towel.


For all our sakes and for the sake of this great club we love Mr. Trew and the board MUST make the right decision. Irrespective I will still support the club I love and have supported for the last 50 odd years but then again I am a glutton for punishment and I have been here and worse before, there is nothing new under the sun.

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i think you have hit the nail on the head with a few things here joe! shaun derry is not exciting but its an appointment, it could have been someone like keith hill or steve evans!

the players need to play for each other, its low around notts at the minute.

i see quite a few leaving if we do go down and i dont think it would be fair to blame shaun derry if this happens. haynes, bart (not through loyalty), liddle, leacock and a few others will be gone.

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A few good years lad, a few more of this type but at least Shaun as the team revived and desperate to play for pride. I agree with the majority of what you expressed, it's hard and emotionally we fans suffer.

Time to get the wheelbarrow fixed and rolling.

Thanks Joe.

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