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R.I.P Anony


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Hi Folks,

I don't like posting messages of this nature, however Anonypie (Elaine) has passed away. She had been diagnosed with a severe form of cancer, which sadly lead to this news.

Its with deepest condolences that I inform the members here.

Elaine was a blessing to me, always kind and there for support. She made our Match Chat what is today, she will be sadly missed.

Rest in Peace Anony and thank you. x

PoN sends our regards to Josh, family members and friends.

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Tragic news, just terrible. Sincere condolences to Josh and all the family.

I never met Elaine but through NCM, Youpies and PoN she became part of the Notts experience & culture. I'll miss the warm welcome, we always shared the "hello" & "goodbye" in the chat room with the same xxx. Great fun, lovely spirit.

We have lost one of our own, devastating.

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Anony contacted me originally around the time magpiepieweb was having trouble, it was on the Saturday after the last game (which the regulars missed) because the site had closed it's doors.

She sent me a e-mail asking if we had a chat room.

At the time I had been trying to get ours going, although not very seriously or successfully. Anony asked me if I would allow her to moderate it, for me it was like finding the perfect person to run it. We exchanged e-mails almost daily at first, I think she was sussing me out and my ambitions. As she wanted people who joined to actually use the site and chatroom, this seemed ideal to me and she did so well making the chat room a lot of fun. The old chat system had quite a few bugs, I was never happy with people using something which played up. I can remember her joking with me about changing it so that people would see another link on MAD but it wasn't, I wanted the best for our site.

I think over a period of time I earned her respect, as she did mine. I know she wanted to try and help more within the community but I think it was a lot of learning, plus she looked after her Daughter Jade but she did accept the Global Moderator position and helped me more than people think.

There was times I felt quite down and low about comments made to me, she was always the voice of reason.

If I had a problem I could communicate with her via e-mail and eventually via Facebook, I was so shocked when she told me she had cancer. It was one of them moments where you have a nasty taste in your mouth and you feel like you're dreaming.

I'll never forget her kindness or help.

If people would like to have a collection please let me know, I'd be happy to arrange flowers or leave a little something for Jade/Josh provided they do not mind.

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I didn't know Elaine personally but it's clear she touched the lives of many people. She was part of the Notts County family, and that horrible disease has taken yet another person far too young. Desperatly sad news at what is meant to be such a joyous time of the year. Thoughts go out to Josh, the rest of the family and indeed all those who knew her.


The Sheffield United game on the Friday night a fortnight back was the very first time I'd used the chatroom, but really enjoyed it. Fantastic feature and certainly something I will use on the rare occasions I do sit and listen to Notts matches. She did an excellent job getting it going, and I'm sure over time her work will be rewarded further.


Rest In Peace Anony. Sleep tight x

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Terrible, terrible news.


Never met the lady but the fact i - and so many others - feel this way just shows how you conveyed warmth, humour and integrity through the typed word.


RIP Elaine, will genuinely miss your presence and fun in the matchday chatroom.


Deepest sympathy and thoughts are with Josh and the rest of the family at this dire time.

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Are the club going to pay tribute to Elaine? She seemed to touch a lot of fans lives. Barnet did an amazing tribute for their fan Donny Gaz who passed away recently:






I think Notts should do something similiar for Elaine. Fellow fans are like family IMO. 

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The chatroom was where I had most interaction, and fun, with anony. She will be greatly missed. Sad loss to the NCFC and forum communities.


Sincere sympathy and condoloncies to all her family. I know Josh, mainly from away games, not seen him for a while but my thoughts are with him at this sad time.

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