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Greg Abbotts chat with Notts

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Hi all


If you haven't had the chance please go onto Notts county's official site and listen or read the interview with 'Greg Abbott about the squad, current, future and transfer funds. This interview is an eye opener. Why? I have made mention previously that come December the last few years we hit a wall because we have a few loan players and often we lose them at least for a few weeks. Greg talks about this and what Shaun and he have spoken to the Trew's about this problem. He also mentions that they knew this last month or so would be hard because top teams with top budgets and u shaving our loan players going back to parent clubs. I mention this because this is exactly what I believed was happening. Did two seasons a go with Callum and Jack and did again this season. Well listening Greg and Shaun want to fix this problem.


The interview does give us a brief insight into exactly their long term plans and what the club needs to do to alleviate this problem. The interview also talks about where these players come from. For me one open honest interview Very good Greg very good Notts.


Adelaidepie Julian


PS I will try and get my signature on here soon promise

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I heard the interview on Radio Red and as you say it was very good, I am glad they are concentrating on players that will be Notts County players a bit more as opposed to loanees, although loan players are good sometimes it's better to have players that have committed to our club. Great interview.

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It's scarily similar to my article on what I suggested is the best way for Notts to move forward.


Yet it does make sense! I thinks more to do with the timing but I was concerned by the response of the young signings we made, so I wanted to add my two pennies worth.

It was a brilliant interview but I can't listen to it, currently the MP has problems which are being looked into. None of the recent videos on Notts work, yet I can watch the older content which is just odd. If we want to move forward we need to start picking up youngsters from Premiership/Championship clubs who have been in or around the first team and give them time to settle in League One.

There's no reason why you can't build a successful club mixed with L1 known names and talent, plus that of your own academy and added with the talented of the teams above ours.

It's pretty much all we can do, unless we focus on what ex managers did and end up signing falling players with Premiership experience after Championship teams discard them (which doesn't work really). Shorty anyone?

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it was a good insight, i am surprised that there has not been anything written but @notts-joe made a good call writing about his views on the wheeling and dealings that notts can do.

its all about network building and growing in the process.

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Plenty, if not all of the League One and Two teams gamble on the loan system and of course signing players falling down the pyramid.

Some are good enough to get back up, others just help sides progress and the rest just make the grade at this level or further down. Though I am pleased to hear that Greg Abbott is keen to attracting the best players possible. I think with us struggling, this year they built the squad around survival and of course next year we should see that more might be open to coming here.

Young players always look at promotion, wages, chances of playing. We do look a lot more attractive under Derry.

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