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Hi Folks,

I am in the process of updating and tinkering with certain parts of the site, nothing major but it's something which requires being done. This includes overhauling pages and updating them, now within the new season I hope to find help with the league table for example. It's edited manually, so having a couple of members open to assisting me would be appreciated.

Can I ask all appointed moderators of our community sections to please keep chipping in with fresh topics, replying and generating interest within the forums that they manage.

@tonyhateley, @hissingdwarf, @liampie, @Canadian, @PTID1862, @Blackville, @ivansneck and @super_ram.

It's brilliant to see the community spirit of the site, especially with so many fans in the past few recent days adding their thoughts to discussions. It certainly goes along way and it is greatly appreciated. Don't be put off from starting a discussion, blog or creating gallery! We would love to see more of this.


Myself and @Joe Jones are seeking regular contributors but also people to write one off pieces, this is a very important part and I would like to ask all our members to please consider this. If you're an inspiring writer, we can help you get noticed and likewise if you are a fan wanting to express your views or concerns, please do get in touch.

We as a Fan Site operate on the views shared by ourselves and we would welcome additional input on whatever basis you can provide.

Please enquire via media@prideofnottingham.co.uk

Video section

We have a video section which members can share links to YouTube and various other video streaming sites. I am keen to see the creative community share their own videos but also finds from the sites which they feel will benefit the Pride of Nottingham community. It's very simple to use, you just find a video and then add the share link to the system - provide the details such as the name and then the video will be seen by more fans.

Within season this is a busy area of traffic for us, especially with @Cobby and myself work relating to fan inputs.

Thanks for your time, please do leave a comment below.

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I'll be chipping in with fresh topics as and when I think of something new, not only in my section the lounge but also in other sections too when I can. Come on guys let's keep this going and get PoN even more popular amongst Notts fans and other football fans.

Thanks for all your help and dedication which you put into the site Tony, you're by far one of the best purchases for the PON squad. ;)


I am open to writing a piece every so often, my views may be slightly negative though so I warn you.

I will e-mail you.

E-Mail me, I have nothing against views provided they're balanced and from the heart. Not a rant from the head and something which could cause the site trouble, as we seek fans views - I cannot tell you or anyone what to write about.


i hope some members are open to writing, i think that would be a huge improvement and i will add videos i like when i see ones.

Yes, me too. I need to start showing folks how they can publish their work themselves also but firstly I need to find people open to contributing via writing. It's a lot to ask but we have a lot to offer. :)


If only I could write a decent article I would but I'm hopeless at creative stuff.

As a one off piece every so often, you may learn to enjoy it but it's not for everyone. Have a think about it because I did enjoy your blog(s) when you published them and the content is a powerhouse for us.

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Consider it done @notts-joe, I will add my pennies worth as much as I can.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers for your help and contributions Eric!


This is why I like PON because its community driven and in a good way, I may submit the odd piece but if I did it probably wouldn't be very frequently. I will post as and when I can though, its nice to know its appreciated.

You Pies!

It's nice to see a comment like this.

I'm not just looking for regular contributors but people who can add their views when they feel they want to air something. Thanks!

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Could you try & make it easier for old, technological prats such as my good self to post pics on the site






You have an iPhone right bud? You could download 'Tapatalk', that's a doddle for uploading pictures.

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