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Here we aim to discuss the article of our guest writer, Colin Slater. - Link Here (this will take you to the article)

Now, we would like to discuss the feature and for members to add their thoughts on points raised by Mr Notts County.

What are your memories of Sol Campbell? Do you remember Morecambe away from home during the Championship winning season within League Two back in 2009-10? Do you agree about the thoughts that the current transition relates to what is happening right now, in the early days of 2015-16?

Lets have your thoughts on this.

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The obvious one to start with was the Rob Bristol photograph of Sol behind the stand. Was it a joke? It turned out to be legit and was used on every local message and newspaper board in the area!

A strange episode. Would have gotten stranger if David Beckham had followed him into the Lane!!! (Would have took Carlos at a push as well!)

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i do agree that it takes time to see things click together, so colin is exactly write to point that out.

i recall sol signing, yet i did not go to the morecambe game and i do not know much about what happened. this was whilst i started to follow notts more and back then i relied upon lifts to get to see notts.

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I didn't go to the Morecambe game, I was actually working the majority of weekends but I did manage to see about 7-9 home games which back then seemed a lot. Compared to now, I have a decent record home and away.

My memories of Sol mainly come from meeting him, he seemed a nice enough person but had the habit of being a tad bit rude to people, this was mainly polish waitresses which I do recall him mocking the way they spoke English (which I didn't find acceptable). He used to spend quite a lot of time on the phone when I would see him, he stayed in my former work places hotel and often went into restaurant to eat.

I recall pictures of him looking unimpressed or on the floor, I think the media really spun that but I can't say I am surprised by the fact he didn't make more appearances.

I felt when it was confirmed that he had signed, he was somewhat passed it and unfit.

Also, I was the fan who broke the news regarding him signing and for this reason I do not comment on anything which isn't sourced elsewhere now.

If I know something, I keep quiet and that's the best way to go about it.

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I was attached to the Italian Forces in Herat, West-Afghanistan, when Sol played his, er, sole match for us in Morecombe.  Mrs HeratGazza did however go to the match.  When she reported back about her impressions afterwards, all I can say is that she was singularly unimpressed by his performance (and I'm putting it kindly!).  No amount of games played in the Premiership and indeed for your country can prepare players for the harsh realities of fourth-tier football where no quarter is given, reputation doesn't earn respect as much as a solid tackle does, and where, it seems, referees can't wait to get your trophy name in their book!  Always gets you a few pints bought in your local pub afterwards.


And there are echoes of that syndrome right now with some of the players who have joined us from top-flight football in their own countries.  This is (often quite literally) crunch time for players whose speediest days are behind them.  They have to adapt their game quite rapidly or just call it a day.  Those that have the natural instinct and ability, as well as the mental resolve, come good and I can think of no finer example in recent years that when Lee Hughes came to us.


Patience and understanding are the qualities which the fans can best bring to the game right now.  Under Big Sam, it took quite some time for his team to get it together but, when they did, boy did we enjoy ourselves.

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I can still scarcely believe Uncle Colin is writing for PoN - our website, what a coup, it's a great article.

I well remember Sol Campbell joining, I must admit I was a tad disappointed that it wasn't someone more current at the time, we were promised an international household name kind of signing and although Sol fitted that criteria he was well past his best when he joined us but nevertheless a major signing for Notts County, I didn't go to Morecambe but obviously listened to Colin's excellent commentary and frankly wasn't surprised when Sol left the club shortly afterwards.

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@Riverleeno Uncle Colin is very much into his technology, and is a big supporter of PON and myself. I don't want to come across as all 'ego driven' or anything, yet it means a great deal to me and is an honour.

I felt he would be busy but he literally jumped at the chance.

We have an interview coming up this next week, which he kindly did several months ago for us. Have a listen to the PONcast, I realise it's talking at this stage but myself and @Joe Jones put a lot of effort in. Honestly, it's worth it!

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I received a text message saying Sol had signed, I had to read it a few times before it sank it.

I actually felt he would do very well at league two level, which I am surprised he was not able to cope with because he was more than physical at premiership level. His only game for us, I do remember. I had a couple of red fans joke about how gutless his performance was, needless to say I have plenty to throw back at them let me tell you.

Colins article did put things into perspective, lets hope we start to push on.

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