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Joe Jones

Price of Football 2017 survey (and where Notts County fit in)

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The BBC has released their annual Price of Football survey (here's the full list if you fancy taking a look) and although there is some good news regarding ticket prices, trends still suggest that people are being turned off going to games.


From the BBC website:

The BBC Price of Football study has found the majority of ticket prices have been frozen or have fallen for a third year - yet a poll of young adult football fans suggests the cost is still putting them off.

This year BBC Sport asked more than 200 clubs across the United Kingdom for information on ticket prices and found almost two thirds of price categories have been reduced or remained the same across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In a separate poll, we asked 1,000 18- to 24-year-old fans living in Britain how they engage with football, and four in five (82%) said the cost of tickets was an obstacle to them going to more matches.

The annual study found 135 clubs out of 190 in England, Scotland and Wales offer reduced prices for teenagers and young adults - separate from any student concessions - but 55% of the fans we polled said they had stopped going completely or go to fewer games because it was too expensive.

Young adult fans can save, on average, £146.94 on season tickets in the English Premier League and Football League, while in the top four divisions in Scotland the average saving on a season ticket is £143.66.

According to figures from the Premier League, young adult fans bought 4% of all season tickets this year. A report in 2015 suggested the average age of an adult supporter in the Premier League was 41.


And in terms of the specifics to Notts County, here's what the Nottingham Post has written:

It found that League Two has seen the biggest rise across all four divisions as clubs try to cope with the increasing financial demands.

But Notts say they are doing their best to buck the trend having reduced the cost of their highest priced pay-on-the-day ticket from £24 to £22 this term.

Fans could net themselves a further discount of £2 making it £20 if they purchased in advance online.

Commercial director Amanda Fletcher said: "One of our key aims this summer was to improve the supporter experience and we are confident we have done that without leaving them out of pocket.

"We have reduced ticket prices in the most popular area of the ground, while other League Two clubs' prices have risen, and we have vastly improved our retail and catering offerings while remaining competitively priced.

"Our replica shirts and leisure wear range, for example, have provided supporters with quality products at, as the survey shows, very fair prices and we will continue to strive to make supporting Notts County as fairly-priced as possible for our fans."


What are your thoughts on the price of football in England and specifically to Notts? Let us know!

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It's all too expensive really, but that's hardly a revelation. At least we seem to be moving in the right direction.

The BBC article focuses on young people being put off by ticket prices. Given that young people bear the brunt of wage squeezes that's hardly surprising - it's natural to cut unnecessary costs when you're skint. But the 20-somethings of today are also the first generation to have grown up with free football available online pretty much whenever they want it. We're reaching the climax of a development starting with the first televised matches, through the advent of regular football on the BBC and ITV, pay TV and finally the internet. It hasn't caused people to abandon their teams for the TV en masse, but over the course of generations it is putting our stadium-going culture under pressure.

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I'm content with the changes Notts have made under Alan Hardy, I want to see Meadow Lane picking up and the discounted prices helps with this. It would be nice if more offers was made available, whilst I do agree the prices of drinks should be reviewed - I would insist that overall I am happy.

Football in general will always be expensive, yet there's little things here and there that teams can do to make it more reasonable.

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the prices across england tend to go up and down like a yoyo but it is still expensive. a friend of mine went to watch liverpool play and his ticket was 60 something pounds, i really dont get how they can justify the price?

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