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Player ratings v Colchester United (H)

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Not to steal @Piethagoram or @Elite_pie (please do continue this).

Fitzsimons 7.5 - Outstanding performance, from his decisions to come for the ball to his distribution. He seemed very confident and I think this helped with his penalty save as it wasn't a bad penalty but an exceptional save.

Duffy 4 - Looked very awkward, in the first half he made several bad decisions. The first was elbowing and barging a Colchester United player onto the ground (blatant penalty for me) and Fitzsimons called the ball. He just looked very much out of it.
Brisley 6.5 - He looked very comfortable and defended well.
Dickinson 5 - Usually he looks the weak link but he did alright, he offered us a fair bit going forward.

Hawkridge 6 - He ran around and contributed, he seemed very unpopular amongst the fan opinions I heard but he did a lot of the ugly stuff well.
Yates 7 - He was strong in midfield, creative on the ball and linked the defence and attack nicely. He worked his socks off and for me he was my Man of the Match.
Hewitt 5 - He did alright, seemed a passenger at times. Worked hard, just wasn't involved as much as I think he could have been.
Grant 6 - Jorge struggled due to them being physical and heavily marking him, yet he did well and was a driving force at getting Notts forward.

Ameobi 6.5 - Decent performance but was very limited, he tried holding the ball up and did what he could when he had chance.
Alessandra 5 - Very average, he did some neat touches and ran but he doesn't look like a striker and he didn't work well with Ameobi at all. He found himself dropping deep and roaming which limited our attacking capability.


Milsom 6 - Steady play by Robert, he got forward and covered. Very happy with his contribution/
Jones N/A
Smith N/A

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based on a mean of 5

Fitzsimons 8 Great penalty save, commanded his area well and took some awkward high balls comfortably

Tootle 6.5 I was worried his tackle first half could have been given a red, as it was similar to an O'Connor red last season for stretching

Duffy 6 Needlessly booked for dissent /  talking to the ref. Good mgmt by Nolan to sub him

Brisley 6.5 Does the simple things well

Dicko 5 Had a torrid time and did open up too much defensively to allow the Colchester guy to run into area for their penalty

Yates 8 Need to say he reads the game so well. Nice to have a midfielder who thinks both in attack and defence

Hewitt 6.5 Mr versatility. Maybe centre half could be his true position. He does give the legs to the midfield

Hawridge 6 One stray pass nearly cost us the game. Good effort as always. Need to credit the Colchester player for that defence splitting pass

Grant 6.5 Needless penalty to concede.. but great corner at the end

Shola 7.5 Well taken penalty, an awkward thorn in Colchester's defence

Alessandra 5 Needs to show more quality

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Fitzsimons  7 - Better decisions on crosses, did well to guess correctly on the penalty.

Tootle 6 - deserved booking for a silly challenge, some good attacking moments second half.

Duffy 6 - one slip first half, otherwise looked pretty solid.

Brisley 6.5 - a bit hesitant a couple of times, looked mainly solid defensively.

Dickinson 6 - overcame a dodgy first half to impress in the second.

Yates 7* - typical Yates, allover the pitch and just shades MOM for turning one point into three.

Hewitt 6.5 - not the best first half, but helped us regain midfield control in the second.

Hawkridge 6 - buzzed about a lot but needs to improve his decision making.

Grant 6 - took a while to get involved, but his quality is always likely to shine through.

Ameobi 7 - did well considering he was often isolated up front.

Alessandra 6 - an anonymous first half was followed by a much better second.


Milsom 6 - did ok.

Smith  - n/a

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Fitzsimons 7 - All round performance by him.

Duffy 5 - Very poor throughout the game and it was a good thing he was removed when he was.
Brisley 7 - Solid performance.
Dickinson 5 - Usually he looks the weak link but he did alright, he offered us a fair bit going forward.
Tootle 7 - Defended well and attacked nicely.

Hawkridge 7 - He was an engine for us in midfield and broke down play.
Yates 7 - Kevin Nolan is right about Yates, he ran himself into the ground and did very well.
Hewitt 5.5 - He did better when he switched positions but offered us some running in midfield.
Grant 6 - Quiet game for him but he did enough.

Ameobi 7 - Brilliant play from him, he held the ball and draw some nasty fouls which nobody else would take.
Alessandra 5.5 - Very poor in the first half, he came alive in the second but still didn't do enough.

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