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England v Tunisia

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I'm confident, I recall the game against them in 98 (if my memory serves me well here) and England played very well.

I think Tunisia even had a couple of decent players back then, though I think we'll control the game. We just need to take the pressure off ourselves and focus on creating good chance - the pace we have can be a lethal weapon and I do want to see the England players take them on. If we cause them stress, they'll buckle and we'll control it from there hopefully.

3-1 my prediction.

Rashford, Kane and Loftus-Cheek.

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Brilliant start by England.

We've set the pace and, are playing with confidence. From the off we have passed it nicely and looked sharp but I do feel Sterling should have scored his chance.

Great to see them respond so we'll, nice tap in by Kane.


We could have several if we continue by the end of the night, with Belgium's win - this would be great.

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Terrible defending.

We stepped off the gas and, allowed them back into it - this pressured ourselves. The confidence dropped, Tunisia lifted and they pushed forward. Iffy penalty, though Walker did look to elbow the player who ran into him.

The penalty took more sting out of the game and, I swear the player that took it stopped.

We are starting to comeback into it but the finishing seems a little off, a lot of effort though. Good game but we are making it tougher!

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Talk about leaving it late! England played well but defensively they should have been more composed.

Walker should have enough Premier League experience to know what to watch out for, yes it was soft but he still elbowed the Tunisian player. Pickford on the set pieces reminded me of Adam Collin last season but overall the squad worked hard to get the final goal. You can say there was our piece of luck.

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First half England started brightly, they moved well and created quick attacks but after the penalty decision they took their foot off the gas. From there we invited pressure and, at the back looked very nervous - you just wanted to see the defenders take some responsibility. I didn't understand why they rushed to play the ball, becoming sloppy and very wasteful.

Despite this, England continued to create some good chances but the finishing wasn't very good.

Second half it was more of an even game, with Tunisia always attempting to slow down the game. It became a bit annoying, as the referee seemed very calm with them and some of the challenges wasn't very good.

The creation of chances which England worked so well with, just never seemed destined to go in.

I think Ashley Young is a bit of a joke and hot head, he was never my Man of the Match - I thought he was a weak link and wasted a perfectly good free kick with his take.

Great goal at the end, we are a bit jammy but England did more than enough to warrant the win. Overall I am happy with the performance.

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1 hour ago, Fan of Big Tone said:

How was that not a penalty when Kane was man handled to the ground?

The one in the first half or the second half ?Why weren't these incidents picked up  by the off field scrutineers? Was that the referee who officiated your play  off farce ?Am I being biased ?

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1 hour ago, super_ram said:

The one in the first half or the second half ?Why weren't these incidents picked up  by the off field scrutineers? Was that the referee who officiated your play  off farce ?Am I being biased ?

Both were awful, what’s the point of VAR I thought it was supposed to pick up things that the ref missed or ignored. The ref must be blind, as @magpiejue says at almost every Notts home match, I reckon the ref came on the bus with them.

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