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I think Brexit will go down as the biggest farce in British political history.  It was sheer stupidity to ask the general public to vote on an issue as complicated as this.  The campaign from both sid

I think this debate should be on the Mad site, always thought PON abhored political OT's.  I don't log onto here to talk politics, I do it to talk about football. If I wanted to talk crap (sorry,

I wish people would stop blaming older people for voting for Brexit, here’s one older person who certainly didn’t and I’ve got lots of friends in my age group who are appalled at the idea of Brexit.

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On 29/01/2021 at 20:58, Super_Danny_Allsopp said:

I'm surprised you're still plugging away at the minute Piethag. EU not exactly covering itself in glory recently. 

And @Fozzy liking it too.

I see the thread has hit 101,000 odd views ... There are zero benefits to Brexit and the lies still need to be called out. Apart from the vaccine debacle, the EU continues to remain strong and steadfast. The UK has already begun the ideological process of splitting up and economically will be on a downward slope, costing thousands of jobs. For what? Anyone is welcome to debate how Brexit is good for the UK with the deal Boris has struck?

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