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PONcast Episode 42


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The Pride of Nottingham PONcast is back!

Join @Chris and @samwatto2008 as they discuss all the latest news from Meadow Lane.

In this weeks show the new duo discuss the recent 3-3 draw against Stevenage Town, along with analysis of the goals, defence, weaknesses and all the best bits.

We also touch upon the issue at back with Notts no.1 Ross Fitzsimons, is he a league keeper and weather or not he has enough experience.

In addition we delve into the players who are currently in form, touching upon which of the players we can rely on. With an insight into the league table and a preview at the Northampton Town game.

What do you think about the discussion?

Have your say on this weeks Pride of Nottingham PONcast.

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I felt this was a very good episode lads, the discussion flows much better than the old way. It just seems more natural and yes it can get better, I do think it will with time.

Great points by both @Chris and @samwatto2008.

I would agree that Ross Fitzsimons has let down Kevin Nolan, however he should have known early on that he might not be good enough. He felt the defence wasn't the issue, so what was it? The midfield or keeper? I also would question his experience.

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54 minutes ago, Chris said:

It's good to be back, I think @samwatto2008 could easily lead the PONcast.

I could say a lot of praise but right now we need to keep that lad grounded. 😛 I can't have it all going to his head, the future's bright for PON. :D 

I think that would be a great idea from what I heard he would definitely do a great job 

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14 hours ago, heraldmagpie said:

Nice job with the PONcast, I see it coming on leaps and bounds if you two stick at it and don't get bored.

Don't worry about that. Me and @Chris both love creating content on the Media side of things. We believe it makes PON stand out and can really bring fan engagement back to the football club. 

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brill! i still have the podcast app @Chris told me about but i have only recently listened to the poncast. i listened to it last night and i dont want to leave.

its very well done, i imagine jj could have added a bit of his flair if he was still around but i think @samwatto2008 speaks a lot of sense and passion, chris also steers the discussion well. i do agree it seems more natural and that makes it enjoyable. 

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14 hours ago, Joshua said:

It would be nice to see some fans involved, maybe the odd ex player too but the discussion was very enjoyable.

Don't worry Josh we have some brilliant plans with the PONCast and at the moment as a bare minimum we will try and get one out every week. Getting ex-players and people involved with the club is quite a difficult task. However we are getting there and have some great ideas. It's quite hard to plan with the editing and recording times but will work hard too try and make this happen for the fans.

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