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Good Weekend (Apart From Footie)

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Leaving aside the football I've had a lovely weekend. Yesterday we went on a river cruise to celebrate our friends 50th birthday, what a fantastic day for it too. The sun was shining and it was idyllic cruising slowly down the river having afternoon tea on the boat. When we got back we picked up our two eldest grandchildren (we get to see them twice monthly thanks to a court order- long story) and brought them back to ours for a sleep over.


Today we were all up bright and early to support my son (their uncle) as he attempted the Robin Hood Half Marathon. Recently a stomach bug has swept through the family he has been ill his youngest son Freddy has been ill and then last night George (his eldest son) was up all night being sick. It wasn't the best preparation for a half marathon but he did really well and finished the course in less than two hours, we were so proud of him.


We managed to spot him amongst the multitude at the half way stage at Highfield University Park where we gave him a cheer to encourage him then we caught him again as they went round the lake (we took a short cut) our Grandchildren loved it seeing their uncle run with all the other runners. We stood near a drinks stop where the drinks are held out for the runners and they grab them as they run past and the kids thought they were all a bit naughty throwing their drinks bottles on the floor and not taking their litter home. Bless em. :)


After the runners had gone past we had a long time on the play park with the children and an ice cream before coming home and having one of Mrs. H's lovely sunday roasts. Perfect end to a perfect weekend.


The kids have gone home again now, tired but happy, we've opened a bottle of wine, we're also tired but happy.


What's everyone else been up to, anything nice?

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Note today...

I've been feeling unwell (I'm being careful how I word it), especially after a message by a friend on Facebook. It's weird, I felt very, very tired. Usually I can fight it off, though today it wasn't one of them days. I've been sleeping the majority, waking up in-between to make sure I post on PoNs wall.

It's been very quiet... Shame really, it might have been a positive lift for me.

Just going to have an early night now, hopefully wake up brightly. I haven't really read what's written above, due to how I feel, I'm struggling to focus. So I apologies for not commenting on what you've written Tony. Sorry

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We went round to Joe and Kates and spent some time playing with Jake,Ellie and Ava.Ellie gave Super a 'pretty',as she called it,hair style, putting loads of bobbles,slides and bands in his hair.She finds it very funny when he yells out if she pulls his hair.

Glad you and Mrs H enjoyed the cruise and Sunday with the grandkids.Well done to your son too.

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Glad you had a nice weekend mate, shame you couldn't laugh at all the reds heading away in a sulk as you cruised past the temple of sin. Was the weather nice for it?


As mentioned elsehwere I spent most of yesterday doing my final induction day for my new job before catching the final ten minutes of Weymouth's FA Cup tie.


Been a bit of a lazy day today. My Gran and Grandad have spent the weekend in London to celebrate their wedding anniversary so we've been looking after their two dogs today. Sophie seemed quite taken by football - she laid in front of the tv watching the Sunderland v Liverpool match this afternoon!


Not looking forward to tommorow, up at half 6 for my first training day :(

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