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Prediction League Round 10


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Would be nice to get a few new people joining in this week. You can have a look at the other threads for an example of how it all works but basically I post 6 fixtures every week and you just have to post your predictions in this thread. You get 3 points for a correct score and 1 point for a correct result. So for example:


my prediction: Notts County 2-0 Crewe Alexandra

Notts win 2-0 - 3 points

Notts win, but not by a score of 2-0 - 1 point


There aren't many big scores so it won't take any time to catch up if you start this weekend. One good score shoots you right up the table.


This weekend's fixtures:
Burnley v Reading

Derby County v Leeds United

Peterborough United v Preston North End

Walsall v Bradford City

Bury v Newport County

Oxford United v Southend United


Good luck everyone :)

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Ooh,Mr.Weymouth,James,why did you have to have Rams v Leeds.Derby have won the last 9 meeting between these 2 old enemies-8 league and 1 League Cup.I must admit this makes for a very interesting encounter -Leeds are due a win and Rams have a new manager plus the intense dislike each set of fans have for each other.I hate predicting Rams results, whatever the circumstances, as I feel I may be a jinx,nevertheless here goes-


Burnley 3 - 1 Reading

Derby County 2 - 1 Leeds United(could be 6 - 6)

Peterborough United 3 - 1Preston North End

Walsall ! - 1 Bradford City

Bury 1 - 2 Newporrt County

Oxford United 3 - 0 Southend United

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Sorry I'm very late putting this week's round-up up tonight, been in Bristol today watching Bristol Rovers v Fleetwood. Anyway:


Today's match results:
Burnley 2-1 Reading

Derby County 3-1 Leeds United

Peterborough United 2-0 Preston North End

Walsall 0-2 Bradford City

Bury 0-0 Newport County

Oxford United 0-2 Southend United


Today's scores:
@GrannyPie & @n1c9f6c6 - 5 points

@super_ram, @tonyhateley & @jurgenpie - 4 points

@notts-joe, @Dan & @WeymouthPIE - 3 points

@Super_Danny_Allsopp & @Dripsey3 - 2 points

@MuddyPatchPie - 1 point



1st. GrannyPie - 40 points
2nd. notts-joe - 35 points
3rd. WeymouthPie & Dan - 34 points
4th. super_ram - 33 points
5th. n1c9f6c6 - 32 points
6th. tonyhateley - 22 points
7th. jurgenpie - 17 points
8th. UpThePies, MuddyPatchPie & Dripsey3 - 15 points
9th. Super_Danny_Allsopp - 14 points
10th. 2piesonmyshirt & liampie - 12 points
11th. Ben Blyth - 11 points
12th. Joe Jones - 7 points
13th. UniPie - 6 points



GrannyPie is beggining to open up a cushion at the top but it's very tight in the top 5, bit of a gap developing between 5th and 6th but one big score is all it takes for someone to go shooting up the table right into contention. Can GrannyPie handle the pressure of being the league leader for the distance?

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