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England Vs Montenegro


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I read an article the other day, it included a video by Glenn Hoddle who said we should write off this upcoming contest in his opinion. I couldn't disagree with him more, we have slim chances but where there is pride - there's always a chance. We've got players who can play in Brazil, so I don't see the fuss? Supposedly the only European side who can do well over there is Spain???

Anyway, tonight England take on Monty - I hope they go full out and win comfortably.

Monty have been a side which in previous games have had a crack at us, although it's time to start getting results from these games rather convincingly.

Will you be watching? Thoughts?

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Not holding my breath for a decent game as usual. I know Hodgson's done OK but I'm really not a fan of his at the minute, he's far far FAR too defensive minded for my liking. He's the sort who 9 times out of 10 is happy to go 1-0 up early on then defend for most of the game. And we have drawn a lot under him.


That said I can't see us throwing away qualification from here, we should have enough in the tank to beat Montenegro.


I'm going for a 3-1 win for England. We'll score early, then sit back and conceed midway through the second half, then we'll start playing and score a couple of late goals :)


In other news, poor old Northern Ireland have lost yet again, this time 2-0 in Azerbaijan. They dominated the first half, had 12 shots but couldnt score. Azerbaijan scored early in the second half, then to compound NI's misery Jonny Evans got himself sent off deep into added time and Azerbaijan made it 2-0 from the resulting free kick.


Northern Ireland are brilliant in David v Goliath situations, but awful when its David v David

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Playing well enough but starting with Lampard ahead of Wilshere is complete madness and I wouldn't pay

Welbeck in washers, far too mechanical, predictable & clumsy. He is capable of the odd but of class but most of the time he is a passenger. He'd better score now & win the game for us - but I'd rather have a more creative, instinctive and naturally gifted player like Barkley, Young or even a target man like Lambert ahead of him.

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Job done tonight. For once we actually looked dangerous going forwards, and played with a sense of purpose and urgency. Andros Townsend had an excellent debut, he was constantly looking to make stuff happen with the ball and he's brilliant at running with the ball. His goal was a superb finish, and he must take credit for the first goal too.


Well done England!


As for the other home nation who played later in the evening - Wales had a good 1-0 win at home to Macedonia. Pleased for Chris Coleman, I kinda want him to do well. He took a very difficult job under awful circumstances.


As for the Republic of Ireland - their qualification hopes were extinguished with a 3-0 defeat in Germany.

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Exceptional debut by Townsend.Think Lampards days are numbered.Disappointed with Sturridge tonight,perhaps I'm expecting too much from him.Welbeck not up to it.Otherwise a competent performance against dogged opposition.Bring on Poland.Just hope they haven't got another  'clown' in goal.

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I think we - I.E Hodgson needs to find how best to use our younger fowards, perhaps he ask his trinket? That's if he can find it.

Welbeck was isolated in a game he should have been brought into, it was also disappointing to see Sturridge playing on the left. Was Rooney actually upfront? I'd have put him on the left wing, he's useless generally anyway.

Praise is deserved on Monty, they did well. They held the game at times and made England struggle, someone said it's awful watching them (it might have been Roy Keane) yet they made a lot of a movement and remind me of a lower league team facing a premiership side in the F.A Cup. They could have easily pushed us, although once we scored they crumbled thankfully! I had a beat on... England, Russia, Spain and Germany to win! Safe you think? Well for good measure I put Uruguay and Paraguay to win also.

One stage I felt England might left me down by drawing, then the same with Spain.

We really should write anything off until we're out! I hate the can't do attitude, always believe!

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I was seriously worried for a while in the first half during this game. However we picked our game up in the second half and thankfully ended up with a comfortable win.

Credit to Hodgson who raised a few eyebrows with the selection of Townsend but it paid off, he had an excellent debut and scored a great goal.

We've just got to do a job on Poland who will play us knowing they are out of the competition and then we can book our flights to Brazil.

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