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corina turley approves of the pon prints


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i just went on twitter before heading here and i noticed that the pon gaffer had been mentioned by none other than corina turley!

this portrait of jamie looks amazing! its very much like him.

i really like how genuine and kind the turleys are, they both deserve a lot of credit for their interactions with the fans and hopefully the success will continue. what a very nice message it is tho!! i bet @Chris is too humble to say anything but i wanted to share it.

well done mate! 👍

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I really don't know what to write to this, I keep trying to express my thoughts and feelings - I end up deleting it.

I'm over the moon with the responses and all the current player prints have been mostly requests from people, I don't aim to sell hundreds or thousands but I do hope to cover the server - plus pay for 3-4 custom mods I really want. I have had such an overwhelming response from the print, I'm not too bothered about negativity I'm used to it and I see the opinions and counter with a logical thought process.

PON has to be different, if the club was top of the League Two table instead of people making comments about the current players.

I'd be accused of cash grabbing or only doing it because the club is successful.

Basically either way you can't win but as I say, I am used to this and it doesn't really bother me.

I'm very proud of the Jamie Turley print, in fact I am of them all but I have found people connected to the club to genuinely appropriate my support. We all have favourites and even if the current performances haven't been good, we will look back in the future fondly of players like Jamie Turley for having played their part in the clubs history. Likewise with Jon Stead, Kane Hemmings and many others.

Thank you for the outstanding support, it means a lot.

Now go order some prints so I can afford a better holiday next summer! 😂😁 No, joking aside the support means a lot.

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Some peoples idiocy makes me laugh, of course you will like a current player and respect them. It's a team issue as to why Notts are struggling not one pin pointed to any certain player. So why are the prints pointless? They look awesome and I hope they sell well too.

I think all the current players look great.

If Notts was succeeding some of these idiots on social media would twist it, these people are oxygen thieves. Ignore them!

I love the print of Jamie Turley and Jon Stead!

Keep up the good work @Chris and if it's okay, I will order some and get them sent to my parents. I wouldn't want them to get damaged whilst I am at Leeds.

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These people who moan about the current players most likely would be up their arses if the club was winning, the prints look very good and I hope orders come in because PON must cost a lot.

One of my friends owns a small blog and he pays a silly fee to host that.

PON's a lot bigger than that,

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This are really something special @Chris, I am pleased to read such positive feedback and you will always attract one or two clowns. I am equally pleased that you're not bothered by the pointless comment shared by @CliftonMagpie of the Notts fan on Twitter.

Be happy with the work you do proudly.

I am sure many fans will love owning the prints.

I have actually looked at the legend designs and I am blown away, they're impressive.

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On 04/12/2018 at 20:59, DeadlyDennis said:

The PON prints are excellent and I wished I could afford them. :( 

Shoot me over a PM (personal message) and I'll send you one.

I'll get it personally signed for you if you want, consider it a Christmas gift. If we can't help a magpie out then what else can we do?

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