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Ricardo misses out.....

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On Tuesday, it was officially announced what everyone expected at least after dropping out of the Polish Cup with Miedzia. Tadeusz Pawłowski ceased to be a coach of Silesia. He returned to the position of the director of the academy, because such a position was guaranteed in the contract in the event of dismissal of the first team coach. 

- Tadeusz Pawłowski is a living legend of Silesia and I would like it to continue to be an important part of the club. Currently, however, we found ourselves in a difficult situation. The result of each meeting will be extremely important to us. We decided that changes are necessary that will give the team a new boost - emphasizes Piotr Waśniewski, the president of Silesia. 

For the time being, the team in the last two games is to be led by Paweł Barylski, but it is difficult to predict who he will give away. The situation in Silesia is so dynamic that even recently it seemed that even a temporary trainer would not be needed.

They did not want a quarrel

Silesia already had the "well-known" Spanish-born Dutchman Ricardo Moniz, well-known in Poland. According to our findings, it was virtually accepted by the supervisory board, but the candidacy unexpectedly fell. The reasons for canceling the case on the final straight are not entirely clear, but everything seems to have been supported by the position of people from Oporowska who did an environmental interview and realized that Moniz had recently left the Slovakian AS Trencin seriously at odds with a large part of the local environment. He was accused, among other things, that he should focus more on his team than on fighting with the judges, he accused the league of being completely corrupt. In comparison with the circumstances in which he parted in 2014 with Lechia, it did not bode for harmonious cooperation. Silesia would be the sixth club in its CV in just four years. In Gdansk, despite promising results, Moniz could not find a common language with the decision-makers. He complained that he had no influence on the team he was trying to mount behind his back. At the end, he gave up work in Lechia for the benefit of TSV Munich in a way that in Gdansk was taken away as an escape, although it must be handed over to him that the clause about the possibility of leaving guaranteed him a contract. 

Slovak direction

If not Moniz, who? Silesia is determined to seek a coach abroad. It has many possibilities, but very strong quotations of other foreigners will be very strong. He is a 41-year-old Serb Ivan Vukomanović, a former defender of, among others Bordeaux and Belgian clubs KSC Lokeren and Royal Antwerp. In 2014-15, a large part of the Vukomanović season was run by Standard Liege. Previously as the assistant coach Guy Luzon won with the Standard vice-championship of Belgium, but failed to break off the gates to the Champions League (Walloons have passed in qualifying Panathinaikos, but dropped out of Zenit and played only in the group stage LE). Behind Serb speaks great knowledge of working in an international environment and probably a great ease in mastering the Polish language, because he has already encountered the Slovak language. It has been free since about a year after splitting with Slovan Bratislava, where he worked for over 12 months. He won with him the vice-championship of Slovakia in the 2016/17 season, when Žilina was unrivaled. After the first season, the Slovaks were delighted with it. The owner of the club offered Vukomanovici a 3-year contract, which Serb signed exactly on the 40th birthday. Then, after a series of weaker results, the future candidate for training Silesia was farewell by Slovan.

Interestingly, last year's English Daily Mail tied him with the Birmingham City English Championship. He was supposed to be a man to replace Gianfranco Zola, a poorly performing at St Andrew's Stadium, today a manager of Chelsea, although the British called Serb a "shocking candidate".


According to Rijnmond TV from South Holland , Cláudio Braga , head coach of Marítimo, formerly leading the Portuguese, takes over the Dutch second-class FC Dordrecht after the winter break after the team has defeated 1-0 on Oss. As professional coach so far, led by Scott Calderwood - 5 wins in 1 game, 2 defeats, 2 draws.

- We are facing great challenges. We hope your performance will improve and we will improve. I trust the guys that we will be able to improve together. Apparently, the team is in trouble with goal scoring, and the right decisions are not always in the forefront of the attack - Braga told Rijnmond TV.


In addition to Braga, Ricardo Moniz , a Dutchman who controlled Ferencváros between 2012 and 2013 , and Jan Wouters were nominated for the position.

" We had a narrow list, and finally we decided to go with Braga, " Hans de Zeeuw began as club manager, and then he regretted the entry into force of the contract for the Portuguese specialist on January 1. " We just wanted to sign a contract on January 2 to save costs, but we couldn't find a better solution."

Dordrecht scored 11 points in the championship in 19 rounds, and is 19th in the Eerste Divise table, one point behind the last Jong AZ. Moniz was last led by the leading edge AS Trencín in Slovakia, but after five months, he resigned from his post on the next day of Ružomberok (Rose Hill) (0-1) .

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December 27, 2018 - Stanley Brard is the new head of youth training at Feyenoord. The man who had been very successful in the youth training of the Rotterdam team for eight years now becomes, as expected, the successor of Richard Grootscholten, who recently had to leave at Varkenoord.

Under the leadership of Brard, Feyenoord was repeatedly named best youth academy in the Netherlands and broke through various talents, including Tonny Vilhena, Jordy Clasie, Georgino Wijnaldum, Stefan de Vrij and Bruno Martens Indi. In recent years he worked mainly abroad, but due to the growing dissatisfaction with Grootscholten, he came back into the picture after working with Qabala Football Club and Nagoya Grampus Eight. 
"I'm really excited to get back to work at the Academy, because I still know a lot of people and have always followed Feyenoord and definitely the youth academy, I know that I'll work with an excellent combination of experience trainers, former players and specialist specialists ", he says elatedly on the club site. "With them and with my knowledge and experience, we will do everything we can to prepare more players for Feyenoord 1."

Officially, Grootscholten left because of a lack of insight, but in practice the support for him was completely gone within the club, where many people were hoping for the return of Brard. Ricardo Moniz was also in the picture, but Brard eventually became the first choice. With his appointment, the new youth center will soon also be put into use and the focus must be entirely on getting youth players to move on.

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He must have an amazing agent! If we're honest he hasn't really achieved anything for a long time and never stays anywhere for long, but always seems to be in the picture for jobs across the continent.

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Good coach, just a little too focused on attacking but his style and brand of football is entertaining. I hope he continues to succeed.

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