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PON Fundraiser

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PON Fundraiser

There will be 40 digital raffle tickets made available.

The winner(s) will be selected automatically at random by our raffle system.

Priced at £2.50 per ticket.

Prizes are as follows:

  1. A3 Print + A4 Print
  2. 1 A3 Print
  3. 1 A4 Print
  4. £10 Gift Voucher (PON or Notts County Club Shop Voucher)

All prizes will receive free standard UK Delivery as part of the prize, overseas winners may be required to pay all/some delivery charges.

Please purchase one of our gift cards in order to enter our raffles, entries can only be accepted via our vouchers - PON Gift Cards can be ordered here.


Note: You must redeem your gift card in order to gain account credit (this is due to the fact it can be given to a third-person if brought as a present).


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Please do ensure you buy a gift card first from the store - Here.

After purchasing a gift card, please use the following link in order to redeem it for account credit - Here.

When purchasing a ticket, please do fill in your address and phone number (so I can contact you if PM goes unanswered). On the final payment screen you will be greeted with this.


Select "Account Credit" and your transaction will be completed once clicking place order and pay.

Thank you for your continued support and good luck!

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Not only will the money assist PON with paying for the sites cost, but it could help pay for much needed equipment down the line making the site stronger and better.

The Admin team will be ensuring the quality resumes now.

However, all the support helps and I would encourage people to give it ago. We have 36 places remaining with a great selection of prizes! PON will be mixing things up for the next one and reinvesting some money straight back into the club when purchasing other prizes.

You Pies!

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Great idea to get members involved and also for fans to be able to win a print for less than the value whilst helping the site sustain its costs.

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Please do help promote this, also if you can why not get your own ticket? We need to sell more. #COYP

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Only 26 participants required to complete the raffle.

We have until the 31st of January in order to complete this, let's all do our part and help fund the site. 👏👏

Thank you for the support.

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The raffle is near to the amount of participants required, with just 10 more needed to complete it.

Let's spread the word and see if any other members will help fund raise some vital money for the sites upkeep. Remember this raffle offers 4 prizes, with the first place offering two prints! 1 A3 and the other in A4 size.

All the designs are available for prizes.

This could be a fantastic gift to yourself, a friend or loved one.

Just £2.50 per ticket.

Help support PON! You Pies!!

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