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PONcast Extra: Is time running out for Notts County?


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Hello, welcome to the Pride of Nottingham PONcast Extra.

In this weeks show @Chris and @samwatto2008 discuss the potential relegation that is looming over Notts County.

The duo also talk about where it's all gone wrong, from the start of the season to which key staff's departure has impacted the club morale.

They discuss the mistakes which have happened, among how the club can start to fight against the possible relegation from League Two. All this and much, much more.

Be sure to have your say on this discussion below, we are keen to talk about this sensibly and together as fans because our opinions are important.

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i think when alan hardy asks fans how much they have, i think its tongue in cheek. every club is for sale to a certain degree but i dont think he will be actively looking to sell because who would? its a disaster with the finances and he seems to want his money back.

mostly i think its down to fitness and rushing promotion, we had a hard working team last season.

this time we have too many players who dont think about the teams game, just their own.

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3 minutes ago, Wilfordpie said:

Every time Notts pulls together they break down again, it's disappointing but it's not a fight I am backing out of. I expect the players to start showing some signs of listening to Neal Ardley, I feel he will be blameless for the most part even if he does make mistakes

The players are going to have to start listening to ardley because otherwise we have no chance of staying up.

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On 20/01/2019 at 22:34, allardyces tash said:

Sensible discussing lads, a tough one to listen to but much of it makes sense. I hope someone from the club listens to this and realises just how much fans feel about the situation that Notts finds themselves in.

It's a difficult subject to talk about, it's not to be negative but to accept this season for what it is. @samwatto2008 suggested doing it and it's personally the episode that I consider to be the best, despite me leaving the final editing of it until after the Yeovil game.

This week I think it will be preview rather than a full PONcast.

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The staff does seem to be an issue, the clubs lost and continue to lose people who make Notts County, Notts County.

Alan Hardy needs to find a way to get some of them back, he can bring in big names and former players like Steve Chettle but these are not Notts. The clubs soulless right now, nobody seems to be fighting for change either.

Relegation could ruin this club.

Rebuilding in League Two has had its problems and how will this get any better playing in the Non League? It won't.

At the end of the day the blame falls on the players but we have to keep our heads and back the club, the only way to change things overall is for everyone to start to pull in the same direction.

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The clubs in grave danger, non league could spell the end of this historic club and I found this PONcast to be recorded with the utmost respect that a relegation battle deserves. There was no mud slinging, no constant pointing of the finger which allowed the blame game to avoided. It was opinionated and very well balanced, I applaud @Chris and @samwatto2008 for having the respect fewer people in their position would have.

Difficult subject lads but very entertaining nonetheless.

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