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Ratings Cheltenham v Notts

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Based on a mean of 5

Schofield 4 Was completely lost on an early cross, needed some big saves but never delivered

Rose 5 Always good for the long throws

Stubbs 5 Always harder to assess  when stood behind the goal, better distribution than his partner

Barclay 4 Poor passing 

Milsom 4 Lack of pace evident

Doyle 4 Dead ball delivery poor... never got going to influence the game

O'Brien 3 Perhaps his worst game, nothing ran for him

CMS 4 Effort yes, but there was no real game plan to get him into the game, Gave away a needless penalty

Enzio 3 Is found out when you need him to graft. Didnt help Milsom defensively

Stead 4 Last legs of once a good player

Gomis 3 He can go back now... touch is hopeless, not going to make it despite his pace


Hemmings 3 Scored the penalty but touch and effort not there

Vaughan 3 Short time on but didnt run back when lost possession...


Based on a mean of 5













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I’m going to leave this one I’m not very good with fractions unfortunately. They don’t deserve any points  as far as I’m concerned but there are some generous people in here I look forward to reading others scores.

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3 hours ago, liampie said:

would love to compare further ratings if anyone else attended.

Seconded, I rely on seeing the ratings so if you attended please do have a go. 👍

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Schofield 4 - Rabbit in the headlights. Let down by the players in front of him.

Rose 1 - Horrendous game at right-back. When Cheltenham won the penalty, he was so far out of position.

Stubbs 4 - Is ok. Awful environment to be learning his trade. Will get a better move somewhere else.

Barclay 3 - At fault for the 3rd in which he may as well have given Kevin Dawson and Billy Waters postcards.

Milsom 2 - Can't play left-back, can't play centre-mid, can't play football.

O'Brien 4 - Tried.

Doyle 4 - Did well in the first half but in the second half, his impact on the game limited.

Boldewijn 1 - A David Bell-esque performance. Varney got inside his head early on and then he didn't bother doing anything after that.

Stead 2 - Went off injured. Hang your boots up mate.

Mackail-Smith 2 - A woeful performance. Things didn't come off for him. It was like someone continuously running into a wall.

Gomis 1 - Tries and whilst he didn't really get much service, he isn't the man to score goals.



Hemmings 6 - The only man to come out the game with an ounce of credit. Linked up the play really well. He is unfairly made the scapegoat but the fact he has got nearly double figures in the league for us, in the worst team I have ever seen, is extraordinary.

Vaughan 3 - Game was over when he came on.


Ardley 2 - Why he thought keeping the same team from last weeks dross was a good idea, I'll never know. Changed it up a bit in the 2nd half and went more attacking. I don't know what his tactics are anymore. Should have bought in a target man and a left back and right back in January.


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Too many players playing below the average, I can't rate them either as I wasn't there, but it goes to show the difference if more are rated around 6 - Neal Ardley needs to figure out a way to get more of the squad performing better.

Just the basics would make a better difference.

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