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Ratings Swindon v Notts

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Schofield 5 didnt do a lot wrong, really needed him to make some big saves

Rose 6 One of the few to come out with any credit. Got the engine and the stature

Bird 5.5 a player under used this season, deserves better.

Stubbs 5 Horrible missed header from the corner that could have made it 0-2

Brisley 5 Swansong til he limped off injured

Milsom 3 Maybe an unnecessarily harsh score, but for an experienced pro, committing needless fouls right up by your opponents corner flag is not what was needed. Failure to put in a good header, gifted Swindon's third

O'Brien 3 seem to go missing for large parts of the game

Doyle 4 Don't wish to see a Doyle dead ball taker ever again.

Vaughan 3 Just needed to be "nasty" and clip the guy's heels for the first. A few brief moments of some nice passes but overall a passenger that should not be in the team

Hemmings 4 Dispatched penalty well but again lacks the commitment to chase down lost causes that causes defenders to make mistakes

CMS 6.5 MotM ...won penalty, chased everything...


Enzio 4 Couldnt convert the chances that came his way..nice ball to CMS prior to the penalty

Stead 4 Thanks for the memories


Ardley /Cox 2 Lost count at the number of opposition teams passing better than us... no game plan, no structure, no idea...just please walk away now




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Got to keep Ardley. Stability is what we need.  Keep Craig mac. An inspiration to everyone with his work ethic,  similar role model to Alan Smith.   Bird more match time will only get better.  Someone like jake Buxton alongside.  Toots on right.  Evan Dan Jones on left as an attacking left back.. still feel patching and Hussain have a future with us along side a mid 20s hard man in midfield.   Will this league be chrystian Dennis level. Might be worth a gamble with a bruising centre forward.  Tom pope at Vale comes to mind a veteran captain who doesn't get bullied and falls over. 

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Schofield 6 - Made some crucial saves but once we it went to 1-1, he had no chance as it turned into Gillingham part 2

Rose 6 - Got forward ok but he just isn't a right-back

Stubbs 5 - Was solid in the first half when we had to go to two at the back. That header though. Got overwhelmed when things turned

Bird 6 - Will becoming a better player with time. Start next season

Brisley 4 - Was doing ok till he got injured. Thanks for all the times you booted it out of play and for slide tackling a shot against Macclesfield. You will be missed

Milsom 2 - Just go. Just go

O'Brien 6 - The usual burst of energy and worked hard but was in vain

Doyle 4 - Not great with his passing, gave away the ball constantly in the first half

Vaughan 5 - Best part of his spell at Notts was the opening 45. When did we sign that Vaughan? Shame he disappeared like his hairline in the second half

Hemmings 6 - Scored the penalty. Got into some alright positions. Thanks for your goals Kane

Mackail-Smith 8 - Left everything out there and won the penalty. Constantly chasing down lost causes



Boldewijn 5 - Started ok but faded as things turned, He's got ability but if an offer comes in for him over 100k, get rid

Stead 3 - Happy holidays Jon. Enjoy the beach


Ardley 5 - Solid in defence first half but crumbled second. Said at half time, the only way we were going to score was a penalty. He cares but Darrell Clarke is waiting

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Schofield 5 - He was let down by very dodgy defending, too much pressure for the young lad but otherwise he did okay.

Rose 6.5 - Solid really, he got involved and for the most part was one of the best outlets for Notts.

Bird 5 - Better going forward, sloppy at the back, but did okay overall.

Stubbs 4 - He did very well in the first half, he went down hill fast in the second half though.

Brisley 4 - He seemed glued to the ground half of the time, he was a massive issue of the lack of defending when Swindon scored.

Milsom 3 - Awful IMO, going forward, he looked like Bambi and was extremely wasteful. At the back, I don't recall him doing anything of much use.

O'Brien 4.5 - He got going, won several key balls, but deflated once Swindon got back on level terms.

Doyle 2 - Next to useless for me, his set pieces at times was the only good thing about his game and the majority of them was over hit.

Vaughan 4 - Did better than most think or give him credit for, he got stuck in and won the ball back more than O'Brien and Doyle combined. 3 aged midfielders though, no pace. He stood out mostly for this and the fact people don't like him.

Hemmings 5 - He tried to make things happen, for the most part he did well enough.

CMS 7.5 - Effort with everything he did, in the first half he stoped several important attacks by defending and he chased everything. Man of the Match no doubt about it.


Boldewijn 3 - Nothing special, lacked effort in defending and offered very little going forward. He seemed massively out of form.

Stead 3 - Effort was missing from the off when he came on.

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first half would be higher, it all went down hill after notts scored. should have passed it better!

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I cannot rate the players but appreciate the members who have taken the time to do so, I can compare and figure out a rough average between them.

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