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Under contract and out of contract players. Filling the holes in the squad

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Players under contract 

GK - Fitzsimons

RB - Tootle, Oxlade-Chamberlain 

CB - Bird

LB - Dunn

CM - Rose, O'Brien, Doyle, Patching, Crawford, Kellett

RM - Boldewijn

ST - Hemmings, Dennis


Out of  contract

CB - Duffy, Brisley, Ward

LB - Jones, Evina, Milsom

CM - Husin, Vaughan, Hewitt

LM - Alessandra

ST - Stead


I couldn't find if Campbell, Etete, Howes, Culverwell and Osborne were under contract 

If these players are set to go, who would you think about replacing them with. We need a lot as I think we will get rid of quite a few. 

As previously discussed in this topic, the players we wanted to keep and let go. Who would you want to fill them positions?

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The spine looks actually quite good.

@Dripsey3 shared a player that would seem to fit nicely into the midfield, I forget who he mentioned.

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Gary Liddle 😍😍😍

I'd love to see if we could get him back, either in midfield or the centre of defence. He's a far better player and just needs to find a club that will look after him, he's been on the bounce a bit since leaving us and I feel those moves hasn't helped him to reach his potential. Notts would be a good club for him to settle down with, re-find his football and most importantly enjoy it.

I though Jon Stead earned another season by triggering a clause in his contract?

I would keep Kane Hemmings and Kristian Dennis, try to see if they can strike that partnership we lacked this campaign  - it could work.

GK - Needs to be tall, quick on his feet and commanding.

I need to look at the options out there!

RB - Someone who can defend/link-up well and with a steady amount of pace to get back.

Another RB is required, if Rose remains - I don't want to see him being moved out of midfield where he would do much better if allowed to settle.

CB - These need to be taller, no-nonsense players and people able to bring it down/pass when permitted.

No idea who to suggest, aside from "Every Liddle Helps".

LB - Dunn

More experience is required here.

CM - Rose, O'Brien, Doyle, Patching, Crawford, Kellett

Perhaps Kellett could slide into left back? Yet I do feel he could get chance net season, he was unfairly dismissed from the squad IMO.

I'd like to see one more player come in who has plenty of speed and skill.

RM - Boldewijn

Another RM/ and two LM are required. I hope Sam Osborne will be one.

ST - Hemmings, Dennis

Give Campbell a chance to shine, then sign someone who can learn from Hemmings/Dennis. Ideally with pace and around 22-24.

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Dan Jones is still under contract as he signed a two year deal last summer.

Absolutely no idea who to sign, but we need more pace and younger legs throughout the side. I would say though that we will need an experienced, grisly, no nonsense Centre Half to play alongside Bird. Non of the current batch need apply.

Hemmings, Dennis and Enzio will all be on a fair whack, so can't see any of them staying if we can get rid. If they do somehow stay, then we need to get the chemistry behind them spot on as they should score a shed-load. 


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GK - Experienced. Decent shot stopper and someone able to command his box

RB - Has pace and gets forward to support his man. Michael Harriman? Was linked with us in Jan but don't think he would drop 2 leagues. Tony McMahon who was also linked to us in Jan. 

CB - A commanding centre-half who headers everything away. Not afraid for a battle but can actually defend. Chris Robertson, Peter Clarke, David Stephens. Charlie Raglan has been released by Oxford. Been saying to sign him for ages.

 LB - Can get forward and someone who  an actually defend unlike DJ. Johnny Hunt and Joe Martin both been released by Stevenage. Hunt played at National League level before with Chester 

CM - Someone who can battle and win the ball back. Who is not afraid of a fight and can link the defence and attack. Need height as well. Liam Nolan is experienced at non-league level. 6'3, good on the ball as well. Won promotion with Accy in 2018. Emmanuel Osadebe just been released by Cambridge. Tall, quick and can play deeper or further forward. James Dunne released by Swindon. Marcus Bean as well by Wycombe. Dan Gardner would be a brilliant signing. Oldham released him

W - Jordan Williams has been released by Rochdale. 16 goals for Barrow in National League from the wing from Early 2016 to 17. Sam Barratt did well at Maidenhead. Didn't break into the Southend team last season. Can play CAM as well. 

ST - Need a big man up front who can actually hold the ball up. Inih Effiong from Dover. 6'3, decent goal record. Already mentioned Richie Bennett in a previous topic. Other strikers to look for include Alfie Rutherford who scored 13 for Havant & Waterlooville last season despite them finishing 23rd. Matty Stevens is on the transfer list at Posh. Scored goals at Kettering and Slough on loan. Could be one to watch. Marc Richards and Stuart Beavon are experienced options we can look at up front.

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I think a few of the players we are releasing are actually non-league standard now anyway. Alessandra while he may not have the quality has always had a hungry attitude and a work ethic, something that has gone a miss this year.

Budget cuts are necessary and it wouldn't surprise me if Hardy took all the parachute payment for himself. We need to remember we are a National League side now and therefore can't go into the higher leagues as much as we used to. We need some proven National League talent. Danny Rowe, Adi Yussuf to name a few. 

I don't know much about the National League yet so this is going to take some getting used to.

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i think notts might try to salvage some of the debt by spending less, i have no idea who has been released but those linked to the club early on dont thrill me.

i suppose its how anyone would settle and what the squad does to get that togetherness.

i have heard via the rumour mill that neal ardley is looking at ex players of his, some have suggested they wont drop down to us but it depends on their relationship. some players dont care and with no ffp rules in the national league the club could potentially pay players better.

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