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Alan Hardy interview with The Mirror

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“It is 51-49 call and I have to just come down on the side of regretting it. I expected the next two years of my life to be a ­successful, ­fun-filled adventure but it was the wrong sort of adventure with the demise of Paragon and Notts County’s relegation.

“It has been a horrendous six months – the worst of my life. On paper it has cost me £35m. My wife is not happy – she didn’t want me to buy Notts County in the first place. We all know money can’t buy you success, but it normally gives you a pretty good chance of it.”

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if hes not careful, any remote chance of sympathy for him will be killed with his ego trips.

the guy needs to stay away from discussing the club, for heaven sake he tweeted a picture of little guy whilst being the owner of a family club. hes lucky the fa did not charge him. he needs to stop trying to make people feel sorry for himself and accept it, move on.

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1 hour ago, PON_News said:

She didn’t want me to buy Notts County in the first place. We all know money can’t buy you success, but it normally gives you a pretty good chance of it.

Two things crystal clear here, firstly he bought the club against the wishes of his wife. A silly decision, unless he knew exactly what he was taking on which gets to my second point, he clearly didn't. You can't buy success, this is obvious! Again, it's his fault.

If you plan to overhaul a squad, ensure the right custodians are in place to help gel the new group of players together.

He had a fairly rookie manager who enjoyed one season and bit of success, then decided to interfere with the operation. The amount of staff he's fallen out with his alarming too, you read tweets from descrambled employees and former ones. If he was good at overseeing things, his business wouldn't have gone downhill with eyes all focused on the limelight. He wouldn't have been the owner who relegated Notts County.

Only one person to blame for the majority of this.  

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3 hours ago, Truefootballfan said:

Yes, the man got it all wrong and I’m not condoning anything, but very few questioned his integrity when we were riding high at the top of the league.

Be fair, fans have always questioned his Twitter habits.

Besides people don't criticise success, they praise it and he did perfectly well with the majority of decisions. He took a massive gamble and started to interfere too much, it almost became Alan Hardy FC. As the chairman, he's not supposed to be the face of the football club. That should be the manager!

I don't question that he tried to do what's right, yet it would seem owning the club went straight to his head. 

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I am not sure what the point of the interview is, it just sounds silly and the fact he's quoting how much has been lost - well it would make me question why a new owner would want to retain him in charge of the club especially with their own money.

I wished he would give it a rest now, it's tiring and I certainly don't feel sorry for him.

Just move on Alan, you tried and it's failed.

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I am sorry, I have gotten tired of Alan Hardy now.

I did feel sorry for him, yet the interview after the Swindon game and this are perfect examples as to why he needs to stay clear of Notts County. It's not all about him, I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

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Yeah he shouldnt have bought us, maybe we wouldnt be relegated to non league now. He doesnt know how to run a football club or big business. i'm not sure he even knows how to get on with people in general, his ego is just too big.

Going to the news talking about notts as if its a toy he has gone off and regerts buying is just stupid. Just sell up and let us build a future instead of trying to drag notts down to his level leaving our club to get into more debt too.

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