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Is it about time we got given some answers?

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7-10 days? Nope

Sale imminent? Nope

We're still trying to negotiate with a group involving a convicted fraudster. Thank goodness the NCC are on our side

We've got just over 50 days till the season starts and under 30 days till the court hearing. 

We've got 16 players. 1 centre-back. Club is on it's knees. Utter silence 

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@ARLukomski  totally agree , NCC thank you indeed, surely that will be the end of that group and it’s lies  and totally disgusting people in that group . Can’t believe the silence it’s disgusting and shows nothing but contempt for the fans . 

Feels like the club is on its last legs and the people that care can do absolutely nothing about it . 

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How on earth can Hardy be allowed to continue to drag the club through the gutter! The man is a complete spent force as a custodian of a football club and indeed as a credible human being. He is happy to let the world know that a convicted fraudster of the most evil magnitude has his grubby fingers associated with our great club without any statement or obvious intent to distance himself from May’s consortium.

We have seen some scum take over our club over the years but this cretin Alan Hardy has to be the most despicable piece of pond life ever to crawl into the club.

I truly feel that the end is quite close now, the most we can hope for is that any half decent opportunist lurking to pick the club up from administration has a modicum of decency and can keep up from a further relegation following a points deduction.

if this was happening at a continental club I’m pretty sure his safety would be in grave danger.

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Alternatively we could find out that none of the above is true and the negotiations are ongoing with the SA group. The media are whipping up the mob and the silence is not helping. We need to be smarter than just getting angry. The only 'facts' we have are that negotiations with SA Consortium are ongoing. Nothing else. No admin. No deal done with May gang. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Don't fall for the mass hysteria. Let's deal in realities.

The latest story in the Post from 'Matt Davies' is a classic example. It mentions debts that are 'believed' to exist. It doesn't mention whether they are new debts, undisclosed debts...or even if they are overdue! 

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@SwalePie and @Super_Danny_Allsopp are both right. The last information we had was that the SA consortium are preferred and that a deal had been accepted but delayed due to ill health. Anything else is speculation. Naturally the press are concentrating on the "May" mob as they have all kinds of skeletons in their closet, but if they don't get the nod none of it will affect the club. They'll just swan off looking for the next property deal.

At the same time, though, I'm desperate for something to be confirmed. And if it isn't, I can't help wondering why there such secrecy about their identities? If they really are days away from being confirmed as the club's new owners, would it really hurt for them to throw us long-suffering fans (not to mention the club's employees) a bone and at least tell us who they are and what their plans are?

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It would be more of a concern from my perspective, if there wasn't news stories, however, all the media groups are going off each other and it's starting to annoy me massively. I don't like criticizing things, yet the perfect example would be the Nottingham Posts click bait article about the Jon Stead's first interview after leaving Notts.

There's very little worth sharing with Notts fans, and to fill it up they mention the issues.


With his deal in North Yorkshire not set to kick in until July 1, Notts will not have shaken three weeks pay from the wage bill ahead of next month's all-important High Court case.

The club the threat of administration, or worse liquidation, over a £250,000 unpaid tax bill and with no new signings or fresh takeover news, the future looks

They just have to drop it without any hint of worthy information, It's obvious whilst Jon is in contract that the club would have to pay his wages. Ahhhh....

The club will be fine, whatever happens. Let's stay collected.


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The news I'm dreading is that the SA bid falls through. The next best bet for the club would be Smurthwaite or a spell in administration (which would probably result in relegation to the Bananarama Tinpot League North). The "May" gang are only interested in land, they would be the end of the club as we know it. We're in a corner and the longer it drags on, the bleaker next season looks.

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The club can't put out anything of value due to the disclosure that has been signed, fans want updates and there is not much that can be said by Alan Hardy.

It's for the media to do their jobs and investigate.

As for the takeover, I think its normal that they tend to take longer. I am sure it will be concluded soon enough.

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It's annoying, I don't mind the quiet but it's when all these stories come out and that is added to the lack of updates on the sale. You have to pray it can be resolved ASAP, if the takeover fails or collapses I think the could will fall into admin.

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I think it would be reasonable to ask if the potential buyers would release a statement of their own, it's very slow and it might not be possible. I do feel they should attempt to keep the fans on the same page as things stand the club could lose needed support.

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The issue is there will always be something that is out of the buyers or sellers hands, when you negotiate things through people it will only add time. I think the easiest thing is to avoid giving false promises, allow the media to do their jobs and chase these types of stories.

At the very least it will come back to them.

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