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In all my years


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In all my years I haven’t seen the club I have followed all my life in such a state. It’s disappointing that despite the takeover supposedly close to being concluded that the club seems to be lacking any forward thinking. There’s rumours that Hardy has issues now keeping Ilkeston Town a float. What happened to this nonsense about the club making plans despite the takeover not being completed? If the South Africans are interested, at this stage Hardy needs to make sure he’s doing all he can to get it a cross the line.

The squad should be progressing, fans wanting to put the terrible previous season behind them. The circus continues and if I had the chance to give any one at the club a piece of my mind I would.

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The circus has turned Notts into something ugly, it’s not all Alan Hardys fault either but his lack of hands on right now could see the club fall further. None of the previous owners have ran the club that well, once the money has been burned up its us fans who pick up the pieces.

Fans need to remind this to the clubs staff.

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Many fans are sharing similar sentiments, I think at times like this it’s down to us fans to rally round each other because the rollercoaster hasn’t reached its peak yet. I sincerely hope we can all look back and be thankful that someone came in, changed the club and put some spirit back in.

I want the club to be a community minded one again.

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I was looking forward to putting last season behind us and rebuilding for the fightback, or at least putting some of the foundations in place. We should have been rolling our sleeves up and relishing the new challenge, hoping that instead of the oblivion we all fear, this season will mark the rebirth of our club. And of course we should have been looking forward to watching a hungrier team that's proud to wear the shirt. Instead it's been complete paralysis and we're all fearing the worst. Even if Neal Ardley has been given a budget, no player in their right mind would join us with the threat of administration looming large. Would you join a company that might not be able to pay you?

It's easy to blame Alan Hardy for the stalled takeover talks, but in reality it takes two to tango. He can only sell if there's someone willing and able to buy. Smurthwaite is a clown, the property developers are crooks and we know nothing about the South Africans. All we can do is hope that something is announced soon, and that we've got a few new signings ready to go. Otherwise administration and almost certain relegation beckons.

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I think most common sense fans wanted to put last season behind them, focus on fixing the mess but the issues just keep coming. It's clear AH is so far out of his depth with the club.

The club will be hoping the fans forget but I think a lot of new staff are needed to put things right.

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We all need some clarity as to what’s going on , you would hope the A. May group are miles away from the club by now ??? No clarity .

The South African group ? Who are they ? Have they gone now or still negotiating? Having been so close at one point , what’s going on ??? No clarity 

A new group ??? come on get real . No clarity . 

If AH is going to still be at the club this coming season it’s now time to start talking with the life blood the heart beat of the club , the fans , you’ve got it nothing no clarity . 

All guess work , terrible situation #coyp#ctid 

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