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The talk over on the Facebook page is of a protest about the current state of the club. An open WhatsApp group has been set up to discuss the details, so maybe we'll see something concrete over the coming days.

While it helps to have a specific demand during a protest, a demonstration of feeling surely wouldn't be a bad thing. Maybe something creative like a wheelbarrow march? Let's face it, us fans have been silent for too long and it's about time we made our voices heard. Also, if the worst happens (heaven forbid) we're going to have to pull together to get the club up and running again in some form. So getting organised isn't such a bad thing.

What do you think? Are any of you going?

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For it to be a meaningful protest it will have to be a sizeable percentage of the fan base. Hardy isn't going to be bothered by a couple of hundred people camped outside of Meadow Lane, we would have to be talking over four figures.

Even then he probably won't be there, it would only get his attention if everybody descended onto his beloved golf course.



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Whilst I am all in for fans protesting when it's needed, I'm just personally unsure if now is the time. I mean, do we really want to poke the bear?

By this I mean, Alan Hardy could put the club into administration at any moment. He could become neglectful and even downright bitter, causing more hassle for us. This and I am not sure what exactly a protest in this current situation could possibly achieve. Again, I stress it's important for fans to unite and stand behind something they care so passionately about - we really are the heartbeat of the club.

I am just extremely sceptical to be perfect.

What's the difference between the What's App group and this newly formed Facebook one? Are all parties working together?

Has anyone stopped to think out it could possibly seem to a potential buyer? Yes, I know there's people who question if anything is actually happening, and there's a very slim chance that a protest which is passionate could make Alan Hardy consider accepting a lower figure. I just feel, he's in the driving seat (not that he's literally a driver anymore) but when it comes to bargaining the price. He will either want what he has in his mind, or he'll risk gambling it in order to keep the assets. If there's no serious bids, a protest could seem quite hostile and I think avoiding unpleasantness would be more beneficial.

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I have family things on tomorrow, I will be looking out for the first pre-season game and the happenings at the protest. I can only see it adding pressure to Alan Hardy.

Anyone here going?

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I fail to see how the protest has been successful, a little bit of media coverage isn't worth shouting about and I would believe it's had zero impact on Alan Hardy. I wouldn't even call it a protest, no message was heard and it seemed like a handful of people wanting to steal the thunder and limelight from Hardy.

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at least it was peaceful, i think it showed some class but i do think the whole thing was a waste of time. getting on the news or in the media should not be the motivation for it, i think others felt this way because it soon turned from that being the point to support the staff donations. i wonder how many of the protesters donated.

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I'll tell you what should happen, Paragon former employees and Notts staff should form to do a proper protest.

Tell the media how they have had their lives turned upside down, that would have more effect than 3 people only wanting to have a jolly trip to be on the news and TV.

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