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Player ratings vs Eastleigh


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Slocombe 6 - Thought he was comfortable in goal and gives me a lot more confidence than some of our past keepers. 

Kelly-Evans 5 - Tried and worked hard to get back as well as burst forward. Put a good tackle on Michael Green to win the ball back in the first half

Oxlade-Chamberlain 2 - Two wayward passes almost cost us. He isn't a right-back and probably isn't a centre-back. What is his best position?

McCrory 6 - Battled well against Tyrone Barnett and won his fair share of headers. Was the player who usually got us rolling, playing out from the back. No idea if the red card is deserved or harsh

Bird 5 - Improved in the second half after a dodgy first. Can play the high line that you need to play if you have 3 centre-backs

Bakayogo 6 - Notts' biggest outlet for about 15 minutes, bursting down the left, leaving Joe Partington behind. His influence negated after the switch to a 4-3-3

Doyle 2 - Starting to wonder what he brings to Notts' midfield. Red card was stupid. Slows play down. Shouldn't have started

Rose 5 - Was quiet on occasions. Chipped in to win the ball back as well.

O'Brien 5 - His service to Tyson and Enzio wasn't that great and sometimes he dropped too deep. Darted about the pitch like he usually does trying to influence but I think he would be suited to playing alongside Rose whilst either Kellett or Patching take the No.10 role

Boldewijn 2 - Hid from the ball. Definitely a confidence player

Tyson 5 - Wasn't much great service to him but he battled



Hemmings 3 - Think the reason he didn't start was due to an slight injury picked up in pre-season. Hopefully he recovers because he could be a key player for us this season. 

Turner 4 - When he came on, he was constantly talking with his defence which was good to see. Gives us an aerial threat from set-pieces

Tootle 3 - Had a chance to put the ball across the box late on but instead decided to go back. 


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Slocombe 7 - Couple of good saves, commanded his box, distribution good. 

Kelly-Evans 6 - Worked hard trying to get forward and did his job in defence. One lung-busting run to track back was exactly what is needed.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 2 - As dodgy as he was in last season's appearance. 50p head, bad decision making, dodgy distribution. 

McCrory 6 - Did well clearing up the scraps and distribution generally very good. 

Bird 6 - Nervous in the first half and sometimes hesitant and slowing play down a little bit.  However when we started doing well, it was Bird releasing Bakayogo a couple of times down the left. 

Bakayogo 7 - Looks a handful. Some neat touches, direct and can whip a ball in. Promising.

Doyle 0 - Would have had a 6 from me before the red card. Split up their play quite well and read a lot of stuff excellently. Sending-off by all accounts was deserved and therefore he gets absolutely 0. Ref couldn't spot a foul all game yet Doyle somehow manages to swing an arm in full view.

Rose 5 - Quite quiet.

O'Brien 3- Distribution too slow, often trying elaborate passes when the simple pass was on. Shooting off, set-pieces improved but couldn't have gotten any worse.

Boldewijn 1 - Complete passenger at this level, as he was last year. We should get rid.

Tyson 5 - Lacked service, but looked dangerous in parts.



Hemmings 4 - Wants to walk the ball into the net. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. 

Turner 6 - Aerial threat. Exactly what we need.

Tootle 5 - More direct Toots, and shoooooooooooooooooot.


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Slocombe 7 - Always the calm influence at the back, made some solid saves too.

Kelly-Evans 6 - Better going forward, defended well at times but always seemed to get caught out.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 3 - I thought he started well, became nervous with pressure and he just lost his head.

McCrory 6 - Solid debut, he did well IMO.

Bird 6 - A fairly decent performance, he did okay.

Bakayogo 5 - Played exactly like Enzio did, wasteful and ball greedy.

Doyle 2 - Did little defending, sideways and backwards passing. Not the captain, very little respect for others.

Rose 6 - He looked a good outlet, I am happy with his work rate and effort.

O'Brien 6 - He did well, got the players to go forward and tried to make things happen. A far better midfielder than Doyle who seems vastly overrated to my eyes.

Boldewijn 4 - Ball greedy and wasteful.

Tyson 6 - Worked well, made effort with the limited service and was let down by the isolation. If supported, he might have seen something break.



Hemmings 4 - What is he doing on the wing? Play him up front and he will do better.

Turner 6 - Got involved and improved the defending after coming on, Notts looked much better with him in the lineup.

Tootle 5.5 - Going forward I thought he was the person who would pull Notts level, not a bad performance for a sub who had little time to impact the game fully.

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Slocombe 7 - It's hard to see why people are calling him on social media, he had a good presence and remained calm throughout the game - making a handful of good saves.

Kelly-Evans 5 - Average really, looked okay going forward, but he's so small. Often easily beat and was forced to backtrack to defend which he seems weak at doing.

Oxlade-Chamberlain N/A - Awful, not a centre back by any stretch of the imagination. Clumsy going forward, very ineffective in the back. He needed subbing before he did, I would have done it after they scored.

McCrory 6.5 - Quite calm, handled himself well and dealt with taller threats. He needs Mike Edwards to teach him how to head the ball, whilst his clearances wasn't great, his application was impressive. Good worker!

Bird 5 - Barely noticed him, I'm not sure if this is a positive or negative. Probably somewhere in the middle.

Bakayogo 5 - Wasteful, never stopped running, but seems like someone who will either be great or just bang average.

Doyle N/A - He's not my captain, awful at defending and not a proper leader. His sending off highlights all of this, you can't justify it as captain or in the opening game.

Rose 5 - I thought he had a decent first half, however, I barely noticed him in the second.

O'Brien 6.5 - He did well going forward, made some neat passes, but he's way ahead of everyone else. Good fighter mind.

Boldewijn N/A - So ineffective, it hurt to watch him. I imagine a string of other players could have converted at least 2 of the many chances he blundered by being ball greedy. You can consider it an off day, yet he needs to find his form. It's hard to imagine why anyone would pay such a fee as we did for him when he plays like this, within a very standard level of football. He should be a world beater and our main outlet, which for me I don't believe happened against Eastleigh. He needed taking off for any impact to be had.

Tyson 5 - He tried, very limited service and when he had the ball nobody created space. That makes it hard.



Hemmings N/A - Not a wideman or winger....

Turner 4 - He improved the defence, gave us a target. I'd like to see him for 90 minutes, I think he would do much better.

Tootle 5 - Good going forward, he attempted to get the club back on level terms.

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