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Ratings vs Halifax

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Slocombe 6 - Safe and steady when called upon

Brindley 8 - What a debut. Looked comfortable in possession and defending. Gets forward well too

Graham 7 - Did well in possession. Won his headers. Calm assured performance 

Turner 7 - Strong game from the fridge till he was subbed 

McCrory 7 - Got forward well. Did really well defensively when we went down to 10

Boldewijn 5 - Worked hard in parts. 

O'Brien 9 - Played a continent splitting ball to Thomas for the goal. Ran the show. Unreal performance 

Doyle 4 - Was fine until the sending off. Will have to look at the replay to sit if it was a red. Thankfully it didn't do too much damage to us

Rose 7 - Has this thing of not playing great in the first half and then turns into Marco Verratti in the second half. 

Thomas 7 - Pulled Halifax defenders out of position and was an all round nuisance for Halifax but please just take a chance in front of goal

Wootton 9 - Bordering on 10. Magnificent. Won everything and scored. No Wootton no party



Booty 6 - Did what he had to do when he was subbed on. Got us going on the counter when Halifax came forward

Rawlinson 6 - Covered well for Turner



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Results from Piethagoram, long trip back to Sarf London..based on a mean of 5

Slocombe 5 Very well protected, had a quiet afternoon, more troubled in 2nd qtr of the game but otherwise did not have a lot to do

Brindley 6 Solid debut , kept his side defensively in check

Graham 6 worked well with Turner

Turner 6.5. Experienced showed through, solid til going off injured. Perhaps should have scored in the first minute from JO'B's corner

McCrory 7 Always pleased to report we have a full back that prevents crosses. Raised his game  2nd half with some good tackles. Missed a good chance from Enzio's cross in the first

Rose 5.5 Some real sloppy passing but has the engine to keep going and cover in ground for Doyle's absence

Doyle 4 His sending off may work in our favour.... Hard to see if it was a straight red from where I was seated. Busy but overshadowed by J O'B

JO'B 8 (joint MotM) stepped up after Doyle's departure, ran the midfield

Boldewijn 4 Your 4 minutes into injury time and he again switches off defensive duties.. You want him involved in the game, but his talent isn't switched on most of the time

Wootton 8 (joint MotM) didnt see this coming after a fleeting glimpse at Yeovil. Good close skill, real target man and a handful for the Halifax defence

Thomas 7 Ran into positions very well, just needs a goal.... is it the case as age catches up, the shooting boots diminish?


Booty 6 

Rawlinson 6



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Slocombe 7 - He did what was needed when called upon, he stopped Halifax from being 3 to 1 after they split the defence. He just calmly ran to the ball and smothered it!

Brindley 7 - Good all round, nothing really above the basics but good enough.

Graham 7.5 - He was very good, looked calm and dealt with the pressure well. 

Turner 5 - Seriously looks unfit, did okay, but smaller players kept turning him inside out and he never really protected the goal well.

McCrory 7 - Good as per usual, he's very good at being consistent.

Boldewijn 4 - Never really got going, did well in a few moments in the game but overall very silent.

O'Brien 9 - Outstanding, especially after the red card. Jim does well to get Notts going. He and Rose took this on, they worked well together. 

Doyle 4 - Overrated... One hand, he's good at being noticed and the other half just very rash, not a proper captain.

Rose 8 - Excellent passing and movement, he and O'Brien made the most of pushing forward and I felt he had a great game.

Thomas 6.5 - Pretty average, moved well and had chances, but never really shined.

Wootton 7 - Worked hard, I think he plays a different game than a traditional striker but not enough movement for me at times. He doesn't get involved much, unless he's near the goal and it comes across as a bit idle to me.


Booty 6.5 - He wanted to score and impact the game, chased everything and gave 100%. Not enough time to really impact the game though.

Rawlinson 6 - He did well for what was needed from him.

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