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Ratings Notts v AFC Fylde

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Mean of 5

Slocombe 6.5 A match winning save but saddled with some woeful distribution

Brindley 6 Not able to get into position to deliver his crosses

Bakayogo 6 Athletic but not quite delivering in forward positions

Rawlinson 5 Switches off too much for me, never comfortable in possession

Mccrory 8 MotM how the match sponsors chose Slocombe??? McCrory didnt connect from a good corner move in the first half... powerful header from Bird's flick on

Boldewijn 4 One great sliding tackle , perhaps the first in a season and a quarter,,,,, anonymous again, needs a right motivational talking too, performances are not acceptable to the talent he has

Rose 6.5 Took on the defensive midfield king pin role successfully

Booty 5 Good corner for Bird's flick on but continual failure to pick up the second ball frustrating

Wootton 6.5 Cannot fault his work ethic , just wasnt well supported

Thomas 7 Class finish for his goal

Osborne 7 A player that can get shots on target is a real plus. Tired and got subbed


Dennis 5 runs well but understanding with Wootton needs working on

Shields 5 Nothing special

Bird 7 shows his jumping skills to flick on..should be ahead of Rawlinson on the team sheet

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Slocombe 7 - Made two important saves that kept Notts ahead

Brindley 6 - Had some moments of letting his man get the better of him but overall nothing too shabby 

Rawlinson 6 - Didn't stand out but was alright 

McCrory 8 - Good in possession, solid defensively, on the scoresheet.

Bakayogo 7 - Thought he defended well. Made a crucial clearance from a cross and headed away when danger looked apparent

Osborne 7 - Turns and drives at the opposition. Guy has no fear and just keeps running forward making opportunities out of nothing.

Booty 6 - Good work rate. With a little more nurturing you've got yourself a top player. 

Rose 6 - Has moments where he's poor but then suddenly becomes Ronaldinho. 

Boldewijn 5 - That slide tackle was great. Apart from that, don't remember him receiving the ball much

Wootton 7 - Holds the ball up ok although his first touch is dodgy sometimes. Gives us that option of going long when we need to. Started his Notts career well

Thomas 7 - Stunning finish. Finally got the goal his continuous effort deserved



Shields 5 - Did what was needed when came on. Sometimes got us going on the counter. Superb quiff 

Bird 6 - Provided the option of the third centre-back and added steel and steadiness to the team when the midfield was being overrun 

Dennis 5 - A goal threat if you get it in the right area for him. Didn't see much of the ball when he came on as we were defending for most of the second half. Makes intelligent runs


Ardley made a really good tactical switch today. He saw we were being overrun in midfield and so sent on Bird and went 3-5-2. It stopped the Fylde express and we became more solid and saw out the game 


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Slocombe 7: Made several good decisions, along with key saves which stood out. He played very well, commanding the defenders in front of him.

Brindley 5.5: He did well enough, nothing special, but looked an asset at times when he went forward.

Bakayogo 6: Defensively solid, often winning the ball back in important areas and giving it to the midfield to push forward.

Rawlinson 4: He did well in the first half, seemed to become iffy by the final 45 minutes.

McCrory 7.5: Very steady player, good cover at centre back and offered something going forward.

Boldewijn 4: Very poor, deserved to be subbed and never really got going - very inconsistent right now.

Rose 6: Performed well enough, a little hesitant at times but did okay. Nothing really special in my eyes, just reliable.

Booty 6: He moved the ball well enough, got us forward and made some good deliveries into the box.

Wootton 6: I wished he would try to close the gap a bit more when defenders have the ball, apart from going silent he did wonderfully well. In the first half, his neat passing decisions could have given Wes Thomas more chances to score - a real highlight as I think it shows signs that a partnership will work.

Thomas 7: He looked keen to score, after having a couple of chances where he forced their keepers quick reactions. Excellent taken goal, ran his heart and linked up well with Wootton.

Osborne 7: Worked hard, a few slips, but nobody should hold this against him. He gave as good as he got, managing to showcase his physical side to pull an excellent leveraged shot high towards the top of the net which forced a spectacular save.


Dennis 5.5: He did well enough, I think he needed more time to settle as the play favoured the opposition with how they attacked at the time.

Shields 5: He did okay, nothing really stood out beyond that.

Bird 6.5: Good to see him back, yet a little clumsy and a few fouls could have been given by how he rushed to get involved.

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Slocombe 8 made least two decent saves to keep us in it when was 1 -0 only negative was his distribution at times.

Brindley 5 couldn't even remember him playing.

Bakayogo 6.5 made several important clearances. 

Rawlinson 6 first half 5 second half looked iffy at times.

Mccrory 8 very solid defensively and offered plenty going forward.

Boldewijn 4 one good slide tackle was all he did decent lazy going forward and tracking back never used his pace and was far to ball greedy at times.

Rose 6 good going forward but no head product think he put about 1 decent cross in all match.

Booty 6 thought he showed signs of being a quality player in future.

Wootton 6 shows signs off being a good player but his first touch let's him down at times and far to lazy closing players down at times.

Thomas 7 showed signs of skill at times specially with his goal.

Osborne 7 thought he was on of our better yesterday if he continues to get game time will only improve as a player.


Dennis 5 runs his legs off but didn't really get any service.

Shields 5 another I cant remember did nothing negative or positive.

Bird 6.5 didn't get much time but defended well should be playing ahead of rawlinson.

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Slocombe 7: good keeper, he did well.

Brindley 5: looked better going forward when supported, otherwise quite anonymous i felt.

Bakayogo 6: did well in spells, better at the back i felt.

Rawlinson 4: i dont rate his performances.

Mccrory 7: steady and reliable, took his goal well.

Boldewijn 4: what has happened to him? he dont look the same. ardley needs to lift or drop him.

Rose 5: could have contributed more i felt, just average in my eyes.

Booty 6: linked and worked well, got notts moving forward.

Wootton 6: did well enough, did not get side enough in my eyes as a striker should but he linked well with others.

Thomas 7.5: excellent performance, he did very well.

Osborne 6.5: did well enough but started to fade, would love to see him impact the games a bit more.


Dennis 5: did okay, nothing much to say.

Shields 4: not sure he had much to do.

Bird 6: did well but looked like her was very nervous at times.

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