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Prediction league 19/20 round 18 - 16 November


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Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed the break and used the time to hone your top secret prediction league-winning formulas. I know I have. As usual, post your predictions below by Saturday at 3pm, you get one joker each.

Bolton Wanderers - Milton Keynes

Gillingham v Lincoln City

Exeter City - Cheltenham Town

Macclesfield Town - Mansfield Town

Leyton Orient v Scunthorpe United

Bromley v Harrogate Town

Dagenham & Red v Aldershot

Woking v Halifax Town

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Bolton Wanderers 0-2 Milton Keynes (Joker)

Gillingham 1-0 Lincoln City

Exeter City 3-1 Cheltenham Town

Macclesfield Town 1-1 Mansfield Town

Leyton Orient 1-2 Scunthorpe United

Bromley 2-0 Harrogate Town

Dagenham & Red 0-0 Aldershot

Woking 0-1 Halifax Town

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Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Milton Keynes

Gillingham 2v1 Lincoln City

Exeter City 2-1 Cheltenham Town

Macclesfield Town 0-2 Mansfield Town joker

Leyton Orient 2v0 Scunthorpe United

Bromley 2v0 Harrogate Town

Dagenham & Red 1v1 Aldershot

Woking 2v1 Halifax Town

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Bolton Wanderers 1 - Milton Keynes 2

Gillingham 1   v Lincoln City 1 

Exeter City  2- Cheltenham Town 2

Macclesfield Town 1  v Mansfield Town 3

Leyton Orient 2 v Scunthorpe United 1 joker

Bromley 2 v Harrogate Town 1

Dagenham & Red 2 v Aldershot 0

Woking 2 v Halifax Town 1

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Here's your reminder that the prediction league is back on tomorrow, @4everapie, @barnet11uk, @Magic magpie, @Bainbridge NCFC, @Canadian, @TheSkipper, @lambleypie, @BESTpie, @SIMMO, @thommo, @CliftonMagpie, @Truefootballfan

Oh, and @Dripsey3you've forgotten your joker, and @nottsnutter you've missed out the Bolton match. 

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Bolton Wanderers - Milton Keynes 1-1

Gillingham v Lincoln City 2-0

Exeter City - Cheltenham Town 3-1

Macclesfield Town - Mansfield Town 0-3 Joker

Leyton Orient v Scunthorpe United 1-1

Bromley v Harrogate Town 2-1

Dagenham & Red v Aldershot 1-1

Woking v Halifax Town 2-1

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Saturday's results were:

Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Milton Keynes
Gillingham 1-0 Lincoln City
Exeter City 0-0 Cheltenham Town
Macclesfield Town 0-0 Mansfield Town
Leyton Orient 0-2 Scunthorpe United
Bromley 3-3 Harrogate Town
Dagenham & Red 6-1 Aldershot
Woking 0-0 Halifax Town

Tricky bunch of results this week, especially as some of us stupidly decided to place our trust in Mansfield Town. With a mere five points each, this week's joint winners are @ARLukomski, @super_ram and @Chris!


Despite the low scores, there has been a change at the top overall, with @weymouthPIE overtaking @Dan...


Thanks once again for taking part - the next round of matches is on Saturday, so I'll be posting the fixtures by Thursday. See you then :)

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