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Ratings vs Chezzy

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Fitzsimons 8 - For all that has gone on this week, his professionalism was absolute first class. Credit to the club today. Two good saves along with a penalty save. Ross Fitzsimons baby

Brindley 6 - Sometimes chose the wrong option when passing but solid enough

Rawlinson 7 - Dealt with Denton the bean pole. Brought the ball out of defence

Lacey 7 - Solid again. Dealt with Denton. Didn't really have to deal with Boden as he wasn't there

Kelly-Evans 8 - Superb. Made runs forward. Did well defensively and passing was good

Roberts 8 - Excellent first home game. Brilliant passing and carried the ball well. Cracking assist for KW. Pure sauce

O'Brien 8 - Kept it ticking. Made the passing and the football flow so nicely

Rose 6 - Solid. Better overall with his distribution

Boldewijn 7 - Scored a belter, won the ball back and ran at the opposition. He's good at that. When he runs at the oppositions defence they don't know what to do. Carries the ball forward so well

Thomas 6 - Didn't have the best of first halves but battled away. Ended up being K-dub's show

Wootton 7 - 2 goals and was much better 2nd half. Got into the game more and good positioning for the second goal


Crawford 6 - Shored the midfield up to help us see the game out

Bird 6 - Clearance at the back post helped us to a clean sheet. Like Crawford helped us see the game out 

Dennis 6 - Not much for him to do as we were already 3 up and game was over

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Fitzsimons 7 - Overall he did well, I’m pleased for him. Some fans expressed to me that the penalty he saved was poor, but it was a good save! He also pulled off a top corner save. A few iffy moments, but he did well.

Brindley 6 - He did okay, some poor crosses and, his passing wasn’t always the best. I did feel he defended well, working good with those around him.

Rawlinson 7 - Reliable at the back, he showed some great leadership at times and look confident throughout.

Lacey 7.5 - Calm, responsive and alert to any danger. It’s nice to have a defender that can actually pass the ball like a midfielder should.

Kelly-Evans 7 - He did well, at times I felt frustrated when he would go to ground easily - I don’t blame the ref for playing on at times. He played great going forward and at covering at the back.

Roberts 8.5 - Seriously, he just needed a goal to top off his performance. His quick feet, amount of ground covered and direct approach was a joy to watch.

O'Brien 9 - Great to see him back! Boy did he look fired up and, for me he’s the true leader on the pitch. Great play all round.

Rose 5 - Clumsy quite a lot, some of his rushed passing became baffling. He did get stuck in but didn’t seem anything special.

Boldewijn 6 - Better, outstanding? No... The goal was very well taken and he worked harder. In fact, he seemed confident but still needs to improve.

Thomas 6 - Fairly quiet for me, usually he’s quite involved but today he just did the basic stuff - after that he wasn’t that noticeable.

Wootton 8 - He worked hard, got about and connected the play. Today, I felt he looked at his best.

Crawford N/A - He did well, no doubt. Calm defending which I highly praise but I think he needed longer to be rated.

Bird N/A - Good to see him being introduced in a game which was won before he took to the field, rather than us trying to hang onto a point. He looked eager!

Dennis N/A - He did okay, got involved but again, I can’t rate him. It made me laugh when the Chesterfield fans sang about him being their reject, such a silly thing.

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Fitzsimons 7 - good performance, would like to see more of him playing like this.

Brindley 5 - felt like a weak link to me, defensively he seemed a target and going forward shocking at times.

Rawlinson 7 - partners lacey very well, hes the muscle and lacey is the brains.

Lacey 8 - bossed the defence, calm and collected at the back.

Kelly-Evans 7 - steady performance in a different position, good to see him back.

Roberts 8 - brilliant to see him cover so much ground, a joy to watch too.

O'Brien 8 - my man of the match, he bossed it!

Rose 5 - average, think he played better without doyle but still a player who could be replaced easily.

Boldewijn 6.5 - he plays better when he scores, hope a bit of his magic wears off onto him.

Thomas 6 - useful but we have seen him do better, he could have done with a goal tbh.

Wootton 8 - just a great performance.


Crawford 6 - did well, looked the business at the back.

Bird n/a did not have much time imo 

Dennis n/a likewise with bird

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I had to laugh at people moaning about this on Facebook, well, the usual clown and one other.

If they think the players performed better, rate them themselves.

I think some players like Mitch Rose didn't play that well, luckily others around them did but most did work well. As a team everyone did okay, but that's not enough to give people passes.

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I do agree with Rose and Brindley being the weak links from the performance on Saturday, but Chesterfield never tried to expose them. Jim O'Brien offered a lot protection to Rose, so that was never in any sort of doubt.

It's a good team performance but ratings everyone a 6 simply for winning would make this pointless.

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