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2 hours ago, Piethagoram said:

Generally @Fozzy Starmer has been ahead of the curve. making suggestions on what SAGE has published but then ignored by Boris, until it's too late, he has to make a U turn. I am sorry @Fozzy, Boris has failed the UK big time both on Covid and Brexit lies. If you think what Boris has done is OK with you, I am then sorry you are missing the reality of what is happening.

I'm sorry, but if you think Starmer is ahead of the curve then you must be watching him through your red rose tinted spectacles. The bloke has sat on more fences than there are National jumps and even his own members are starting to turn against him. The red wall doesn't trust him and he has now alienated remainers with his comments yesterday.

I think you have missed my comment about the whole political scene being a disgrace. Boris has been appalling, I didn't want him but we ended up with him and he has had free reign because Labour are in the wildeness (thanks to Corbyn politics and a poor front bench), he won't see out the five year term, that will be handed to Sunak most likely and he will probably stroll the next election as the Liberals are practically non existent in offering a third solution.


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9 hours ago, Piethagoram said:


I thought this was actually one of Tony Blair's better ideas, vaccinate as many people as possible once in order to lift lockdown's sooner.

Can't see an issue in doing this with the Pfizer jab as it gives quite a high level of efficacy after one jab, maybe more of a problem with the Oxford jab as it takes both injections to get to over 60% efficacy.

The main aim is to get hospitalisations down, so would think the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation know what they are doing, especially with the chair being one of the developers of the Oxford vaccine (although he sat out of this discussion so as not to compromise his position).

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On 13/01/2021 at 07:57, Piethagoram said:


Interesting thread and as I thought, the only real need for a mask outdoors is if you're in a location where you will struggle to social distance.

She has a very unfortunate name though 😱


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"Our magnificent, wonderful, incredible, fantastic NHS" were the words used by every single government minister for a year now. The were falling over themselves to praise the job done by NHS and care workers. No praise for what they did was too high. The praise was fully justified, because NHS staff in general, many of them on low wages, actually put their lives on the line (and sadly some of them paid the ultimate sacrifice) in fighting this pandemic. So what did this gushing praise and public handclapping mean in the end? It meant their reward for what they put themselves through is an offer of a 1% payrise. I have predicted this would happen many times, but now it has happened it still sickens me to the pit of my stomach. Clap them with cameras rolling outside 10 Downing Street for saving your life one minute, stick two fingers up and slap them in the face the next.

Well done Boris, now you can concentrate on raising funds for your girlfriend's redecoration plans. Priorities or what?

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It’s times like these where I wish this country was a little more militant. Quite frankly, the shocking and derisory 1% pay rise beggars belief when you look at the amounts they’ve spaffed up the wall over the past 18 months.

The real fact of it is sad though because people will happily stand on their doorsteps and clap, but come election time (not that there is any solid alternative at the minute! Those that know me, know the time I spent campaigning with a Labour rosette, but they’re just as bad now. 😢) they reap what they sow.

Turkeys voting for Christmas.

25-35 billion trace and track that doesn’t work, but because it’s all owned by Tory mates...


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