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Ratings vs Eastleigh


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McDonnell 6 - One dodgy moment in the first half but overall an afternoon on the sunbed

Brindley 7 - Won the ball back and was comfortable 

Rawlinson 7 - Solid as per usual

Lacey 7 - Same as Rawlo

Bagan 7 - Pressed forward well and never gave Eastleigh any time with the ball

Roberts 8 - Something else this guy. A sprinkle of quality 

Rose 8 - Pressed and challenged well. Got forward and joined the attack too. Assist for the third. Grabbed hold of the game second half

Doyle 8 - Passing was tremendous, especially finding Dennis and Wootton. Like Rose, grabbed a hold of it 2nd half

Boldewijn 6 - Didn't really do much in spells of the game. Was calm 

Dennis 9 - A class act. Just runs and runs and scores. 

Wootton 9 - Gave the Eastleigh centre-back pairing a torrid time and his aerial presence and ball control were brilliant. Two goals to top off a great day


Thomas 6 - Closed down the defenders and put himself about

Crawford 6 - Got back to cover and showed some neat ball control 

Wilson - N/A

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McDonnell 6 - hard to mark high or low because he only had one routine save to make.
Brindley 6.5 - had a fair game but on current form DKE looks the best option at right back.
Rawlinson 7 - another good, solid performance.
Lacey 7- see above.
Bagan 6.5 - not a lot between him and McCrory at left back, a good example of the squad depth we have.
Roberts 7.5 - sometimes takes the wrong option and not everything worked today, but what a player! I love it that his first instinct is always to go forward, there's a real sense of expectation whenever he gets the ball.
Doyle 7.5 - showed what he offers today, always involved and a calm head. He did nothing spectacular, but I can see why Ardley will always see him as one of the first names on the teamsheet.
Rose 6 - I maybe being a bit generous here with a 6, but he did show his usual commitment and provided a very intelligent pass for Wootton's second. The downside is that he was indecisive on the ball and his passing was poor
Boldewijn 6.5 - I don't get why people call him lazy, because his best work was done defensively, pity he left his shooting boots at home.
Wootton 7.5 - much better, although he seemed to have done something to upset the ref who gave him nothing all afternoon. Two good finishes and led the line to good effect.
Dennis 8* - how did we manage to send a player of his ability out on loan when we were so cr@p last season? A constant threat throughout, and another good goal.

Crawford 7 - again looked the part when he came on. Surely he offers more than Rose at home.
Thomas 6 - not much time to impress but good to see him make the effort to get a starting place.
Wilson 6 - see above.

Apart from the obvious huge negative hanging over us all, we can only take positives from events on the pitch. It was one of those rare occasions at Notts - an enjoyable and comprehensive win with no nervy moments. At last we are looking like a pretty formidable football team. It may count for nothing in the grand scheme of things, but at least we went out on a high.

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McDonnell 6 - he did well enough, he was not tested enough but made a few good saves.

Brindley 7 - looked like he was at his best, very eager to get forward.

Rawlinson 8 - armband performance from him, he lead the back and organised players.

Lacey 7.5 - just always a calm player to have alongside someone experienced.

Bagan 8 - outstanding performance a few bad crosses but he did very well overall.

Roberts 9 - looked great in both halfs, he really gets notts moving in the right way. a joy to watch!

Rose 6 - looked better than he has done but still not the same player as last season. 

Doyle 8 - just did all the right things at the right time, he did well.

Boldewijn 7 - when he was in the game he took eastleigh on and drawn fouls, passed well too.

Dennis 10 - my man of the match, he worked very hard and did very well. looked like someone who wanted to get on the scoresheet from the word go.

Wootton 8 - played well but hes becoming the jon stead of notts, he goes down too easily and when its a foul i cant see it being given for this reason. he worked his socks off and deserved his goals.


Thomas 6 - he did well nothing that stood out but he came on just to give rest and break down the play.

Crawford 7 - did very well, defended well and put himself about.

Wilson - n/a

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McDonnell 6 - He was fine, not much to say.

Brindley 6 - Good going forward, lacked a bit at the back.

Rawlinson 7 - Solid performance where he never looked like he would slip up, fantastic CB.

Lacey 7.5 - He's superb at handling pressure and works so well with Rawlinson.

Bagan 7 - He looks the real deal already, would love to see Notts try to sign him. Great player!

Roberts 9 - Fantastic performance, he ran all game and caused a lot of problems. It was nice to see him being clapped off.

Rose 6 - I thought he just looked better than average, it was one of his best games but he could have shot at times and made poor choices instead.

Doyle 7 - Did everything right, pulled the strings and lead with passion.

Boldewijn 6 - Better than recent weeks, I'm happy to this.

Dennis 10 - Anyone notice that Dennis now tries to get forward and has supplied some great crosses/passes to open up play? He's at his best.

Wootton 10 - I agree he looked for fouls a little too easily, his foot work was a joy and his movement made him really hard to mark. He did exceptionally well.


Thomas 6 - Moved well but really didn't see much.

Crawford 7 - Just neat and played like someone who was sending a message to say select me. Used his time well.

Wilson - N/A - Not enough time to rate him

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