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Coronavirus and next footie season thoughts...


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i dont think this season should be moved to next year, thats just a bit naff.

everyone just needs to see how things are and try to make sure that games can be played. there is only 8 games in the national league, just move next season back a bit and adjust when they can to the normal fixture release.

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the logical is what the FA doesn't always do....

but the best option would be what Chile did once when couldn't finish a season...

Premier league - season voided and no one relegated

Championship - top 2 (on a PPG basis) promoted, no one relegated.

Division 1 - top 2 (on a PPG basis) promoted, no one relegated

Division 2 - top 3 (on a PPG basis) promoted (extra team is because of the Bury effect). no one relegated.

National League - top 3 on a PPG basis promoted (Barrow, Harrogate and erm... some team called Notts County??).

An alternative would be the same, but with the National League and Division 2 merged to form Div 2 North and Div 2 South.

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There just needs to be some common sense applied. People are going on about clubs going to the wall ..... clubs don’t go to the wall when a season ends ! This could and should be used as a break in proceedings and a resumption as soon as possible; Games can be played on the lifting of the restrictions and similar revenues will be made. If the season gets cancelled (null&void) those games will be lost along with the potential income.

Take a deep breath, in time things will resume, our injury list will be the only thing that is null & void the team will be refreshed, raring to go and get us back in the football league.

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Think it's a case of wait and see, but to be honest it looks like there ain't going to be any football any time soon. A few clubs likely to be in desperate trouble with no gate receipts. I just hope for a common sense approach, but not really expecting one. What that approach would be, I honestly don't know, but the ruling body need to protect all clubs, not just the top few. Not be holding my breath though. 

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@chipmunx I've heard discussions about that too, but if that's happens it's likelier (and probably fairer) that only the teams in the automatic promotion spots go up. So we'd have 22 teams in the Premier League, 24 in the Championship, 24 in League One and 22 in League Two. I doubt they'd promote two extra teams to the League as the extra two in the PL would need to be passed down again, but we can dream. 

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I feel the season will end up being cancelled, however, the message that sends isn't a good one in my opinion.

I'm hoping the season can be finished, if it was nearer the start or half way I wouldn't be as bothered but 8 games is nothing. They can find ways to finish it off, biggest issue is the Brits who are dumb enough to keep going out.

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