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Five quick questions

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Simple topic, I'll ask 5 quick questions and you answer them in as much or little detail as you want.

1] Where did you grow up as s child?

2] How big of a club was Notts when you first supported them?

3] What was your first job?

4] How long have you been or not, been a season ticket holder?

5] If you could be anywhere safe right now, where would you like to be?

Answers on paper please. 😂

Below will do just fine! 🥴😇


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1. Top Valley, Nottingham

2. 2nd division I think (which was equivalent to championship) around the 1978 time I think? 

3. Part time - Steward then Deputy head of security at Trent Bridge.

full time - teacher

4. As long as I can remember! Many years!

5. Alaska. Off grid!

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1] Aspley, Nottingham

2] Notts had just be relegated from the old first division narrowly missing out on the formation of the Premier League, so Division 1.

3] I spent a few years as an apprentice window fitter, then maker for 2 years - as my school was closing down after my year had finished. 

4] Work used to get in the way, as I worked in catering for awhile and then moved into the care industry. I have only been a season ticket holder for so many years, my first was probably the season after Notts gained promotion back in 09/10. I did attend every game that I could before that and, used to sit in the Pavis stand which my family hated.

5] Meadow Lane: I will miss going until this virus blows over.

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  1. Nottingham
  2. League Two
  3. I don't have a job, I'm 14.
  4. 3-4 seasons
  5. Anywhere away from school.

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  1. clifton
  2. league 2
  3. i work at a packaging and shipment holder
  4. since 09/10
  5. at home or work, i dont mind either
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2.I started working with a massive Notts fan and began taking notice of their fortunes due to him.Unfortunately Notts were relegated to div 4 1963/4.

3.Paper round 1962/3.-last school year.

Then gopher(go for this,go for that) in lace trade.

4.Rams season ticket round about1967/8 when gates bagan to go through the roof till 1991 when we moved to where we live now.

5.Home looking after @GrannyPie

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1. Clifton

2. Notts got promoted from the old fourth division the year i started going as a regular (1970). Not looked back since. 

3. Had an evening babysitting job, at 15, then when i left school, worked as a Telephonist Receptionist Typist. 

4. Probably over 20 years now.

5. Home sweet home, is where i am right now. 


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