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@liampie came up with a wonderful suggestion, in the weekly round up, which was to see if all of us on PON had any common interests, apart from Notts. Also if there is any new interests while we have been stuck in our houses all day. 

My interests have not changed much while I have been in the house for nearly 4 weeks now. I have been baking a lot more now I have not got much to do. So far, I have made scones, cakes (one of them being coffee), brownies, pizza rolls with my brother, jam tarts and some cinnamon sugar crisp things.

I have done a couple of girly things like trying out new hairstyles and painting my nails. 

One thing I have taken a keen interest in is art. I did take it it for GCSE but sadly failed it, I really lost interest in it because it was taking over my whole GCSE experience and I did not like my teacher (I am sure @ARLukomski will understand). But now because I have the time again I have been doing it. This is cheating but I brought a Harry Potter colouring book and some crayons, as I do find it therapeutic and it relaxes me, especially if I am having a down day. 

Before the lock down got put into place I managed to finish my Harry Potter book collection, so I am going to try and get my way through those, as I do like reading, especially when I am struggling to fall asleep. Been streaming a lot more films and TV shows on Disney+ plus, just fancy reliving my childhood. I have been watching a lot more YouTube and catching up on videos that I missed while I was working. I've hardly been on Amazon prime or Netflix, normally this are the top two streaming sites that I am on. 

How have you interests changed, if at all?  

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I don't want my reply to put anyone off, I just aim to be open and, perhaps inspire others to share a bit about themselves.

As far as I can remember I have loved art, it used to be my only talent (aside from football). I use to draw pictures from reference or memory, one of the things I liked doing was drawing @GrannyPie pictures of old fashioned cosy cottages. I'd draw landscapes and, often enough I would come home from school with portraits and artwork. I loved seeing my mum put them up around the house, especially the fridge.

After I switched schools, I learned to love reading something I had struggled with mostly due to poor teachers not being bothered. Once I caught on, I read absolutely everything at school and if you've seen the seen from Matilda where she's in the library reading all those classical books - well I did the same when I was around 9/10.

Even before this, I liked making up stories and, these tended to focus around detectives or spooky stories.

When I was 14/15, I joined a poetry website as a means to let my feelings out.

It was a wonderful time for me, I found the internet to be very encouraging and after publishing a prose I was contacted by a Canadian artist who asked if I would allow them to use parts in one of their upcoming songs.

From there, I joined a music community called Musesmuse and, another site focused on upcoming indie artists.

So, art, poetry and songwriting inspired me as a teen.

I've written lyrics which has been adapted by some very cool indie bands, which always feels special when you hear them back. It's not something I have mentioned much about, but one of the bands I once assisted was called The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ronnie Winter always had star qualities about him. On one of my mini discs I have their first album unmastered, unreleased and very early demos of the complete album.

Since taking up poetry, I built a site around that and grew to enjoy community building.

Anything generally artistic inspires me, it helped me escape my head and cope during a period where I felt I had to act 'normal'.

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Last year I helped a neighbour clear out her garage, I got a whole bunch of waterpipes, gauges, taps etc which I dumped onto the mantlepiece. I then spent the next 9 months rearranging the items, finishing the project just in time for the lockdown. I now spend my time staring at the wall.


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At least you've got a cool wall to stare at @tucsonan. Although I'm not keen on the severed doll's head.

I'm getting into medieval history, and at this time of year the medieval festivals are usually getting going, which I'm really missing. I love it, you feel like you're immersing yourself in another age. It's also an excuse for grown men to have pretend sword fights.

But that's all on the back burner now. Until now I've been gardening, cleaning the house and going on bike rides. I thought The Situation would be a great excuse to get into a new hobby, but to honest I'm lacking the motivation. At least the bike rides are making me feel less of a couch potato.

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Since I was a kid, I've always been into gaming so that's my most popular interest. I've always been a PlayStation guy but my brother in law gave us a free Xbox to have as a wedding gift so I've now got into that. Rarely play it at the minute though, more involved on Football Manager. But if I play Xbox it's mostly GTA, WWE or FIFA. 

Disney+ has been another thing we've got into since lockdown, reliving childhood films and being able to let the kids watch them too. 

I never got into Football until I was about 10 but with injuries, I can't play competitive football anymore so I play mess around 5-a-sides on a weeknight. Well I did till lockdown lol.

But before Football, I was a huge WWE fan, still am now but around 2008 I started fading away and focusing purely on football. I've still always kept my eye out for wrestling and would watch it occasionally but now, since kids, I'm back into it full time and regularly watch the PPVs aswell as highlights on weekends, subscribed to the Network. 

Recently, I've been re watching Royal Rumble matches from 1998-2003. 

Since my wife doesn't work though and being at home with the kids, we do regular dog walks to get them all out for a few hours and it normally becomes a 2-3 hour walk but where I live there's plenty of fields and woods to investigate but it's something we all enjoy doing and it keeps us healthy. 

Other than that, it's mostly working but I enjoy my job so it's no problem. 

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