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Football in your family

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I was just having a chat with Jimmy Redfern with works at Notts as a data analysis.

He mentioned to me that he supports Derby County, which led to this idea. Everyone on here will know that @super_ram does too. He grew up in Alfreton and, his uncle took him to his first football match (which was the Rams).

What connections to football do you have within your family?

Most of mine are Notts fans.

I have one uncle who I absolutely hate and, haven't seen for many years who supports Mansfield.

Aside from that I don't really know of any family members who supports a team outside of Notts. What about you?

I know a few members are married to Forest fans. ;) 

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Good topic!

I've got a right old mix. Most of my family are in/from Yorkshire, so it's mainly Barnsley and Leeds. When we include in-laws there's Mansfield, Ipswich and Galatasaray in there too. There are a few rugby fans too - mainly Castleford.

There are no Florist fans at all, although my school was absolutely swarming with them.

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I've got a range in my family.. 

There's Liverpool, Notts County, Derby County, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Chester City and an in law that supports Mansfield Town. My uncle, who is sadly not with us, was a Leeds United fan too I'm told. 

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My mam's family lived in Bradford.My grandad supported Bradford Park Avenue others were Bradford City fans.My dad's family lived mostly in the Alfreton area.My paternal grandad had connectoins in the Owlerton area of Sheffield and had a soft spot for Sheffield Wednesday.His youngest sister was married to a chap originally from Stoke who supported The Potters.He worked at Denby Potteries near Alfreton and he made Derby his adopted team .He was the (great) uncle who took me to my first Rams match.My grandad's brothers were all Rams as was his youngest son,Stan,who took me to my first Rams away match(v Notts)My sister,her husband and daughter are all Rams but her son is bizarrely a Leeds fan.I have a cousin who supports  'that lot'.His wife and son are Man U fans but thankfully his daughter and her husband are Rams.The team my wife and sons support escapes me at the moment.:rollonfloorlaughing:


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My mum and dad met through supporting Notts County and went to away games on Bill Reynolds No.1 bus, so its in my DNA i think. There's only me and mum left now, for a while my brother and sister both went to Notts, then my sister married a fword fan, and she started going over the river. My brother moved to Sheffield so he claims he's a Blade now. So now only me and mum going to Notts. I have a cousin who lives in London, who comes up to Nottingham to see Forest another cousin who lives in Beeston. 


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