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TV based player ratings v Barnet

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Hard to give ratings from a computer screen, but this is what I saw:

Slocombe 7 - only one save to make, but it was a good one.
Brindley 7 - got into some good forward positions and solid defensively.
Lacey 7.5 - looks a class above this level.
Turner 7 - the Turner we saw before his injury. Just does his job well.
Bagan 7 - a potent forward threat first half, good defensively in the second.
Roberts 7 - took a while to get into the game, but when he did he showed his class.
Rose 7.5 - showed his value today. Won loads of challenges and helped us win the midfield battle.
Doyle 7 - used his experience to the max. Nothing spectacular, but just what we needed.
O'Brien 7.5* - always involved, created the first and just about shaded MOM.
Wootton - 6.5 - led the line well but didn't make the most of his chances on goal.
Dennis 6.5 - a bit out of the game for spells, but did what he's best at in poaching a goal.

Enzio 6 - struggled to get involved, but a great option to bring off the bench at this level.
Thomas 6 - no time to make an impact, but looked lively.

Good to be able to do these ratings again even if it is only via the telly. A good all round team performance, and credit to the manager for getting his selection and formation right. Let's just hope that everyone can repeat it next weekend.

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Empty template for people to use.

Slocombe * -
Brindley * - 
Lacey * -
Turner * - 
Bagan * - 
Roberts * 
Rose * -
Doyle * -
O'Brien * - 
Wootton - * - 
Dennis * - 

Enzio * - 
Thomas * - 

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Slocombe 7.5  Does his job well, one great save when it really mattered
Brindley 6.5 Solid defensively
Lacey 8 Really hope he stays, looks a class above and reads the game well
Turner 7 Surprised to see him picked ahead of Rawlinson, did well 
Bagan 7.5 Good defensively but good going forward
Roberts 7.5 The Geordie Messi does it again. Should have scored in 1st half with a better chance. This is why we need to go up now, otherwise he could be lost
Rose 6 Normally aligned with @Elite_pie but Rose when targeted, gets caught in possession..yes some good work but I never feel truly comfortable with this aspect of his play
Doyle 7 An experienced head, keeps the shape, barks the orders, job done
O'Brien 7.5 Good feet and delivered a great cross for Dennis, though the Barnet FB should have done better. Ardley's tactical game changer to play instead of Enzio 
Wootton - 6.5 Leads the line but was missing the killer instinct today
Dennis 7.5 Has this knack of reading the cross that centre backs miss. Class finisher in those positions

Enzio 6.5 From the bench, just take the ball, run down the clock, did the job
Thomas 6 Experienced head to bring on

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Slocombe 7.5 Can’t ask anymore than a great save and a clean sheet
Brindley 7 I’m not his biggest fan, but he came out of the game fine today
Lacey 7.5 Still one of Ardley’s best signings. Get him signed up for next year!
Turner 7. Nice to see Turner back and understand (and expected) change, but harsh on Rawlinson.
Bagan 8. Close to MoM for me. Played superbly. Kept the left locked down and looked good going forwards.
Roberts 8.5 MoM. Great skill and trickery. Need to keep hold of him! Brought the spark when needed.
Rose 6.5 still a weak link. Too many wayward passes or tackles.
Doyle 7 Did his job. Kept the shape, spread the ball nicely.
O'Brien 8 Excellent from JoB. Surprised me how well he played on the left.
Wootton - 7 Tried his best. Just not his game.
Dennis 7.5 Always running. Never stops trying and instinctively knows how to position in the box.

Enzio 6.5 Good decision to leave him out. May well get more of a run in better conditions at Wembley.
Thomas 6.5 Not enough time to rate any more than average to be fair to him.

Ardley. 8.5 Superb tactics. The players looked fit, well drilled and kept their shape superbly throughout. Knows his players and seems to genuinely enjoy being here. 

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Slocombe - 8 -Didn't have a deal to do, but did everything he needed to; that one save, plus claiming crosses.
Brindley - 7.5 - Was good defensively. Going forward he sometimes slowed things down a bit when a bit more throttle could've been important.
Lacey - 8 - Very good defensively, didn't give Barnet too much chance to impose themselves. Calm and collected on the ball.
Turner - 8 - Won most in the air and quite a lot on the ground. At times exposed when neat balls are placed behind him; his lack of pace can be exposed. 
Bagan - 7 - For the most part good defensively and going forward neat, couple of decent crosses. However, there was more than one occasion when his positional naivety  was on show and a couple of risky passes that didn't need to be played in dangerous areas near our own box. I fear Harrogate may target him.

Roberts - 8.5 - Simply magnificent with the ball at his feet. Every time he has the ball with a bit of space, you know something is going to happen. Probably a bit disappointed not to have another goal from the attempt in the first half.

Rose - 7 - Offers athleticism in the middle of the park next to Doyle. Covered the ground to ensure that we were the dominant force in the middle of the park. Sometimes, though, he is an accident waiting to happen. Wayward passes are a feature of his game, you know there's gonna be 2 or 3 a game. We weren't punished today.

Doyle - 8 - Knows exactly when to close down, where to position himself. Provides that link to play-out from the back. Captain fantastic.

O'Brien - 8.5 - At first I thought he looked leggy on the wing, that his lack of pace would be exposed by their fullback. It did happen a couple of times, but that extra quality for the assist and other key passes made the difference. Sometimes dives into challenges when it's not needed. 

Wootton - 7.5 - Did a good job of holding up the ball and bringing in others into play. Dribbling with the ball wasn't really working for him today, but stuck to his task.
Dennis - 7.5 - Didn't notice him apart from the goal. Typical Dennis.

Enzio - 7 - Some moments of promise.
Thomas - N/A

Ardley - 8.5 - Tactics spot on.

COYP. Already nervous for Sunday. 

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Slocombe 7 -He did well, nothing else really to do bar the one save which he coped with.
Brindley 8 - One of his best performances, he looked very eager to get invovled.
Lacey 8 - Solid at the back, mindful and alert. He did very well.
Turner 8.5 - He fitted in well and ran himself into the ground to protect our goal. Amazing return to action by him. 
Bagan 8 - Looked great going forward, wise play and careful passing. 
Roberts 8 - Good goal, basic involvement in parts but did what he needed to do. 
Rose 6.5 - Kept slipping, wasn't great with his passing and although he tried - he looked like a weak link.
Doyle 7.5 - Good mind, he used it well and protected the defence with his passing.
O'Brien 10 - Solid, energy to boot and just that passion which the club has been lacking for ages.
Wootton 7 - He did very well, a little isolated at times but he worked himself into the ground.
Dennis 7 - Some neat touches but just like Wootton, the service wasn't quite there [due to the conditions]. Good taken goal and he made himself known.

Enzio 7 - Did what he needed to do in order to run down time, he looked like he wanted to do much more than the time allowed for.
Thomas 6 - He didn't really get much chance to do anything, but a 6 seems a fair rating for me. 

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Slocombe 7 - Did what he had to do when called upon. Always looked assured, Quality save

Brindley 8 - Battled and hassled really well. Got forward to support.

Lacey 8 - Makes it look so easy. One pass out of defence across the pitch to Bagan in the first half was exquisite. 

Turner 8 - First game since December I think and he looked at ease. Dealt with Paul McCallum really well. Put the yards in

Bagan 9 - Looked so comfortable on the ball, got forward well and has a dangerous left foot. Played years above his age

Roberts 9 - Pure magic

Rose 7 - Kept the cogs turning in midfield and he and Doyle got through the work with reward

Doyle 8 - Used his experience and his range of passing to full effect. Warrior

O'Brien 9 - Energy, commitment and creativity. All defined his performance. Stopped any chance of Barnet using their width to an advantage and tucked in when attacking to allow Bagan to support

Wootton 8 - Held up the ball when he got the chance and linked it up nicely with Dennis and Roberts

Dennis 8 - Put himself about and scored a goal now known as a Kristian Dennis special 


Boldewijn 6 - Helped us run the time down and gained some match fitness and sharpness in the process

Thomas 6 - Not much of note. Just helped us run down the time and again gained some sharpness

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Slocombe 7 - did well but normally most would not rate him higher, he had very little to do and was well protected.
Brindley 8 - solid, drive and just good all round. 
Lacey 7 - good performance, nothing wrong and did well.
Turner 8 - took his chance and shown why he was a key change when starting.. 
Bagan 8 - looked good going forward, defensively okay. 
Roberts 8 - nothing flash, steady but needed to get involved more. great goal. 
Rose 6 - not great, not bad but pretty average.
Doyle 7 - did well, lead the line and captained the club well..
O'Brien 9 - my motm, he played great. 
Wootton - 7 - he tried but played fine otherwise.
Dennis 8 -nice movement and caused trouble, some neat flicks and a well taken goal.

Enzio n/a
Thomas n/a

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