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Member Of The Month Nominations


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Okay, We're now asking that each member nominates three members they feel have contributed over the past month and deserve a chance to be named as December's Member of the Month.

Which three have stood out the most for you?

Please do add some usernames into the running, as I will below. You Pies!



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@liampie - for his work in promoting this website on the Notts County Mailling List and he has never been awarded it before but is a long standing and valued member.

@super_ram - in spite of being a Derby supporter he is always posting on here and making me laugh.

@weymouthPIE - for lots of hard work he puts in organising the prediction league.


Good luck all.

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Everyone who is a regular user, even in this short time I have been posting on here we have been able to laugh & learn in equal measure.


But if i had to choose i would choose the following with the reasons next to them 


@super_ram - Purely because he is a Derby fan and he must feel strange all the time due to this........ ha ha

@weymouthPIE - For the work that goes into the prediction league

@tonyhateley - For the picture in his signature

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Granny and I were discussing this earlier and as she says there are so many worthy contenders.I look forward to seeing what has been posted every time I come on here, whatever the subject and whatever team the posters support.It really is difficult but here's my choice.


JoeJones -For his match reports and other articles.

Liampie-For the same reasons as Tony and Granny

Tonyhateley-For keeping me on my toes in the prediction league.


There are quite a few others  I could have chosen in addition to the ones other members have chosen. :flowers:


I would like to thank everyone who contributes to making this such a great site. :thumbsup:


I'd also like to say how proud Granny and I (we may be biased)are of Nottsjoe and Cheeky for making all this possible. :clapping::cheerleader::goodjob::magnificent:

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Well, hard to restrict it to just 3 - but - here goes, apols to several others;




Although tonyhateley is probably the most prolific and varied poster - he deserves credit but I'll save him for another day.

Weymouth and Liam offer thought provoking stuff and Joe is a catalyst for some of the better threads and inititiatives.

What a breath of fresh air this forum is, sadly NCMis dying a slow & lingering death.

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I would have nominated Notts-joe but he would only moan at me and say that he doesn't count himself as eligible.As far as I'm concerned he wins every month(Brownie points here)So I'll nominate him as member of the year(More brownie points)

He's actually right, I would have moaned and I can't believe I forgot to mention I wouldn't include myself. This said, when I noticed I had been mentioned (twice) it was nice and I am very grateful. I'm just very fussy to be honestly open but thank you to those who have mentioned me or would have. ;)



Er,yes but you've nominated Joe for this month.Always keep the boss sweet! :shifty:


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