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Bear with me [transitional period for PON]

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There's a few things broken which need to be repaired, this has been caused by an upgrade to the site but in the long term - things will be better. Right now, the skin needs patching and, then updating.

I take great pride in ensuring the Pride of Nottingham site is as professional looking as possible.

However, please bear with during this transitional period.



Visitors/Members should be experiencing faster loading times now.

Remaining known issues:

Navigation blinks when loading pages - Fixed
Notifications don't work - they produce an error message
Theme upgrade (upgraded)

[I'll try and fix this, or get it fixed ASAP]. Rest of the known issues will be slowly worked out. 

Thanks for understanding.

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The mobile menu has been fixed, please can anyone experiencing any bugs, or things they feel need to be reported to me - mention them within this topic?

This will be how I intend to investigate issues and, work towards having them fixed.

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I have set every member to use a lightweight version until I can get us back on our usual theme, the recent upgrade hasn't been perfect and some issues arose from using the out-of-date theme. Please keep in mind, once our theme is updated to work on the latest version - I will enable it for you to choose which you would prefer. Members will be able to choose between a normal, and dark version - including toggling between the two.

With this current lightweight theme being available for those who fancy something basic.

@Super_Danny_Allsopp @Piethagoram

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Aye, it's different @DangerousSausage.

I'm usually not a fan of things which are too simple, however, I think other members will find it useful and enjoy browsing the site with it. I am in the process of sorting the PON theme, along with the dark version.

Members will always be able to switch between the three, at any given time.

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We're mostly there now, just tidying up areas and, looking at re-adding custom CSS (which might need updated itself).

The light and dark version of the PON skin is safe to use.

Members who would prefer a simple, clean and no thrills - you can you the lightweight theme.

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18 hours ago, upthepies said:

I am liking the clean looking design, but how do you switch to a different one?

Bottom of the site, near the footer - lower left hand side.

Theme Privacy Policy Contact Us Follow Us

You can switch to which ever theme you would like to use by selecting the theme menu.

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Nothing major to mention, however, you can now mention members easily again by pressing the "@" button.

I am aware of the spacing between the edit and, report buttons.

There's some minor theme changes required still, along with some other blocks and plugins requiring attention. Things are largely running a lot smoother now, as the site has adjusted well to the latest upgrade. Please do mention any issues, ideas, or suggestions to me. 👍

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If anyone is keeping updated on this, we're slowly but surely getting there.

Thanks to help some previous edits have been re-implemented, so now on handheld devices the recent topics show as it did before on the dashboard page. I am also in the process of adding the fixes to allow the Alumni pagination to work correctly.

Please do mention any issues you experience.

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Again, with help from some very kind people - a lot of the performance issues have been fixed. The main theme is mostly ready now, just a few changes and, the odd custom bit that I tend to manually add.

I believe I have fixed an issue with the cache, along with errors which caused a few gremlins.

The store is almost perfect, I have a few things which I want to do before I re-take up trying to plug those to aid with running costs. It's never been about making money, just to cover the fees which has to be paid, along with giving me resources to play with improving the site. Some very exciting movements have been made within this department.

By the start of next week, I hope to have all 3 themes fully finished and, the site without hiccups.

I appreciate all the help I have had with this, including from people whom our community will never see - so thanks within this area will go unnoticed by most. It won't by me. :)

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