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Ratings : Notts v Harrogate FA Trophy

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Slocombe 7 Solid, looks an EFL keeper

Brindley 4 Never confident in defending, to be able to read the game

Chicksen 4 Too many misplaced passes, hurried

Rawlinson 6 Top Man

Graham 6 King Pin at the back

Doyle 5 Tried to instigate things

Reeves 6 Good but midfield look like strangers

Roddy 7 Some good glimpses of things to come

Thomas 4 Just not sure, whether another year is catching him up

Wootton 5 One feels he should be doing better, needs to up the work rate

Roberts 6 Marked man and dispatched with a cynical tackle

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Not wanting to do a full rating as so many of the performances were 'meh'. 

However, ones that stood out:

- Rawlinson and Graham had a great game. So did Slocombe. 
- Rodrigues is a fantastic find. Goes past players with ease and great passing ability.

Roberts was useless before the injury. Consistently overplaying, predictable and lazy passes to team mates when he realised he couldn't beat his man. I'm assuming the 6 above is a sympathy thing due to the injury. 

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I didn't watch the game.

I went on YouTube, seen the game footage was a recommend and skimmed through the video. The Cal Roberts tackle doesn't look that bad on camera, yes, I feel due to being from behind and with studs showing it should've seen a red card.

I do understand why it would look as a trip when live.

The competition means nothing, the lack of interest - until we reached this point is baffling.

It's a crap cup, we shouldn't have risked some of our key players. Harrogate played to cause issues in the Playoff Final, we should've expected that an injury would've been picked up. People have been flapping about "what if" and now it's a reality with the injury. As for the compliments, manager out comments - it's just pathetic.

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@Chris Sorry have to disagree "It's a crap cup"...we have just missed out on £30k runners up money or more likely the £70k winners prize money, relatively big money in these cash strapped times.

 A big question for Ardley, why are our corner routines continually just the same?...  #Unacceptable

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14 hours ago, Piethagoram said:

@Chris Sorry have to disagree "It's a crap cup"...we have just missed out on £30k runners up money or more likely the £70k winners prize money, relatively big money in these cash strapped times.

I think it's a worthy and interesting competition, and for us a very realistic chance of reaching Wembley. But from a fan's point of view, there seems little point in reaching a cup final at Wembley when no-one can actually attend. The minute it became clear it would all be behind closed doors, my interest in it fell off a cliff - the FA might as well have divided the prize money up between the last four teams. But it's true that the prize money alone made it an important match for us.

What's done is done now. I only hope Roberts is fit again soon.

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