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Match Discussion: #1 The Whites (A) 20/21


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1-0 Dover, pinched in the final minutes of the game.

4 minutes remains, Cal Roberts has been the closest for Notts I believe. This sucker punch just sums up today, they're a weakened squad etc... Not as weak as their streaming service, clearly. Well, that would've been painful to watch lose at the end like this.

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Well that was a disappointing start, far from polished but it sounded like we had the chance to win it with Roberts late on. Incredibly annoying to throw it away right at the end.

Enzio coming on with 5 to go seemed a bit pointless tbh, interesting Rodrigues couldn’t even get on and Sam has fallen behind Knowles in the pecking order already. I didn’t watch the stream (I gather those that paid for it didn’t get to watch much of it either!) But Reeves the only new signing that can come out of that one with any credit?

Forest and Mansfield also lost again, hope we aren’t going to replicate their starts to the season!

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leigh curtis kept moaning about it on the radio, charlie slater said he should ask, not that its a worthwhile question.

i would not take it as an excuse.

the question was hitching to be asked, notts did not do enough, its simple. its a concern how we still seem unable to defend set pieces but those calling for ardleys head already need to chill a bit.

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If there was ever a game that screamed "typical Notts" that was it. 

It was a game that had draw written all over it for a long time. Saying that, we should have taken our chances. Roberts has to score. It's unmissable that chance.

There is a Kristian Dennis sized hole in our striker department and it's clear we missed him, as in the final third today, we were tosh.

There was also a hint of the first half of last season in there as well, as we didn't produce the clinical passes in the final third or take risks whilst attacking. We were too cautious at times. 

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Cautious is a word popping up a lot in the post mortem of yesterday's performance. It's like NA settled for a point with 10 minutes to go. Was that the time to go for it? Personally I think it was. Notts have the best squad in the league. Let's unleash them when the game is there for the taking. 

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Dear oh dear. It didn't exactly sound like we had them on the ropes, but we clearly had the chances to win it. General thoughts:

- After a while, a team starts to take on the personality of its manager. This can be a good and a bad thing. Neal Ardley gives the opposition a lot of respect and can come across as timid, and I can't help wondering if this transmits itself to the players. I'm not detecting the aggression, the unbending will to put the opposition to the sword.

- I guessed the starting line-up correctly with the exception of Roberts, who was an injury doubt. Day one and the team virtually picks itself. Not good.

- Of the foreign signings, only Rodders was even on the bench (and didn't come on). I was expecting them to be eased into things, but I didn't think they wouldn't play at all.

- The calls for NA's head are premature. For all our faults, we've played one match. Had Roberts scored, we would probably have won 1-0 and we'd all be happy enougb with a workmanlike win.

- You can barely afford any mis-steps if you want to win automatic promotion in this league, so this result puts even more pressure on for our forthcoming games. I hope the players respond the right way.

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@gtownjohnno Just contact your bank, that's what I need.

Well I did wait until a few days, as I asked them to acknowledge my e-mail which they didn't but I know it had been opened. So, the easiest solution was to report it to my bank and get the refund instantly from them. They did say that Dover could appeal, however, if they did - I would be making a further fuss for them which at this stage I don't think they could possibly afford.

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