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Another Centre Mid?


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After Casper Sloth's departure, Ardley admitted that he wants another central midfielder to replace him, with similar attributes to Doyle and Reeves. Also said the ones they are looking at are likely to be on loan, but didn't rule out a permanent transfer.

I'd be interested to see who we can get on loan and the quality. I'd like to hope that it'd be a damn sight more impressive than the Knowles loan.

I would imagine Sloth wasn't on peanuts, so there is probably a bit of wage budget there. Perhaps it could stretch to a loan + a Regan Booty? I know he has had his injury problems, but there's certainly a player in there. As far as I'm aware he still doesn't have a club. Neither does Mitch Rose, but I'd like to think that ship has sailed.

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If we can find a CM who isn't pigeon holder by a single position, that plays well in a variety of places then that would be ideal.

Ideally, Notts does need players who can settle into a position and, then retain it.

However, it's useful to have players who can not only just cover but put solid performances in playing in different areas, i.e Dion Kelly-Evans.

Then if we have money to spare, another winger would benefit.

Issue is, what type of quality remains out there at this stage? Yes, we can sign players all season long, but identifying them does seem harder when the pool of which we can look in is considerably smaller.

Whoever comes in, if anyone, I am sure they'll represent us well.

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I’d have thought most potential targets will have been signed up now, but you never know maybe there’s still one without a club. I agree that a loan would seem more likely. We’ve got two options; the players that are already down the pecking order and the youngsters. Younger players are more of a gamble, but get it right you end up with a player whose probably more talented than the rest of the squad - Yates is our last example of this.

I really liked Booty, he’s versatile and fits the way we want to play. No-one seems to know how his back is but there were rumours he was rehabbing with the club over pre-season, Charlie Slater mentioned something about him too on Wednesday, anyone know?

It’s strange that Rose is still without a club, I got the feeling he chose to leave rather than not being offered a contract given how he virtually played every game for us last season.

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I think a defensive central midfielder to compete with Doyle and Reeves would be good, especially as Doyle won't play every game with his age and the schedule. It doesn't necessarily have to be a player without a club either - maybe just someone who isn't getting games with his current club and chooses to terminate his contract to join us.

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15 hours ago, lambleypie said:

A loan option wouldn't be the worst thing, but this won't be from a league club? Or can you sign players outside their own window?

I know that EFL clubs can still loan until October 16th. Not sure if it's the same for us, but we can assume we have until Friday at the earliest. 

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