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Ratings: Notts v Maidenhead [NL]


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Slocombe - 5 - Nice assist for their 3rd.

McCrory - 3.5 - I know he was here as an emergency because of Covid, but I'm just rating on pure performance here. Not a right back. Not fit. Should have probably played Rawlinson there. Assisted the first goal.

Rawlinson - 4 - Not great. Complacent.

Lacey - 4.5 - Not great. Complacent.

Chicksen - 6 - Did OK for me.

Doyle - 6 - OK

Reeves - 6 - Decent through ball for the first.

Rodrigues - 7 - MOM. Scored, some great footwork and work rate strong throughout.

Enzio - 4.5 - Poor throughout. Where has the old Enzio gone?

Wootton - 4 - Started the season on fire but he was very poor today.

Knowles - 4 - Scored and took that chance well. Apart from that, very poor and looked well below the standard. 

Subs: No impact.

I know today we were hit by the old 'rona, but there isn't much excuse at conceding 3 against a team as poor as Maidenhead. It also highlights our weaknesses: Take out a couple of our attackers (Roberts, Thomas), then the stand-ins just aren't good enough. Enzio is out of form (again) and Knowles looks a poor piece of business in the transfer market (as predicted). 

Ardley - 4 - Got this wrong. Again, taking into account the difficulties and knowing hindsight is a great thing, shouldn't have played McCrory at RB, shouldn't have played a 4-3-3 when Enzio is out of form and Knowles is not up to standard. Then again, who could he have played up front with Wootton? Sam - didn't look great when he came on.


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Slocombe 5 - Not helped by the Moniz esque defending in front of him

McCrory 5 - Not a right-back but was good in the first half. Second half his performance dropped off like the whole team

Rawlinson 4 - Not a good game by his standards. No clue what he's doing for the third and seemed happy to just give chances away

Lacey 4 - Poor passing at times in the second half

Chicksen 5 - Thought he was ok. Solid enough. Better than he was against Dover

Doyle 5 - Like most of the team, his performances in both halves differed

Reeves 6 - Always running with the ball from deep and his energy will be key this season

Rodrigues 7 - Best player for us. Work rate, skill, passing and finishing. Very excited to see more

Boldewijn 5 - Nice dummy for the second goal but apart from that, not much to speak about

Knowles 6 - Promising signs shown. Nice finish and works well. Tiredness took it's toll

Wootton 4 - Passing and first touch was off. Could tell he's played every game 

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McCrory started well, he looked lively going forward but as the game progressed he increasingly started to struggle. This is probably natural for someone out of position and, probably frustrated with players around him who looked keen on burying their heads in the sand.

5 is too high, 3.5 is too low IMO. I think somewhere between is about right.

Rawlinson and Lacey, absolutely shocking and neither of them would gain a 4 from me.

Chicksen played okay, better going forward than defensively but he wasn't at fault for any of the goals.

I thought Enzio played very well in the first half, slowly declining in the second. He's never been a "good" player in my eyes, he was poor the season he signed and, worse last season but this campaign I do feel he's improved. Today, he could've got my 'Man of the Match' had he continued on from his first half performance.

Knowles like Enzio, started well but at times he was guilty of doing the wrong thing more than he got right.

Ruben would get my Man of the Match but his passing at times was shocking.

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Had Enzio scored to make it 2-0 and the ref dished out a second yellow, things may have been different

Slocombe 5 Blame really lays elsewhere

McCrory 5 Began the match well, helped set up Knowles but lack of match fitness told in the end


Lacey       } Normally both dependable but reminders of Greg Abbott's time which cost Derry his job

Chicksen 5.5 Much better than Dover performance

Doyle 5.5 Tried to be the king pin, not much worked

Reeves 5 Again showing tiredness towards the end

Rodrigues 6.5 OK so who else thought Enzio should have been the first to be substituted. Lost our creativity when he went off

Enzio 4 You have got to step up in games likes this. That chance to make it 2-0???

Wootton 4 Whether through lack of service, didn't get into the game

Knowles 4 Took goal well, chose wrong options time and again



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Slocombe - 5 - Little to do apart from the goals. Not at fault for any of the goals.

McCrory - 3 - Obviously an emergency choice. Maidenhead had most of their joy down his flank, and he increasingly struggled as the game went on.

Rawlinson - 4 - Not his usual composed self, made to look a dope for their winner.

Lacey - 4 - Some poor distribution.

Chicksen - 6 - Looked steady enough.

Doyle - 5 - Little impact.

Reeves - 6 - Always involved, but tired in the second half.

Rodrigues - 6.5 - Improving every game. A constant threat, and took his goal superbly. At times you can see he's still getting used to the pace of the English game.

Enzio - 5 - I thought he started the game well and was involved in a lot of good moves. Faded badly as the match went on.

Wootton - 4 - Nothing came off.

Knowles - 4 - Scored. Worked hard, but from minute 2 onwards little came off. Poor decision-making, which is to be expected in such a young player.


The subs barely touched the ball. I was interested in seeing Wolfe, but his only contribution was to lose the ball in a dangerous position. Plenty to work on for all involved.

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