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Simple question - Do we need a striker?


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The absence of Kristian Dennis is a big loss. His movement, positioning, link up play and finishing is a big miss. 

Kyle Wootton has started this season brilliantly but when he's not playing we need someone to step up. Thomas looks good on the wing of a front three, pressing the opposition, as does Knowles. However, Knowles is only 18 and Sam is someway off being ready and we can't afford to be patient if we want to win promotion. I am willing to give them time, but there is a fine balance between giving time and being ready. 

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There was a lot of panic about where goals was going to come from on some social media platforms.

We have demonstrated that we can be creative enough, so goals isn't an issue, Jimmy Knowles also looks okay. If we have an academy striker able, he should take the place as being a backup option. Wes Thomas is fine, Elisa Sam must have something about him for Neal Ardley to praise and, mention that he isn't quite match sharp.

Another winger would be a wise move, especially with any absence of Cal Roberts.

Enzio has done okay so far, this looks to be his best season but someone more natural than Jim O'Brien would be a boost.

The club might want to address any issue in the right back department, IF Richard Brindley/Dion Kelly-Evans are unable to feature. Are these two of the  4 players reported to have COVID-19?

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I wouldn't object, as Sam is still a big question mark and Knowles looks extremely raw and I'm not sure either of them can give Wootton and Thomas sufficient competition. However, that would send out a negative message, so I don't think it'll happen just yet. One option worth examining could be playing Rodrigues in a more advanced role, either just behind a lone striker or as a centre forward himself. According to Transfermarkt he's played there before, and he certainly knows where the goal is.

I still think we need extra depth on the wing. Surely we can't go through the season with just two wingers in the squad.

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During the next EFL transfer window I think it would be a good idea to take a look, right now Notts would have to rely on the loan market and if there's better options out there. I wouldn't have though Knowles would have been signed from a nearby rival.

I do feel a striker could make a huge difference if he had pace and good finishing.

But I would welcome a winger far more than any other position. Any player that can just run with the ball and kill those moments in the game whereby someone direct could remove any signs of pressure.

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Neal Ardley should try to look for an experienced striker with a history of scoring goals, I don't think a prolific goal scorer is likely to be signed by us but someone who could eventually get 10 would be useful. I don't see Jimmy Knowles being anything more than a backup, which is not what we need.

He looks too raw and we probably have a youth team striker who could've taken his opportunity.

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To be fair, Elisha Sam hasn't been seen enough to determine if he can contribute with goals. Neal Ardley has mentioned he's not quite up to pace with his fitness, and that once this happens he will be a lot match sharp but it begs the question, how will this happen if he doesn't actually start?

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An out and out goalscorer has left the club and not been replaced by anyone near the same quality, so I suppose that answers the question. I would rather just have 3 good strikers than 4 strikers where two are makeweights.

I'd also agree that we are a winger short as well.


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Tough one, I think you’d have to get rid of one to get one in. With the 4 strikers last year, Wilson barely got a look in so I think having 5 strikers would be wasteful.

I’d pretty sure Elisha Sam is strong football radar influenced signing. They must have seen some promising stats and footage of him to sign him, we need to see it sooner rather than later! Knowles is represented by an agency which Greg Abbott works for so no prizes who suggested that one! I can’t see us getting rid of either anytime soon.

Thomas getting back into the team ASAP will be a big boost. Roberts had the best goals per game ratio after Dennis when he joined, he could easily score 15 goals this season. Right now we’re joint 3rd in goals scored so far this season. At the moment I would say the more pressing issue is at the other end of the pitch!

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