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Slocombe 5 - Didn't have much to do. Kept slipping over

Brindley 4 - Inconsistent when deciding on whether to join the attack or not

Graham 4 - Started well and then became sloppy with his distribution

Lacey 4 - What has happened to this guy? Monsters from space jam have drained the talent out of him. Constantly falling over and had a disaster for the goal

Chicksen 3 - Crossing was poor as was his all round game

O'Brien 4 - Some ok passes but was apart of a midfield that didn't take control

Doyle 4 - Was decent early on but his control on the game slipped away from him as the game went on

Reeves 4 - Poor in possession and too many sideways passes

Rodrigues 4 - Another who started well and showed glimpses but his contribution waned

Wootton 3 - Couldn't keep control of the ball, gave away too many fouls and missed a glaring opportunity

Thomas 4 - Lively at times but lacking end product


Boldewijn 3 - Still waiting for him to come on

Sam 3 - Should've scored. Not sure why we signed him

Turner 4 - Only player playing a forward pass by the 90th minute. Hard to rate a defensive substitute  

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Due to a bad headache, I rested but I noticed that they scored in the second half.

I'm interested to see other members ratings, I cannot offer any for the obvious reason but I would add that people need to keep in mind that we haven't played due to the COVID-19 outbreak within our squad and that's a fair reason, not an excuse.

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Giving ratings to that painful watch is going to be difficult. There are many reasons why we lost, but teams have realised if they press us high, we are always likely to make a mistake and today, it cost us dearly. Why can't we do the same to the teams we play? Oh yes, we have older legs that can't do the pressing as a unit when needed.

Slocombe 5 Really didn't have a lot to do

Brindley 4 A better performance than normal expectations, but "better" reflected in that rating

Graham 4.5 As mentioned above, started well and was our best at the back, but that really isn't saying much

Lacey 3.5 Studs or no studs? An absolute calamity for the goal. Worst performance in a Notts shirt for him

Chicksen 3 An international call up for Zimbabwe, like Declan Edge getting a NZ call up! Just averagely poor

JOB 4 Not a winger, age catching up?

Doyle 4 Perhaps was looking for Doyle with all his experience to at least dictate the game. One telling pass and that was it

Reeves 4 Another off day at the office

Rodrigues 5.5 MOTM though that's not saying much. Only one that showed some class. Perhaps opposition teams are leaving the grass too high to stop our passing game

Wootton 4.5 Missed a great chance but in reality, service to him was sparse

Thomas 3.5  One closing down challenge and that was it


Enzio 3 Probably the highest paid player at the club. Not a "game changer" in sight at the moment

Sam 3 Maybe I keep wishing we haven't signed a dud. Ricky Green still lingers in the memory. The one on one with the keeper was his chance to prove me wrong. Yes, he is a dud, unfortunately. Dennis would have buried that

Turner 4.5 At least he played a forward pass.




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Slocombe 5 Nothing to do. Slipped around.

Brindley 4 

Graham 3 Reminds me of Krystian Pearce when we had him on loan. Always on the edge of a major mistake. Isn't a ball playing defender Ardley, stop playing him like he is.

Lacey 2 Rubbish. 

Chicksen 3 

JOB 3 All his passes forwards were poor and found Aldershot players.

Doyle 4 Crab. Caught a couple of times. 

Reeves 3 Absolutely terrible. Touch was off and couldn't pass.

Rodrigues 5 Only positive.

Wootton 3 Terrible touch. Didn't hold up a thing. Missed chances.

Thomas 3 See Wootton.


Enzio 3 Same as he has been all season. Why is he always subbed on for Rodrigues, when there were 9 other players playing poor games?! If Notts are losing, around the 70th minute Ardley will bring Enzio on and take Rodrigues off. So predictable, much like Enzio's performance.

Sam 3 Pub player.

Turner 5 Why bring him on when we are 1 down? We didn't have a set piece to note that he could have affected. 

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