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Favourite cereal?

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A few weeks before I went away with my family to Skegness (thankfully before the lockdown and, other restrictions), I became addicted to Frosties. Before that, I was having a fair amount of Ready Brek, I do like porridge but prefer the smoother taste.

Otherwise, I very rarely eat any type of cereal.

As a kid I enjoyed most of them from Sugar Puffs, Rice Krispies to Frosted Sheddies.

So, what's your favourite cereal? Do you have them for breakfast?

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Weetabix with a little bit of sugar on top. After the EU referendum, the pound fell and so did the price of Weetabix in German supermarkets. I've worked out that my German citizenship will pay for itself in 30 years thanks to the reduction in the price of Weetabix.

Oh, and porridge with a spoon of honey!

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I don't really have a favourite at the moment. Ive been eating porridge, malt wheats, rice crispies, and wheetabix when i feel like it. I tend to avoid breakfast as i dont allocate the time for it in the morning and just like with any other food, if i can't be bothered i wont get anything. I will make everyone elses food though.

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