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Stockport postponed

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Our forthcoming match against the Hatters has been postponed as four of their players have The Plague. Obviously I wish all concerned a speedy recovery and two symptom-free weeks in front of their XBoxes.

So our next match is at Halifax a week tomorrow. Makes you wonder if this season will ever get finished. It's chaotic already.

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Right decision, but yeah this won’t be the last time this happens either... The stop start nature of this season isn’t great for anyone but it’s particularly affecting us right now. Or next game is next Tuesday, so as of Aldershot it’s another 10 days without a game!

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Notts won't be getting any slack anytime soon.

It's the right decision but it comes at a point where it stops and, starts the season more so for Notts. Hopefully, it will present more time for the players to train and, catch up for the next game. Just hope further games aren't called off soon.

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