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Match Discussion: Game 35 - Red Dragons (H)

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Game 35 - Red Dragons (H)

Team: Wrexham

Date: 02/04/2021

Where: Meadow Lane

What line-up should Neal Ardley opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be?

Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.

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i think its time for a change to the formation, our manager has spoken about wanting to attack but things so far have still be like they were under ardley. i would be curious to see what would happen if we played alone striker with 3 cms and the wingers supporting the striker.

if roberts starts we should have some creativity out wide, then enzio or rodrigues could go on the other side.

with doyle playing a deeper role, reeves to support and crewe lad in a free midfield role.

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A win would take off some of the mounting pressure, but its all about improving the performances right now. Notts won't go far without addressing this issue and so far, there is little signs of attacking football.

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I fear the worst and I take no pleasure in saying that. The alarm bells are not just ringing, they are flashing red. 3-0 to Wrexham is my prediction. They are flying at the moment. Their confidence is sky high. Their manager is better than ours at this level at this moment in time. 

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wrexham have done well but they lose their spark but so far they have done everything which we would want of notts. wootton has no support and nobody feeding the ball to him, hes just holding it up.

its pretty dull watching.

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Wrexham started well but have slowed down. Notts haven't been brilliant, but they have shown plenty of fight. Cal Roberts is back and Knight has made his debut. 2 positives. Notts just scored. Ellis. This would be a fantastic victory. 


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Roberts is so important. He showed his quality when he came on. Notts are a different team when he plays. Knight will contribute as well. We need to build on this now. We need a run of wins. 

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We really needed that.  It wasn't the most convincing win, but it gives us something to build on.  Other than the three points the big positive was seeing Knight and Roberts on the pitch.  We've lacked attacking threat all season, and although it's early days these two give us reason for hope.

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It wasn't the most convincing win we'll ever see, but important nonetheless. 

We were terrified for the first 10, 15 minutes. However, once we'd settled, it was quite even. Barring those initial minutes, we were quite solid at the back. I also saw a lot of improvement in the middle; Griffiths offered us much more balance there and combined well with Reeves. Sure, he was a bit naiive at times, but after being thrown in last minute, it was really a good performance. He made runs forward and tried to begin attacks by passing forward and moving into promising positions. Even without the result, that was a positive for me. Where we were breaking down, however, was a static forward line. Wootton you expect that, it's not his role to be making runs in behind.  Knowles, however, was always on his heels and was second best for almost the entirety he was on the pitch. 

Our real impetus came with the introduction of Knight. He was unpredictable and started to give their defence another body to worry about, freeing Wootton. Combine that with the genius that is the Geordie Messi, and you get the lead up to our goal. 

The ref was terrible. Wootton never deserved being sent, and that was amongst their better decisions. We really aren't getting the better of the decisions. When Tom Daley appeared in our box for the second game in a row, you really did expect it to go one way. Luckily, it was one of the few decisions they got correct. 

As for the common 'tators.... they were wearing red jerseys I'm sure, whether it be the red of Wrexham or those across the river, is up for debate. Biased rammle from the both of them.


If Knight can continue and improve on that performance, combined with Roberts being fit and Griffiths being that extra link in the middle, we could really kick on and cement a place in the play-offs. 

A reason to be hopeful, in the midst of recent gloom.... 

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Big win, needed to keep that faint hope of top alive (I haven’t given up hope yet), but more importantly keeping in touch with that 2nd/3rd spot.

I was worried after the first 10, we could’ve easily been 2-0 down. Our slow starts have cost us games this season and if not for Slocombe that could’ve been another one. Luckily Wrexham sort of gave up after 20.

Still didn’t create a lot, we looked comfortable but their keeper didn’t really have a lot to do. Thought Chicksen did well (after a shaky start) and agree with @Super_Danny_Allsopp about Griffiths and Knight. Still confused as to why Wootton was sent off, just a 50-50 ball and then play was restarted with a drop-ball. Did he say something? Pfft, anyway he needs a break he’s been carrying the attack all season.

Hopefully that’s the end of the set-backs for Roberts, a massive boost for us and Burchnall – he really will make the run in easier.

Part one of Easter done, got to back that up another good result at Woking now.

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I won’t repeat what’s been said above.

Main thing for today was the determination in the tackle for me. You see the confidence returning as the minutes ticked by. Desperately needed as well.

Hope we can back it up with another 3 points on Monday.

And only fair to specifically mention Chicksen. Thought he played excellently today. Dealt with nearly everything. Occasionally let a player go past him to cross, but that comes with understanding of the defensive unit playing together.


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That was a very positive afternoon and an excellent result. I only listened on the radio, but it sounded like we grew into the game and played a bit further up than we usually do. Knight sounds promising and I'm looking forward to seeing him play. With Roberts we have someone who scares the opposition to death and creates space for others - it'll be fantastic if we can have him starting again, he's like a cheat code at this level. It's good to see defenders mixing it up at set pieces a bit more, and it's also interesting to see Chicksen in the team again - IB seems to rate him more than Ardley, who'd sooner have played the mascot in that position.

For all our recent struggles the table doesn't look bad, the gap to Sutton aside. Now let's build on it at Woking!

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