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Ratings : Notts v Weymouth


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Slocombe 7 Not a lot to do, commanded his area

Brindley 7 Comfortable and unlucky not to score

Ellis 7 Would be 8 but -1 for a back header that a better team would have punished

Chicksen 7 Again comfortable and no hurried mistakes in passing

DKE 7 Faultless effort down his side

Miller 8 A wing back that can pass his man, a real positive. Got into some great positions in their penalty area

JOB 6.5 Maybe a bit harsh, some nice play in the first half

Reeves 7 Looking much better offensively

Doyle 6.5 Ticking the midfield over

Ruben 7.5 Takes defenders to occupy him creating space for others. Nicely taken penalty, silly yellow card and was once dangerously caught in possession

Wootton 7.5 Took the punishment from their centre halfs. Collosus


Enzio 7.5 Great goal, turn of speed

Sam 6.5

Griffiths 6.5

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I just find it really, really good to finally be able to do these ratings from what I actually saw from my seat rather than what the cameraman decided to show me on a live stream.

Here is my offering:

Slocombe 7 - only routine saves to make, but he did everything well.
Brindley 8 - excellent throughout, always composed and some great forward surges.
Ellis 7 - did what he does best and won most of his challenges, one dodgy back header.
Chicksen 8.5* - looks the perfect fit on the left side of a back 3. Sound defensively, but still managed to be a creative force. He barely put a foot wrong, where has he been all season?
Kelly-Evans 7 - gave us what we have come to expect, 100% commitment all over the pitch.
Doyle 7.5 - another who did what he's good at. Always composed on the ball and rarely wasted it.
Reeves 7 - energetic and offered something in defence and attack.
O'Brien 7 - looks rejuvenated lately, did his bit all over the pitch.
Miller 8 - our main attacking threat for much of the game, I love his pace and forward desire.
Rodrigues 7 - sometimes overplayed it a bit and maybe should have made a bit more of his opportunities, but the sort of player defenders are scared of.
Wootton 7.5 - more of the Wootton of old, led the line well and proved a real handful for their defenders.

Boldewijn 7.5 - instant impact, great finish for his goal, and must have loved the reception he got from the crowd. Enzio seems a bit of a confidence player, and today will have done him nothing but good.
Sam 6 - again what we have come to expect, a bit mixed.
Griffiths 6.5 - not much time to make an impact, but showed a flash of skill that suggests he might still have a part to play.

What an occasion! As a Notts fan I have learned to fear the worst when expectations are high, but not today. It delivered from all angles, and it was a privilege to be part of that crowd. We often pretend to play 3-5-2, but today we really did play 3-5-2. Brindley and Chicksen defended well, but also offered an attacking threat, and the 'Dad's Army' midfield trio all did what they are best at. The wing backs were more offensive than defensive, and it meant we created loads of chances. I wondered early on what Burchnall had to offer, but if this is the answer I can't wait to see more.

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Slocombe 7 - Didn’t really have too much to do. Quick to react to the slightly under hit passes to him, and distribution was very good.

Kelly-Evans 7 – Didn’t really have to do that much defensively. Better attack wise than his last game but taking on a full-back one on one isn’t his strength.

Brindley 8 – Best game as part of the back 3. He glides on the ball, must have carried 70 yards at times. And his pace is so useful, numerous times he beat their attackers to the ball.

Ellis 7.5 – General solid rock, like that he knows when to just put his foot through it too. A much-needed tall and physical presence in middle of that back 3.

Chicksen 8 – So calm on the ball, won his fair share of headers and challenges. He gets forward well too, great passing down the left.

Miller 8 – Constant threat, very quick and always positive on the ball. Beat his man numerous times and put some very dangerous crosses into the box too.

Doyle 7 – Pretty standard Doyle performance. Comfortable on the ball, recycled possession well.

O’Brien 7 – Lots of good forward runs, didn’t quite get into the goal scoring positions of late but still had a very solid game.

Reeves 7.5 – Energy was good and his passing was solid. Probably feels like he should’ve come away from that game with a goal.

Rodrigues 7.5 – Probably tried too hard at times but that quality was still there. Some lovely turns and runs, always looking for that killer ball and unlucky with that shot that hit the post.

Wootton 8 – Strong performance, link-up play and first touch on point. Good reactions to follow up and get the second goal.


Enzio 7.5 – Meant we had even more of an attacking outlet on the right when he came on. Lovely finish for the goal – superb reception from ML!

Sam 6.5 – Short cameo but he was lively. Got into some good positions, rightly annoyed when RR didn’t square it to him late on.

Griffiths 6.5 – Again not much time to impact when we’re 3-0 up, but couldn’t really fault what he did.

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Slocombe 7 - Not much for him to do but when needed he was fine.

Brindley 8 - Great going forward and comfortable in defending.

Ellis 8 - He's all over the place, contributing with play when needed.

Chicksen 6.5 - Nothing flash, just comfortable but never really offered much in attack.

DKE 7 - He needed to take on his man a little more, plus release the ball quicker but a good performance overall.

Miller 8 - Exciting going forward, solid play.

JOB 7 - Did what was needed, ran himself to the ground and did well.

Reeves 7.5 - Fantastic at the back to bring the ball forward, did well with keeping the tempo going and supporting play.

Doyle 6 - Organised others well but wasn't involved as much.

Ruben 9 - He wanted to get going from the moment the whistle blew, very exciting player to watch when in the zone.

Wootton 7 - Did what he could with the chances that came and linked up well with others.


Enzio 8 - Great sub performance, instantly defended and won the ball back. Attacked with a real purpose to his play, a different player than I have seen in the past.

Sam 6 - Did well to defend and help with his turn of pace, not much to do otherwise.

Griffiths 7 - Looked bright and eager to get involved, contributed well when he came onto the pitch.

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